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First Kisses

So Kat shared this video with me, it’s a look into how humans react to a first kiss with a stranger. I mean, granted these people are strangers and they don’t have any feelings for each other, but it was still interesting to see how they reacted to kissing. I mean a kiss is one of the most amazing/intimate things two people can share.


And they could very well just be actors, but it still made me think of how I reacted to my first kiss….to all my first kisses. I mean, it’s strange to think back on it. When I was junior high, I would watch every romantic comedy and get that warm fuzzy feeling whenever I saw the characters kiss for the first time. I mean, that’s what the movie is leading up to, I mean besides the conflict and resolution. I was obsessed with the first kiss scenes in movies. I would imagine what my first kiss would be like. (FYI-I wouldn’t find out until I turned 18, which is pretty embarrassing to admit. >.<)  Anyway, my point is that I found first kisses/ kissing in general to be magical. Since that first kiss, I’ve had a total of 6 first kisses. But only 3 were with guys that became boyfriends, but that’s a story for another entry. I mean, I know that movies have this unrealistic vision when it comes to romance, but sometimes reality can let in moments that are so perfect that you feel as though you’re watching them on a screen.

 In a relationship a first kiss can be nerve wracking, you’re embarrassed yet eager to kiss this person you’re beginning to like. Kissing them for the first time is scary, you don’t know where hands should go or the rhythm of that person yet. You want them to want to kiss you again, but you don’t feel the need to show off in a first kiss. These strangers were only going to make out once…I mean for this video anyway. So of course they wanted the other person to walk away thinking, damn that person can really kiss. In the film above, I feel as though the goal was to impress not only the person they were kissing but also whoever ended up watching the video.

That’s all I wanted to share in this entry. Oh, and I’m sure if you’ve seen this video then you’ve probably seen a parody or two that follows it. Some made me laugh, some were a little too much. But what’s your opinion of the video, or first kisses in general? Until next time…

Thanks for reading and commenting.

In Between Gay Orgies and Proud Mexicans

So this past week was pretty busy. A perfect week to end a perfect Birthmonth. That’s right, I pretty much celebrated my birthday all month. XD

Last Monday, I went with a friend and had the chance to hear Junot Diaz read from his newest book, This is How You Lose Her. A collection of breakup stories. He was wonderful, I never thought much about an authors ability to speak in front of an audience. It totally makes you want to read their writing more if they are great speakers. And I never thought about even getting a chance to meet an author. But that is one of the good things about living in Houston. I’ve had the chance to meet several different authors since moving here and it has been amazing. My friend and I stood in line for about 2 hours to get Diaz to sign our books. He was just so friendly and adorable, a lot shorter than I thought too.  I really wish I was able to buy his new book but that will have to wait. My too read list is much too long at the moment and have absolutely no time to read what I want to read. Moving along to Wednesday, Mija took me to see Beauty and The Beast the musical. It was so amazing! Like I’ve mentioned before, this is my favorite Disney movie and it was such a huge part of my childhood. To be able to see it as an adult it was just a wonderful experience and I can’t thank my sister enough for doing this for me.

Instagram Pics

  1. Glitter Chucks: These are my bridesmaid shoes. Yes, they are freaking awesome.
  2. Junot Diaz autograph
  3. Beauty and The Beast Playbill and ticket. Totally framed it. >.<

Continuing on with the rest of the week, Thursday night I went to Poison Girl for the end of the month Poison Pen (reading series) and had a blast with friends. I always have such a great time at this bar and had just the one drink this time. ;P  Friday, I spent the day with my sisters and bro. We walked around the Galleria and played an exciting game of, I Spy the quinceañera dress. Let’s just say it wasn’t very hard to spot them. -.-  Saturday, we met up with some friends at the bowling alley and then went out for pizza. It was a great night filled with a lot of laughing and nerd talk. I love hanging out with people who are just as nerdy as I am. :3

So I was doing my daily blog browsing and discovered this. This is Willie Nelson. I wrote a short story about him over at Joy’s blog and she totally illustrated it. How freaking adorable is that? I love her blog. :3 You should totally go and leave a character description or story for her to illustrate. She is super talented. Thanks again Joy.

Today’s song,  Right as Rain by Adele. This is the only song of hers that I really like listening to.  Ok, I’m off to finish reading about orgies and Mexicans before going to bed. (Hence the title)[audio:|titles=RightAsRain-Onesongfavs]

Thanks for reading.


