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Christmas Aftermath

Another Christmas has come and gone and no matter how old I get, I still anticipate the opening of gifts. I see no point in waiting until midnight, seeing as no one in my family expects an actual visit from Santa.

 I can’t remember the exact age I stopped believing in Santa. It had to be around 4th or 5th grade, my younger sister and I would wait up until around 5 in the morning because that was the earliest my parents would allow us to open gifts. My older sister stayed up to assist with the wrapping and the consuming of Santa’s cookies. She was also there to make sure we were in our rooms and “sleeping”.  I always tried to actually sleep on Christmas eve so Christmas would hurry up and arrive. But try as I might, that never happened. Now we open presents pretty early, it took a bit of persuading but my mom finally caved. What? Just because I am 23 doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the holiday and act a bit childish. We waited until after dinner to open gifts on Monday. The Weirdos were in New Orleans for the holiday so they opened gifts on Friday and we got to open our gifts from them. Our parents were given a record player. We went to different record stores to find them both albums. My favorite record store in Houston is Allrecords the owner Fred is just wonderful. He knows practically everything about music so he is always helpful. His store is down the street from Mija’s office so Kat and I went to visit her and made a trip to his store last week. If you haven’t got the time be careful because Fred the music man will talk your ear off. Anyway, back to the gift opening. I have basically everything I could ever want/need. So when my mom asked me what I wanted this year I just said whatever is fine. I was totally surprised to receive the gifts I did. My parents bought both Kat and me a new laptop. Windows 8 is completely different from Windows 7 and Vista. It will take some getting used to but I love it.  Now if only they made cool cases for it like they did for macs. -.-  Along with the new pc, I got a few ds games, I already finished playing Resident Evil Revelations. The damn zombies would fall from the ceilings and scare the heck out of me. But still the game was pretty fun to play, of course I nick named a bunch of the zombies after genitalia. i.e. penis tongue and vagina cockroach. Lovely images no? XD

She & Him- Christmas Day- I don’t like too many holiday songs after being in choir for four years. So I thought I’d share one that isn’t a classic. [audio:]

It’s weird updating my blog on another laptop. I spent most of the day logging in to all of my social networks, and let me tell you remembering certain passwords was tricky. I usually add my age to the end of a special word and use that as a password. The dumb thing about this is the fact that I do age. So that number changes. -.- So I sat there typing that word and ages 18 to 23 hoping it was one of them. I’m an idiot. It was brilliant at the time, now I it just leaves me feeling frustrating. I managed to figure out all of my passwords minus my Skype one. So I had to update that one with a new password…I already can’t remember what I used. -.- So bad. The best thing about this new laptop is no more alien sounds! My past two laptops both made alien noises whenever I used Skype. So I’m excited to know that those sounds are gone. Now I may Skype in peace.  Christmas was fantastic, dinner was great and spending time with my family has been so much fun. I’ve done nothing but sleep late oh and read…for fun! I had to read so much over the semester that now I can actually read for fun and not worry about a quiz. So nice. Oh and I just found out my grades for the semester…not all good news. Two B’s and D…plus. :/ I knew passing that class would be impossible. Good thing is my GPA is still in good standing. I’m upset that I didn’t pass this stupid class. The most annoying part is, is that I just needed about 5 more points for a 73. That would mean passing. This Spring I need to really study more. There is always one class that I let fall on the back burner. I can’t allow that to happen anymore.

Classes for the Spring:

  • Literary Studies- Mon. 4-5:30
  • Cr. Writing…the one I somehow managed to skip-Tues and Thurs. 11:30-1:00
  • Contemporary Novel – Tues and Thurs. 2:30-4:00
  • Gulf Coast …not a class but I’m interning again, this time on Wed. 1:00-3:00

And that is my schedule, Monday’s I can sleep in and I don’t have a class on Wednesday’s aside from interning so that leaves plenty of room for reading/writing and studying. I need to hurry up and graduate already. :/ pffft Anyway, I hope your holiday was splendid and may your new year be just as awesome.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Thanksgiving…

