Graduation Date Decided

I’ve been in college for far too long and I have a list of reasons as to why that is. However, if I were to write down that list then it would just be a list of excuses. Because the hard truth is, is that I did college ALL wrong. As hard as it is to admit that, it is true and I’m now suffering because of it.

As gloomy as that opening may sound, I don’t intend for this entry to be a negative/whiny one. Because I said in my last post that I would try to be more positive when handling my frustrations. So here is me trying to move past my frustrations instead of dwelling on them. What’s in the past is in the past. Although, I would be lying if I did not have lingering worries on the subject, because lets face it….life will continue to have its worries. I just have to figure out how to solve them. I had an appointment with my counselor today, she went over the classes that I still needed to take in order to graduate. I let her know that I want to graduate no later than 2015. So as of now, I plan to graduate Fall 2015. I was hoping for the spring but there is no hope of that happening. I have too many classes that I still have to take. I will make a vague list of those classes. Well let’s start with the Fall semester, I have already enrolled in the following classes for the next fall semester.

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Just the Cherry on Top: Away Negative Thoughts

Last week was just absolutely disastrous. One thing on top of another and I just hate that I had to have an emotional breakdown instead of just moving pass it while in the moment.

4-7-14outfitI was typing out a long blog entry and then I noticed that rehashing what happened word for word did more harm than good. I had started this post on Friday but wasn’t in a blogging mood so I didn’t finish it. I said I would always blog both the good and bad things that might happen in my life but I think paraphrasing might be better in this case.

-career fair was a bust, spent so much energy on being bummed about that, that I wasn’t focused on anything else
-Forgot I had a test on Friday after work, couldn’t concentrate on work which lead to wrong orders and tea over flowing
-Bombed said test, only to find out later that I could have rescheduled it during the next exam and actually make time to prepare for it.

So that’s the gist of my dark week, and all while that was happening I also hadn’t seen the bf in two weeks. -.- I don’t see myself as a high maintenance girl, but not seeing him made me uneasy. We’ve both been busy and any time we did talk it was just me complaining about jobs and school. I’m sure that was starting to get annoying. Even I was getting annoyed by my negative and whiny rants. Sometimes ranting is good, other times it can be too much if that’s all that’s said.  I don’t know if it was because everything seemed to be extremely shitty that I let my worrying carry over to other aspects of my life, but I knew I didn’t want to continue feeling like this. I finally decided to tell him about it, and who would have thought…communicating actually helps. -.- Guys are so good at causing us girls to over analyze things. They’re also really good at making those doubts disappear, but only when they know something is bothering you. He was so comforting, I should have known better than to let my insane thoughts get the better of me. Both with school and my relationship. I should give him more credit, even though there are times we misunderstand each other there are also more moments when he knows exactly what to do. He says the perfect things to ease my worries.

Anyway, I’m gonna try to be more optimistic. When you have a negative mindset then of course it will ruin your day from start to finish. It’s hard, especially when things seem overwhelming but I can’t undo what has happened, I can only learn from it and hope to god it doesn’t happen again.  Oh, I want to thank Melissa from Cloudy Chase for coming to have lunch with me last Thursday during my break. It totally made my day, also I still have your birthday present so we must get to get together soon. <3<3

I also got to spend time with the weirdos on Saturday, it was the bro’s birthday as well. We went to Choo Choo Sushi for lunch, then we went to Rustika to pick up his birthday cake and shared a tres leches parfait. We also spent some time with Kat during her break and had some berripop frozen yogurt. Good times.

Here’s to being optimistic. :3 Thanks for reading and commenting.

Me + Time: All Over the Place

Last Friday night I went into a cleaning frenzy…sadly the apartment is a mess again. I blame Hurricane Kat for that though. :P Any who, so I spent last Saturday out and about.

outfit3-22-14I wore this dress,  I keep meaning to sew a strange rip on the side. It’s such a cute knitted dress but it’s sooooo delicate. It’s just a rip in the first layer, and until I sew it up I just cover it with my tan cardigan.  >.< Lazy I know. Recently I’ve been desperately wanting a pet cat. But I just remember living with Tomo and Missy and their…litter boxes. But I love love LOVE cats! If I could have one right now, I would want a ragdoll one, I mean most cats are adorable but these are just gah!!! And don’t even get me started on munchkin cats. I’ve always wanted a cat with blue or different color eyes. My cats have always had green or yellow, I’ve been missing Kozi and Mr a lot lately. Probably because I haven’t been home in awhile. Why are cats so adorable?! But they come with their own cons.

