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Another Sudden Urge to Write

I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.”- Anais Nin

After watching the mini series Lost in Austen. I just had to watch Pride and Prejudice. First the 1995 version which took awhile( it’s five hours long plus extras-I have the three disc edition) then the 2005 remake. I have decided that I like them both. Of course Colin Firth is a much better Darcy I think. But for some reason I find him more attractive older than when he was younger. Just like David Bowie-hotter with age. >_< Moving on, while watching these movies it made me think of the differences between the men in the 1800’s and the men in the present. Dating without a chaperon was out of the question and displays of affection were simply frowned upon. I’m sure even hand holding was scandalous. The men of of the 1800’s aren’t really better than the men of our time, because of course back then women were merely objects. Put on this earth to make a man look good, and to carry on his name. Pfffft! I cannot and will not agree with that. At least today, the male sex realize that there are women out there that are smarter and stronger than they are. They might not want to admit it but, in the corner of their minds they are fully aware of this fact. Even though we do things the past might find horrific, the past is not without its own shocking ways. Not only were women objects, but women were sold as wives at the young age of 15. Maybe even younger depending on the parents. Ok so in our time girls younger than that are having babies. -_-;

I find Jane Austen’s time romantic, of course that might just be her novels. I shouldn’t confuse reality with fiction correct? Although it may have its charms, I wouldn’t leave my own time to live a life there. Not even in my dreams. I am way too spoiled with my life the way it is. However, it would be nice to be wooed and courted and doted upon with sweet words by a man that is mature and knows exactly what to say. Sigh. That would be nice. Instead in 2009 we have men who shout at us from afar and then mock our appearance as a way of flirting.

How romantic indeed.

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