Holy crap, it has been far too long since I last updated. Several blog worthy events have been piling up. But when I finally get a chance to update, I get like two lines in and then have to either finish reading a book for my lit classes or I am too tired and save it for tomorrow. But “tomorrow” never seems to come. I still have to finish writing about my sister’s wedding. :/

I spent this holiday at my parent’s house, I haven’t seen them since Mija’s wedding so we definitely needed the family time. I’ve been super lazy, I didn’t do any reading like I should have. I just watched movies and ate….a lot. But I have been knitting. I’m knitting a scarf for a friend as a Christmas gift. I’m trying out a new pattern and so far it looks really good. I am pretty proud of it. XD I’ll share pictures over at Mind-Speaks…after I give it to her of course. Thanksgiving dinner was amazing and I hope everyone else had a great holiday. Both my parents worked on Thursday so we had our dinner on Friday. But we also went to Walmart for Black Friday. And people are insane. They were similar to zombies feasting on a body. I was shocked. You should have seen how crazy they were over just pillows and towels. I think some people were just grabbing crap just so someone else wouldn’t get it. They took some satisfaction in seeing a person disappointed because they didn’t get what they were aiming for. How sick is that? Other times I saw people eyeing carts, as if they planned on grabbing things out of them. O.O Why are people crazy? There was even a bit of drama while we waited in line for a TV. It involved people who let family members cut and a woman who would leave her cart in line to save her spot. As long as my mom got her TV and we weren’t injured, I didn’t care what other people were doing. My siblings waited in line for movies and video games. They managed to grab two copies of Dishonored, two of Black and White Pokemon, Dance Central 3, Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption. And then several dvds, great loot all in all.

So now that my lazy holiday is over I now need to concentrate on finals and essays. My last final is on the 14th and then I’ll be done for the semester. I have two essays to write, due next week and two tests this week. Oh joy. I wish all my essay writing for the semester was done. I have no idea what to write. I need to start planning it out seeing as they are both due next week. Pffft great. This sucks.I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post another entry. I plan on making haul video soon. After I finish writing essays and whatnot, so look forward to that. I’ll try to update soon, I still have a lot of drafts to finish.

So, what did you look forward to eating this year at Thanksgiving? Mine was pumpkin pie and green bean casserole. :9 Thanks for reading, next entry I should have pictures and music to share.

Happy Regular Tuesday

Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!!! Or if you feel as though this is a ridiculous holiday then I hope you had a  Happy regular Tuesday. 😀

So I feel as though this holiday should be for everyone. Why must it only be for the people in romantic relationships? I love people too. Plus I think couples, mainly women, put way too much pressure on this holiday. I mean relax, just because your significant other forgot to buy you flowers or chocolate don’t attack him. Wouldn’t you rather have him do sweet things for you just because he wanted to and not because a holiday says he’s a bad boyfriend if he doesn’t? I mean if I was in a relationship, I would be happy with just seeing that person. Thankfully though I’m not and I can just relax.I mean I’ve only been in a relationship once during Valentine’s Day and he made me a card and spent the day with me. And that for me is a perfect day. So this year I decided to dress up for Valentine’s. I even painted hearts on my nails,  I went all out. I thought, why not? Might as well have some fun, and I actually enjoyed it too. I don’t usually wear red so when I found that this red blouse in my closet I just said hey cool. And then I just added the bow tie I made for Halloween. I think it ties the outfit together, I plan on make some more bows in different colors. So I got out of class early and visited Mija at her office. After she finished with work, Jody took us out to dinner for some Banh mi. :9 Great dinner.  Oh but I did get a Valentine from my mom. She bought me a frog plushie holding a heart picture frame, which she filled with a picture of her and my dad. Its one of my favorite pictures of them. I love my mom, she is just so cute. :smile:I had plan to make some Valentine cookies but I got home way too late and just lost interest. -.-

Well anyway that was my Valentine’s, I hope yours was just as nice and hope the rest of your week is just as nice. <3<3

Smitten by You

So on Lazy Explorers, Chloe gave out blog Valentine’s and I just fell in love with the whole idea. So I decided to do the same.