  • Litter box
  • Their claws discovering the couch, carpet, clothes…basically everything. Tomo would chew on anything with string.
  • Wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the cat alone at home…especially while its still in curious kitten mode.
  • Rent would go up even higher. -.- Not to mention the cost of vet bills, food, litter, damage to blinds or anything else belonging to the apartment. Not pretty.
  • What if I get a cat and it’s mean and hates me? Mr. was a mean kitty, but I learned how to accept his dramatic attitude. And now he’s just a grumpy old man cat, still love the four legged baby though.

Running out of cons, because let’s face it cats are just amazing. But I don’t have the means to take care of one at the moment. Plus the boyfriend is a huge cat person as well, and we’ve both said that if either of us got a cat the other would then only pay attention to said cat. That would probably happen a bit in the beginning, especially if it’s a kitten. They grow up so fast, but having them that small scares me because I’m worried they will get hurt when I’m not around. So for now, looking at other people’s cats will just have to do. Courtesy of instagram.

So wanted to share a recent ebay buy… this! I love it, but now I want to buy the green one, if I’m not careful I will get addicted to ebay. newbagI also ordered something else but haven’t received yet. Will share once I do, but anyway back to this awesome bag. I am afraid it will get damaged while wearing it out, odd thing to say. It is just a bag, and I’m being dramatic about it, but I LOVE it. It comes with two detachable straps so I can wear it like a backpack or a messenger bag. I’ve preferred wearing it as a backpack though.  I’ve been really bad this month, eating out and spending money on things I don’t actually need. I need to be better from now on. -.- I will try my best.

So I’ve been looking for internships and such for when the summer comes. I really need a higher paying job, and it would be great if the higher paying job could actually be something I could use as experience for a different career. Or something that will enrich my resume. I felt so blah when I was creating my resume to apply for this position at the Houston Museum of National Science. I could totally see myself working in a museum, so I’m really hoping I get this position. Of course I know I don’t actually stand a chance, so I’m not holding my breath. There’s a career fair on my campus next week so I’ll attend that and pass out my resume there and hope for the best. But I know I can’t just wait for something to happen, I have to make it happen.

So as another month approaches, here’s to being better and making life the way I want it to be. :3 How do you handle resume building? I wish mine was more impressive but even if it’s empty now, it won’t always be that way. Until next time….

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First Kisses

So Kat shared this video with me, it’s a look into how humans react to a first kiss with a stranger. I mean, granted these people are strangers and they don’t have any feelings for each other, but it was still interesting to see how they reacted to kissing. I mean a kiss is one of the most amazing/intimate things two people can share.


And they could very well just be actors, but it still made me think of how I reacted to my first kiss….to all my first kisses. I mean, it’s strange to think back on it. When I was junior high, I would watch every romantic comedy and get that warm fuzzy feeling whenever I saw the characters kiss for the first time. I mean, that’s what the movie is leading up to, I mean besides the conflict and resolution. I was obsessed with the first kiss scenes in movies. I would imagine what my first kiss would be like. (FYI-I wouldn’t find out until I turned 18, which is pretty embarrassing to admit. >.<)  Anyway, my point is that I found first kisses/ kissing in general to be magical. Since that first kiss, I’ve had a total of 6 first kisses. But only 3 were with guys that became boyfriends, but that’s a story for another entry. I mean, I know that movies have this unrealistic vision when it comes to romance, but sometimes reality can let in moments that are so perfect that you feel as though you’re watching them on a screen.

 In a relationship a first kiss can be nerve wracking, you’re embarrassed yet eager to kiss this person you’re beginning to like. Kissing them for the first time is scary, you don’t know where hands should go or the rhythm of that person yet. You want them to want to kiss you again, but you don’t feel the need to show off in a first kiss. These strangers were only going to make out once…I mean for this video anyway. So of course they wanted the other person to walk away thinking, damn that person can really kiss. In the film above, I feel as though the goal was to impress not only the person they were kissing but also whoever ended up watching the video.