So I’ve received  my first SMASH Book*. I was going to save it for my next haul video but I couldn’t wait to share. Doesn’t mean I can’t include it in a video next month or whenever I do a haul again. :3

So I have the Eco Green Book, Kat has the Pretty Pink Book and Mija has the Retro Blue Book. I’ve already started SMASHing my first pages. But I’m a little hesitant, I know there is no wrong or right way. But still it doesn’t stop me from over thinking things. I’ve only started to decorate the corners. I think I’ll get the hang of it eventually, I just need to stop being so timid. I mean the whole point is to be fearless and just go with it right? Right. It’s supposed to be fun and maybe I started it on a night when I didn’t have many things to SMASH. I am just getting started and I am already in love with it. Yes it is basically a scrapbook but something about this SMASH book just screams more fun. Or better than the regular fun scrapbooking brings. Does that make sense? Not that scrapbooking is below this or anything. I envy the scrapbookers who can take any book and transform it into something amazing. When it comes to this I need a helping hand and that is what the pages in these books give me. The pages are sort of decorated for you and you just embellish and add things to it. So I’m really happy these books exist. I first noticed them back when my sister Mija worked at the lovely store Paper Source. They were hot items and constantly being sold out. They first branched out to arts and craft stores and then recently I noticed them appearing in regular stores such as Randall’s, Walmart and Target. What luck! I’m thinking of making it for ideas and inspiration. I totally wish I had started this project in the beginning of the Summer that way I would have had more time with it. But summer class would have gotten in the way. I hope this fall semester allows me time to be creative. I’m not taking any creative writing classes this semester so I’m going to to through withdrawals if I don’t have something to entertain me.

Quick announcement: I Kim am finally taking the last step to getting my driver’s license. -.- Yup I’m 22 and still haven’t gotten my license. But hopefully that will all change this Friday. If I pass the road test. I’m nervous as hell. I don’t do well on tests. Horrible test anxiety. >.< Wish me luck.

Pet History

Oh I also wanted to mention that my parents somehow got another cat. We named him Willow and he is a whiny chi chi baby just like their old man cat Mr. We got our first cat Mr. back in 2000. I was 10? And he was a bitch. -.- I kid you not. He still sort of is, but now his bitchiness is due to jealousy. He doesn’t like sharing my parents with anyone cat or person. He’s had to get used to two cats since he’s been with us. Nao was our second cat. He was great the perfect lap/pillow. He disappeared one day and never found out what happened to him. I like to think someone picked him up and he’s living with a wonderful family right now. Our third cat is Kozi, he is strange. The only reason he works so well with Mister is because he stays away from him. Kozi always looks like he’s had a few too many shrooms or something. They both stay away from the new kitty. Mr. is the only one who starts shit but Willow is not completely innocent. He’s still recovering, I hope when he’s healthy again he doesn’t fight with our other cats because then we will probably have to find another home for him.


I’m sure I’ve asked the pet question before, but if you have more than one do they get along? And if you don’t have any pets, what kind of pet would you want? In a magical world I would want something that can fly so I wouldn’t have to drive.

Bug Eyes

First I would like to thank everyone for the good advice. I really appreciate it and so far things are still progressing. I’m enjoying the getting-to-know-him phase. We have also planned our next date. We are going to the movies April 13th. The date may change but so far its sometime that weekend. 😀 So I’ll keep you updated with how things are going.


In other words I want to mention that my sister Mija has posted a design on threadless. So if you could be so kind and just head over there and vote on it I would really appreciate it. 😀 The are only 3 days left of voting. I really hope it gets made into a shirt. Thank you!!! So I just wanted to share some pictures that I haven’t posted it yet. I wanted to discuss the color mint. How freaking beautiful is that color? As you can tell I really love this mint cardigan I have. I pair with just about everything I own. I also love this color of nail polish. Unfortunately, my mint nail polish has gotten chunky and therefore can no longer be used. I really need to learn how to preserve nail polish. I feel as though they die so easily and I must be doing something wrong. We went shopping the day for Mija’s engagement party. I bought this dress, the top of the dress actually matches the top of the cranberry shirt in the first outfit picture. It was what drew me to the dress to begin with. I plan on pairing it with the mint cardigan and some yellow mustard tights and my favorite green boots. XD Hopefully it’s not too hot that day. If it is then maybe my blue ballet flats. I really hate that its not cold anymore. I loathe the heat seasons. I enjoy the winter so much more. The fashion is better, and my hair looks great most of the time. >.< In the summer however, my hair hates me it is way too hot and oh it is way too hot.  So I noticed the dress I bought right away. I picked it up and immediately rushed to the dressing room to try it on. It’s a tadbaggy in the boob area, but that is always the case with my in between imaginary sized body. :/ Anyway Kat  and Mija also bought dresses for the party. Mija had several in mind but finally decided on this one. Kat almost bought the exact same dress as I did, only in a different color, but then she noticed a different dress and changed her mind. I looked on the site for a picture of it but couldn’t find it. I’ll post pictures of us in our dresses next weekend. The party will be next Saturday, I’m excited. 😀 So after Kat and I decided on our dresses and stockings we decided to try on a bunch of different sunglasses . My face just doesn’t look good in sunglasses. Especially the jumbo bug eye ones. It was a great day.

What color are you obsessed with lately? I’m falling asleep as I type this out so I better get to bed. Next entry might be about The Hunger Games. Guess what? Finally watched the first film.


Yo :D

So I’ve become obsessed with marble nails. I have Pinterest to thank for that.