My post for last Valentine’s was a bit…well cynical. So I thought I would be a bit more loving this year. I also made a button that you can put on your side bar for the duration of the month. If you click the one on my sidebar it will take you to Chloe’s entry.

… continue reading this entry.

My 2011

So I thought I’d end this year by doing a recap of everything that happened in 2011. I got the idea from my sister’s blog over here.

But once I tried updating about last year, I had trouble remembering what all happened in the beginning. So I’ll just give you small insights to the important things that impacted my 2011.

My best friend had her son Jaxson. He is so freaking adorable. And now he is already a year old how crazy is that? I hope I get to see them both at the end of the month for his birthday party. She lives in Oklahoma now, so I don’t get to see her often. And I still haven’t had a chance to mail off her Christmas gift. >.< I’m so bad.

My little sister graduated high school last may and started her first semester at BC last August. I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up as well. Kat and I have always been together so living in Houston without her in the next room has been difficult. Luckily I have awesome roomies to keep me company.

Speaking of the weirdos they got engaged last year as well. They booked the reception place and bought our bride’s maid dresses. Its really exciting to be included in this wedding. Mija has changed so much since meeting Jody. I’m glad she found someone that can make her happy. Also they both left their past jobs to start a freelance company together called Domo-Box but now they are both starting new jobs. I’m so proud of them.

Let’s see we had some awesome parties in 2011. My favorite had to be our Halloween bash. I made costumes and they came out so freaking awesome. I think costume parties are the BEST, especially since my sewing skills have improved a great deal. So has my knitting skills, I’m pretty proud of all the new things I’ve learned how to make. I’m also pretty proud of myself in the social department. I even actually had my first college dating experience, it was new and exciting. I learned a lot, like for instance why beat around the bush just dive in. If you’re interested in someone get to know them and then tell them. It didn’t quite work out for me but I don’t regret any of it. I met a pretty cool guy who is now a pretty cool friend. And I’m glad I put myself out there because I’m already 22 I don’t have time to be shy. I just need to be confident and hey if the guy doesn’t feel the same way oh well then better luck next time. Christmas was another success as usual. I got so many great things, stuff I wasn’t even expecting.

2011 was pretty fun, I can’t really complain about it. I still haven’t gotten a job, but I’m going to stalk Jo-ann’s fabric until they hire me. Totally not kidding. Here’s to 2012, I hope I do well in school and continue to grow socially and be less awkward in social situations.


Halloween Creep Show

So Halloween weekend was so much fun. Everyone dressed up in costumes and we just played games and danced and took pictures. It was great.

We were on a budget this year so I decided to make costumes this year. They had to be simple, so my sisters and I decided on non princess fairy tale characters. Mija and Jody were Alice and the Mad Hatter, I was Little Red, and Kat was Bo Peep. In order for it to be simple I was only going to make accessories (ie aprons, and bows).
I ended up making more than I thought and I’m so happy I did because they came out so great!!!  I love learning new techniques and my skills are definitely improving. I practically made my entire costume excluding the shirt. I did very little for Kat’s and Jody’s, but what I did make was still nice. It’s hard to choose which item I loved making the most, but if I had to pick I would say all the bows I made. I had to make Mija a giant bow for the back of her apron. And I was able to make it stay up with Velcro. I felt very clever. I update more about the costumes on MS. I even made a headband and apron for Emily. She went as Goldilocks. Thankfully she had brought some extra craft stuff to make herself an apron. But all I needed was something to tie the apron in the back and she bought some trim that was perfect for the job. I was really proud of my work and I wish I took more pictures. Of us in the costumes. But I’m excited to out do myself next year. Of course I feel like having costume parties shouldn’t just be for Halloween. I really enjoyed making them and think we should have a costume party every now and then. XD The next one should be Assassins Creed themed, or better yet video game themed. Yeah I would totally have fun making costumes.