That’s all I wanted to share in this entry. Oh, and I’m sure if you’ve seen this video then you’ve probably seen a parody or two that follows it. Some made me laugh, some were a little too much. But what’s your opinion of the video, or first kisses in general? Until next time…

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Last Minute Weekend Plans

So for several years, my sisters and I would go to conventions to see Japanese rock bands in concert. But as we got older we slowly stopped attending Oni-con. (08, 09, 10) So when my sister asked me to come with her to Anime Matsuri, I just kept remembering all the annoying things that went with going to conventions.

matsuriweekendBut I decided to tag along with her and Jody, the boyfriend was helping out a friend during the con so I got to hang out with him as well. He managed to get me in to the staff section of the cosplay contest, so that was interesting to see. I admire those that are capable of making their own costumes. And seeing how much they shine when they are portraying a favorite character is just nice. They looked so confident and happy showing off their creations. I finally got to wear my Alice March Hare costume that I had made for Halloween, but I still haven’t finished it. The hat and feet still need to be done, and I need a yellow vest and the jacket I made is too snug. We were also able to get in the front of the line for the (Nightmare) concert. But I was never able to make it all the way through a jrock concert, and the minute some idiots started to crowd surf I knew I wouldn’t be up front for long. Mija can withstand it, she’s always been capable of that. Luckily in this venue, there were stands we could sit in, I’m more of a laid back concert goer…aka old. My feet were hurting. >.< The boyfriend and brother-law found me and sat with me when they were taking pictures. Going to an event such as this with awesome people makes it so much more enjoyable. My favorite thing was having pictures of the bf and I taken in secret, Mija managed to snap a few and the bf’s friend took a “candid” one for us as well. I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy of those soon. This was the first time Mija and Jody would meet Igor, I originally wanted them to me in a more formal way. We’d go out to eat and they’d meet him like that, but seeing as he was there and they were there I couldn’t very well let them walk away without introducing him to them. And I think it worked out for the better, he wasn’t as shy as totorohe usually is so the environment made it easier for him to be himself. So I’m happy they finally had the chance to meet him, and later on I hope the four of us can make time to go out to eat or something. (HINT HINT Mija!!!) I’ve been wanting a huge Totoro plushie for awhile now, but they are just so pricy and I would have felt bad spending a lot of money on a stuffed animal…even though he’s just so cute. Mija picked this one up for Kat and Me for 20 bucks. He’s a puppet, isn’t he adorable?! Too cute, one day I hope to get a giant one though…one day. So Sunday was the last day of the con, we had planned to go but when the bf got to my place super early he noticed he had misplaced his tag to get in. -.- He definitely was not pleased, so due to that and rain we decided to spend Sunday at my place. It started off by taking a nap. It was wonderful, we eat had a couch to ourselves and just stretched out and slept. Conventions are exhausting, and I only went to one day. After sleeping for like 5 hours or so we woke up and I attempted cooking chicken again, he did the dishes while I prepared the chicken. How freaking cute is that?! The chicken might have been over cooked a bit, but still edible…for me anyway. He didn’t seem to mind, but he could have eaten it for my sake. >.< I’ll get better at it. I also made another green bean casserole, not sure if he liked that either but he said it was good. While we ate, I had him watch Ruby Sparks, which if you haven’t seen that movie then you must. It’s a great play on the manic pixie dream girl trope, and I wish it was also a novel. We watched another movie and then sadly he had to catch his bus back to his place. The weekend was wonderful and I hate that it had to end, but ready for a great week.

Oh Happy St. Paddy’s Day, I didn’t really think about it when I got ready this morning. My belt and boots are an olive green so that counts, right? XD I’m craving donuts again, so I might just scurry on over to Shipelys for some studying fuel….or hope the wife does it for me. XD


A Delightful Day

Today was my off day, I had planned to go out grocery shopping and actually buy some mailing envelopes so I could mail off some packages!!! >.< I’m such a bad penpal! I promise I’ll get it done on Friday, that’s my next day off. But instead I spent this lovely day taking pictures and eating delectable sweets with Kat.