Now I haven’t gotten the hang of it quite yet, but I manged to get a pretty awesome pattern on my thumb nail. Of course when I tried again the next day the results weren’t as successful. -.- I don’t know what happened but they just kept coming out smeared but I will keep trying until I get the hang of it. So I was tagged twice, by Tina and then by S. Since I have already asked my own questions and answered the 11 facts here I wont bore you by doing it again. >.< However, I will answer the questions I was asked. Since Tina answered hers via vlog I thought I would do the same seeing as it has been way too long since my last vlog. It just takes such a long time to edit it. :/

Questions asked by S

1. How long have you been blogging, and why do you blog? I have been blogging since I was 15 back when greatestjournal was alive, but this blog was started in August of 08. I love blogging, and I love documenting my life.
2. Do you have an unusual skill or talent? Not really. And any skills I do have aren’t really unusual. They are pretty much average skills. :/
3. Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been? I haven’t been anywhere outside of Texas, believe it or not but there are some beautiful places in Texas. None come to mind at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll come to me sooner or late.
4. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? Wherever the shop Red Velvet is located. I want to meet the owners so bad.
5. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy for yourself? For myself? Well since I have permission to be selfish I will. I would buy myself a new laptop and then give the rest to my parents. 😀
6. What is the one book you think everyone should read? The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides.
7. If you could travel to another time period, when would it be, and why? Probably the 60’s because of the fashion. But I don’t think I would want to stay there for very long. Because I’m spoiled by the present day.
8. In a movie of your life, who would play you? I would either want Natalie Portman or Zooey Deschanel because they are both so adorable.
9. What is your favorite word? Or something you say too often? I think the word serendipity is fun to say. But I don’t get to say it very often. >.<
10. Which fictional character would you like to invite to dinner, at yours? Tom Hansen from the film (500) Days of Summer. I’m in love with that character and with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
11. What is the first website you check when you go online? My blog. 😀 I like looking at it. I just love the layout my sister made me.

Questions from Yishi

1. What would your dream house look like? Like this.
2. If you could have any magical power in the world, what would it be? Usually, I would say the power to absorb knowledge. But I now want the ability to freeze time. 😀
3. What makes you embarrassed? This list could go on forever!!! I’m embarrassed by almost everything. One thing that I encounter on a day to day basis, is tummy growls. My tummy growls uncontrollably loud during classes. And it just embarrasses the hell out of me. I know its not something I should really be embarrassed by. But it does.  XD
4. If you were given a coconut right now, how would you open it? I have no idea. Try to poke a hole in it? I mean that’s what Tom does in Tom and Jerry. I don’t like coconut so I wouldn’t open it, I would just give it to someone who does like it. >.<

Here is my meme post again.  And thanks to those who tagged me.

Day 30- Finale

Today is the last day of the challenge. I had a lot of fun, yet I’m sad that its now over. >.< I may not have done every page on time but I still managed to complete the challenge. Plus it was a nice distraction, it kept my mind off of things. :)

Today’s prompt was….

A thank you :)  This page is to serve as a thank you to someone who has helped you out, inspired you, encouraged you, etc., specifically during this month.

I had so much fun doing this challenge and even though I was sometimes a day late in posting I still managed to complete the challenge. Being apart of this challenge made the start of the summer so exciting. This challenge also took my mind off a lot of things and was an outlet. It also helped me kick start my creative juices. :D Can’t wait for next years challenge. Hope to see everyone again.

Thanks again. See you next Year!!!

Day 29- Interview

Today’s prompt was…

An Interview.  Take the time today to write up a short and sweet little interview in your journal and then…go interview someone.  I originally wanted the prompt to be about interviewing a stranger and then I found it really hard for myself to go up to a stranger and do that :)  So, I took the easy way out and interviewed my mom :)  Anyway, create a generic interview or an interview created specifically for the person you choose to give it to.

I decided to interview my younger sister Kat. She is odd, but awesome so I just had to interview her….also everyone else was asleep so she was the only other person I could interview. :P

See you tomorrow with the final prompt. >.<

Day 28-Goals for July

Today’s prompt was…

What are your goals for July? Today we will write a list of goals that we would like to accomplish in July. I know I have said a million times but goals are another one of my most favorite things to journal about. It makes me feel more accountable for them if they are written down and waiting to be crossed off. Try to think of 3-5 easily attainable goals.


  • Still pass math
  • Still look for a job. -.- so far no luck
  • Get my license (still haven’t gotten that and I’m going to be 22 soon. :/ How pathetic. -.-
  • Hang out with friends more often :)
  • Learn something new

See you tomorrow with prompt 29. >.<

Day 27- Inspiration

Today’s prompt was….

Who or what inspires you?  What gets your creative juices flowing. Is there a person that just oozes inspiration and makes you want to be more creative?  This is your time to document that!!

Inspiration can be found everywhere. For me  I love watching either the movie Mirror Mask or Amelie. I love those movies, and after watching them I really feel like doing something creative. This makes me want to watch them now.

This challenge will be over pretty soon. >.< I don’t want it to end.  See you tomorrow with prompt 28. :)

Day 26- My Day

Today’s prompt was…

Today…  Think of a creative way to document your day and then do it!

I was not feeling very creative today, so my documentation of today was pretty pathetic. But I still wanted to finish this project even if today’s page was a poor display of journaling. Plus this prompt was needed, because it took up three pages I have only three pages left which works out so well seeing as that’s how many days for this project to end.

See you tomorrow with prompt 27.

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