It was such a great night. Great food, great costumes and great company.

Advice for Singles on Valentine’s Day

The day lovers spends tons of money on saying I LOVE YOU in some big expensive way. Also known as Singles awareness day. Where the single people in the world feel like shit because they don’t have someone to spend that day with.

I am one of the few people that has never actually hated Valentine’s day whether I was single or in a relationship. Even though I am currently single, I have tons of people to say I love you to. Ok so I don’t have a romantic I love you to send, but why must Valentine’s be only for romance? It is a day to just remind friends and family that you love them.Even when I was in a relationship, I didn’t expect an extravagant display of affection from my boyfriend. A homemade card and spending the day with that person was more than enough. And that will always be enough. Its the cute and cheesy stuff I look forward to. And this is just how I am, because I’m not exactly great at showing affection. Which is odd because my parents showed me a lot of affection, I have the most lovable family in the world. And I have no problem showing them affection but when it comes to guys, saying I love you is something that needs to be earned. I’m a tough nut to crack and I feel sorry for the guy that wants to win my affection because it won’t be easy.  But anyway, why must being single on this day be such a negative thing? So you are single. BIG FUCKING DEAL. This does not mean you will be single for the rest of your life. Singles should enjoy this day just as much as lovers do. So singles out there could spend this day doing either of the following…..

For single Girls

  1. Watch your favorite cheesy romance movies. (My favorites include Pretty in Pink, A room with a view, Going the distance, 500 days of summer, TiMER,)
  2. Screw watching your weight and PIG OUT. I just ate a ton of chocolate covered strawberries and puppy chow. XD
  3. Make a yummy treat. :9 ie chocolate covered strawberries or puppy chow. (basically anything chocolate is great. Or if salty is your thing make some nachos or some type of dip.) Making it is tons of fun.
  4. Make belated Valentine’s for friends. If you are anything like me you wait until the last minute to do things. >.< its a curse. But it will give you something to do.
  5. Play LEFT 4 DEAD!!!! KILL SOME ZOMBIES! Or any game you prefer.
  6. If you prefer to go out, hang out with your other single friends and go to the movies or go out dancing.

For Single guys

  1. I really have no idea what a single guy would do on this day. I would say watch your favorite porno, but I’m sure you do that often enough as it is. But we’ll just call that your favorite movie.
  2. PLAY VIDEO GAMES. Kick some zombie or Templar ass! You should be happy you are single cause chances are if you don’t have a nerdy girlfriend that enjoys playing video games as much as you do, you would probably be stuck with a high maintenance chick who would be expecting a whole lot of something that your bank account just doesn’t have at the moment.  So be happy.
  3. Pig out and burp and scratch your balls. Be a man and watch football. (I don’t know I’m just using a stereotype, cause I have no idea what else to put.)
  4. Hang out with your other single friends.

What NOT to do.

  • You will wake up feeling like shit and hoping that, that rubber on the floor was actually used in this ridiculous attempt to make you feel loved. For what lasted… what 4 minutes?…ok 8. Does that make you feel better?

Ok maybe I over stepped some boundaries. But seriously. You shouldn’t feel ashamed for being single. You should be enjoying life and having fun. But in a safe healthy way. Because we all know club guys have all kinds of stds.(sorry if you are a club guy) And we all know that club chicks are all a bunch of coke whores with daddy issues. (There are those boundaries again. Sorry I guess I should say not all club goers are this way, and I apologize.) So spend this Valentine’s having fun with either some single friends or family members so you don’t wake up with some unknown guy/girl in your bed that you have to kick out in the morning. Cause lets face it, we all known whatever lie you think up to tell them is the biggest BULLSHIT.