She had been wanting me to go with her to visit this dessert shop called, Dolce Delights, and since I had mentioned macarons in my last post I was in the mood to try some more. I love seeing/tasting the different flavors that each shop makes. They are definitely tricky to make, Kat and I tried awhile back to make them, hopefully we try again. Anyway, these macarons were $1.75 I believe, and that’s the cheapest I’ve seen here in Houston. So I went a little crazy and bought 7…plus a vanilla frappe. >.< So I indulged a little, it was totally worth it. I think my favorite was either the chocolate mint or the strawberry. They were all very yummy and I hope to try more flavors next time I go. It’s not something I can do very often, but I plan on going again. Today was really windy, but it felt amazing outside. It was absolutely gorgeous I hope this weekend is just a nice. I still need tdolceo go grocery shopping and would love it if it didn’t rain. Anyway, continuing on with my day, after eating sweets Kat and I went to High Fashion Fabrics and I found some pleather. I’ve been wanting to buy some and make some folded clutches with them. But the pleather there ranged from 14.99 to 22 bucks, so sadly I will have to wait a bit until I can practice making things. I got some extra hours this spring break so hopefully I can use some of that money for Mind-Speak things. The fabric store had a lot of nice fabric but we didn’t stay very long, I only wanted to see if they stocked pleather and didn’t want to get distracted by other things. But I plan on making some cute pleated aprons for my sisters and me. I want to try embroidering names or the word Mind-Speaks on it. I also want to try some picture transfers to fabric instead of buying iron on sheets. So need to research some fabric transfer tutorials.


I couldn’t decide which pictures to share in this entry, Kat and I took a lot….and I mean A LOT today. I also shared today’s outfit on the modcloth style gallery. The other look got 103 likes. >.< I love styling my outfits, and I’ve styled this one before, but tried something different this time. Layered it with my salmon? Coralish cardigan this time instead of my cream quarter sleeved one. And this belt is my new favorite accessory, it goes with most of my dresses since I wear a lot of cream and mint. That’s all for now…until next time.

Thanks for reading and commenting. :3

Une Soirée de Musique

Spring break doesn’t start until Monday but it’s now the weekend so I am officially on break! Aside from having to work still…and study. :/

new-friendsSo Thursday I had the chance to hang out with Cloudy Chase again, she and I had made plans to go to this event at a bar called Mongoose vs Cobra. But thanks to some lovely unforeseen changes we ate dinner at my place, made by my sister Kat, and then went out for some crepes at Sweet Pairs. I had such a wonderful time, and can’t wait to do it again. :3  Continuing on with the rest of the week, yesterday I went to a free concert at Discovery Green with the Boyfriend and his roommate. We arrived a bit late, but we managed to hear and see a bit, unfortunately the night ended on a sad note.It started off great, we listened to the last set of the French band La Femme, they were actually pretty good, and I bought macaroons for us. There were a few tents up that hosted different French cuisine. Sweet Pairs was there, which is where Kat works so that’s how I found out about the event. Those tasty macaroons are so expensive yet so yummy. Unfortunately when I was trying to share mine with the bf I ended up dropping them both. -.- I’m such a klutz, all we could do was laugh it off. They were from a place called Bite Macarons, a shop located here in Houston. I didn’t even take any pictures, bad blogger! >.< I was in such a hurry to eat them, I bought a chocolate, vanilla and a black currant. Mine was the chocolate and a dog ended up eating the piece that fell. I felt horrible, what if the dog got sick because of my clumsiness? I worried about the ewok dog for the rest of the evening.  The bf kept reassuring me that he would be fine, I told the owner I saw his dog eat something, just wasn’t sure what it was. >.< Hope he’s ok, dogs can get really sick if they consume chocolate. Went there for some cultured fun, ended up trying to poison someone’s dog. Moving on, after the concert we went out to eat at BB’s Cafe, I’m extremely picky when it comes to seafood. I only trust, my dad’s cooking. So once in front of the menu I was really scared, there weren’t any safe options. I sided with chicken tenders from the kids menus, it was already late and I know my stomach, it would have not ended well. On our way home, bf’s roommate got a call, his mother had an accident. It was a horrible way to end such a fun night and I hope his mother is doing well, I have yet to receive any news.

I’m off to finish up some Bio homework, enjoy your weekend. Here’s the full album of La Femme, give it a listen and let me know what you think. :3 Until next time….À bientôt!

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Hey {You} There

So I was planning on typing out a rant entry, but then I thought I should instead update with a more positive entry. So I trashed the other one, took a couple ootd photos and then started cooking chicken. Submitted today’s outfit to Modcloth’s Style Gallery.