Song for today is by Neon Trees: Animal


So have fun. Eat a bunch of sugary goodness and Happy Valentines Day. <3<3<3

Merry Christmas!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Another Christmas has gone by and it was wonderful. As usual.:D

I don’t have a job, so no money to buy gifts so I usually make my family gifts. But making something for my parents that they will actually want/use is pretty difficult. I couldn’t think of anything to make them either so I just offered suggestions on what to get them. :/ I only made gifts for Mija, Jody and Kat. For Mija I made her a ds case, for Jody I knitted him a scarf, (I just learned how to knit and word of advice-make sure you count stitches.>.< ) And for Kat I made her a cute apron, but its not quite finished yet. I still have to sew on the pockets and make sure it fits her right. When we were younger Christmas was mainly for us. Our parents didn’t really get presents, so now that we are older we can actually get them presents. I’m glad that Christmas can also be for my parents and not just about us.

Kathy got an Xbox and even dad is playing it. I can’t even play it unless I wake up early enough and that is not going to happen. But watching him play is pretty funny, he gets this  look on his face that means,” I am in the zone, do NOT mess with me. ” Pretty funny.  Well I got a new video camera and I’m about to take it out and go on an adventure. There is this mini metro here in my town that will take us to Lake Jackson. So being without a car and all this is actually pretty useful. We have the bug man coming to spray our house so we don’t get bugs, he comes every year and so today he is coming and we need to be out of the house for 2 hours so we are gonna take the transit and go to the Local or maybe the park depending on how cold it is. It looks rainy outside so I’m thinking the Local. lol We are gonna have lunch and then explore downtown Lake Jackson. XD Which won’t take long. lol I just think it is funny that it is called downtown. And then at 3:45 we will go to Kat’s Ortho. and then dad will pick us up and take Kat to work. And that is the plan for today. Hopefully everything works out.

The Holidays

I don’t know about you but I had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

I got to see Missy last week! She came down for the holidays. Oh and we both cried as soon as we saw each other. I missed her a lot and seeing her just made me so happy. So we talked and talked about anything and everything. We stayed downstairs in the dinning room because Kat had over a friend. A guy friend that annoys the hell out of me. (Sorry Kat, but he is annoying!) Anyway, we stayed downstairs and kept an eye on him the little punk. She should be here for a whole month. I’m so glad!

This year I was more excited for my parents to open their presents then I was to open mine. You see when you’re younger your parents try to make sure you are filled with the anticipation of Christmas morning. And they hope to Bob that you fall asleep while waiting for Santa. My parents always went above and beyond to get us the things we asked for. And would surprise us with more than we asked for at times. But before Christmas was always about us. Mom never really expected anything under the tree for her. So this year we made sure that there were presents for both mom and dad from us. And I couldn’t wait until they opened their gifts. It was like I was waiting to open my own. We wanted to wait until Dad came home from work. They had called him in for over time on Christmas eve and he didn’t get home until 5 am. But that’s a normal time for us to be awake.

So finally we were able to open presents when he got home. So mom and dad opened their gifts from each other. Mom bought dad a TomTom. Dad bought mom the shape up shoes shes been wanting. Then they opened their gifts from us. We bought my dad…get this, we bought him a wii zapper and Call of duty. lol I think its so cool that my parents play video games. We bought my mom NDSL as an early present. Then for her to open on Christmas we bought her a decorative rooster tray. She loves roosters for some reason. lol Then I made my mom a DS pouch, it came out so pretty. I’ll post pictures of it later. Then I made my dad a TomTom case. But I kept messing up on it so it sort of resembled a beer coozie. But he uses it so I’m happy.

So since Christmas I slept late and in and practically laid in front of the fireplace playing with my Ds. I’ve done absolutely nothing since I finished the semester. I’M SO LAZY! Right now I’m at my sister’s apartment spending the week with her. Oh and I will be getting my new cell phone soon! I cannot believe I waited this long? I actually made it? Its surprising. But my prehistoric stand in cells did help a little. Having a cell is better than having no cell at all and its not like I make or receive a lot of calls/texts. But still once you have something in your life its hard to get rid of it. I guess that applies to a lot of things in life.

I’m going to play a bit of Kingdom Hearts before attempting to go to sleep. I will post pictures of things when I get a chance.

Being Single. It does(not)Matter.

First off I’d like to say thanks to Mija for my new blog layout! THANK YOU MIJA!!!!

Ok. Well I went to see Coraline( it was absolutely adorable, Neil Gaiman is a mastermind!) with my Valentine, and sisters. Missy thanks for spending Valentine’s Day with me. You know most single people see Valentine’s day as S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) Now its not like I haven’t been single before, its just I haven’t been single in over a year. Now this time last year I spent my time looking for the perfect card for my significant other. But this year? I went all out. lol Which is funny because I went all out for my friend and not for my boyfriend (when I had one). hehehe I was like hey just because I don’t have a boyfriend that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Ok so its a day for lovers to announce once again just how much they care for each other. But I see it as a day for people, single or taken to let anyone they love know just that. My friend Missy had totally surprised me with chocolates and a love bug plushie along with a pink rose. I felt so special. So I made her a love jar (which contained a few reasons why I love her, not all but a few) and chocolate covered strawberries.(which were good) I hope you enjoyed them Missy.

I am tired. I haven’t been sleeping right at all. I know I am the only one who can solve this problem. Tuesday I have a math test and I’m not quite sure which part of my research essay is due this week. Damnit. (My leg hurts >_<) I love the show United States of Tara. It is so cute. You should definitely watch it. Oh and I watched the show Doll House as well. Its made by the same creators as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. The first episode was pretty good so I’m gonna keep watching it, unless it gets stupid. But so far so good. Cate I can’t get over how adorable your new video was. It was amazing! Speaking of videos, I am so annoyed with Youtube right now. They keep muting my videos. So far in the past couple of months they have pointed out two of my videos that were in violation with the music. Ok and today I had to delete a video that I made over a year ago. How am I supposed to get a famous bands permission to use their songs? I mean come on really? Cyber stalking is annoying and so junior high. I also wanted to talk about this article. It says that a 12 year old boy from London impregnated his 14 year old girlfriend. Are you serious? What 14 year old girl dates a 12 year old boy? I mean really? Ok they haven’t taken a paternity test to prove that the now 13 yr, boy is in fact the father. I mean wow. Does a 12 year old boy even know how to impregnate a girl? I mean isn’t he still going through puberty? I doubt that he is the father. Another article says, that the girl had slept with two other guys so I’m guessing either one of those dumb asses are likely the father of this naive girls newborn baby girl. I think its just weird for a 13 year old boy to have a baby. I mean when a 15 yr old girl has a baby its mostly because their stupid “older” boyfriend can’t either: A. Date someone his own age. B. Keep it in his pants. C. Is way too lazy to purchase a condom and use said condom. I mean really? I know young teens are stupid and impressionable but parents really need to explain to their dumb underage daughters and their horny overage sons (and vice versa) the seriousness of having sex. I mean I don’t want to sound like an after school special, but come on parents of the world. TALK TO YOUR DUMB KIDS. I find it strange that an older girl slept with a 12 year old boy. So I am assuming it was her doing that initiated the sexual relationship with this kid named Alfie. Of course I’m not saying she deserves all the blame. I find them along with their parents at fault for allowing their children to spend the night together. That’s right, they allowed Alfie to spend the night at his girlfriend’s house, where I’m guessing the fornicating took place. How sad. sigh.

I read this short story called Criminal Act by Harry Harrison. Where people are only allowed to have two children if you were to have a any more than that then you would have to die so your child could live. The main character of this story however fights back. They hire an assassin to kill the “offender” and if he fails then he takes the place as the one less mouth to feed. Of course (sorry if I ruin it) in the end the main character kills the assassin and thinks everything will be fine. He can live with his wife and three kids. His wife is pregnant with twins. And thats how it ends. Creepy right? Another short story called Problems with Creativeness by Thomas M. Disch. In this story, only smart people are allowed to have children. If you were not considered smart then you were not allowed to reproduce. The water supply had a contraceptive in it so thats how they stopped people from reproducing. These two stories were written in the 50’s and 60’s. Interesting reads.

They are called Condoms! You know, in case you haven’t heard of them.

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