So some good things happened today, my Bio test was pushed back two weeks! Thank goodness for that, now I can study for anotheroutfit3-3-14 test that I have on Thursday. But naturally I avoid studying and instead catch up on updating the blog. >.< I can’t help it, it had to be deleted over the weekend because something was causing it to glitch. Thankfully, Mija was able to bring it back to life and now I can update it again. Kat is spending the night with the weirdos so I had the place to myself. I totally forgot she wouldn’t be here so I attempted to cook dinner thinking she’d be home to make sure it was ok. It turned out pretty yummy for my first time cooking chicken. I was worried about not cooking it long enough. But I managed on my own and it feels good. Yay for becoming slightly more independent! That means, there is hope that my possible future children won’t be stuck with a mom who can only cook them different types of eggs.  I’ll leave dessert to Kat. So on Sunday, the boyfriend and I spent the day looking for a gift for his younger sister. She’s 5 or 6, he doesn’t get to spend lot of time with her so he wasn’t quite sure what she would like. We stood in the toy section at Target and he said, “I don’t want to buy her a gender specific toy. All this pink stuff, she will already have society telling her what toys a little girl should want to play with. She has enough dolls and such and I would like to give her something educational.” I thought that was nice, nothing gender specific. I mean, I liked playing with dolls as a child, but I also enjoyed playing with action figures and video games. We then went to the book section and browsed for awhile, he then noticed the film Coraline, I had him watch it a couple months ago and he really liked it. I told him about the book and how Neil Gaiman was one of my favorite authors. He then thought about getting both the film and novel. I thought it was such a great idea, start her young and show her that she should read the bakedchickennovel before watching the film adaption of a novel. However, we could not find a copy of Coraline, which sucks because I still think it’s such a cute gift idea. Plus I didn’t think he liked the movie that much, but I’m glad he did. Well anyway, even though we knew it was going to rain we biked all the way from my apartment to Target and then to Rice Village. I didn’t want to get stuck in the rain with my bike, but he’s all about not wanting to waste time getting somewhere. It was hot and really humid that day but after we spent some time at Half Price we went to Jason’s Deli and by the time we got out it was already 6 something and it was freezing outside. I did not bring a jacket, because like I said it was hot, but he did the boyfriend thing and gave me his jacket to wear. We then decided to wait for a bus, however the bus we needed to get home does not run on Sundays. So we had to catch one to the Med Center and then a bus from there to get to my apartment. I felt bad that he was walking around without a jacket, luckily we made it to my apartment. We agreed to not venture out on a rainy day again…unless we both had jackets and umbrellas. Silly boys.

I’d like to direct your attention to my sidebar, specifically the links under Blogger Friends. I made a new friend, and she blogs!!!! She’s so adorable and we have a lot of things in common. One being that we go to the same school, I found her on instagram. Hope that doesn’t make me weird. >.< Her name is Melissa aka Cloudy Chase.We met up last week and are hoping to make plans during spring break when we have more time. Her work schedule is opposite from mine, so meeting up during the week isn’t exactly easy. I’ve always found it difficult to make friends with chicks. Aside from my sisters I only have two chicks that have been my friends since high school. But so far I have yet to make any lasting college friends. So here’s to making new friends and attempting to cook more dishes!!! That’s all for now, until next time. :)

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Pop Shop

So as I mentioned in my last post, I went with the weirdos to a craft event that is held here in Houston and hosted by Pop Shop Houston America. This was a mini version of a large event that happens I think twice a year? I could be mistaken so don’t quote me. I was pretty excited to go and see what each vendor had to offer. Plus, just being around creative people is inspiring and motivating.

The first thing we saw were painted plates and cards then several tents that had vintage clothing. We moved on towards the booths that had jewelery but I stopped and noticed a woman sitting at a typewriter with the sign Poems for Sale Barter or Trade. So I traded her a marker that I had in my bag and gave her the topic of motivation. I wanted something to remind me when I need an extra push of motivation. Next time I’ll ask for one that’s about positivity. She began typing away, the look on her face while she was typing was complete focus. You could see her pull out words from nowhere and somehow create this well thought of poem. I could never write something like that on the spot. Her name is Traci Lavois and you can find her over here. After receiving my poem we walked on over to this table in the corner. On the table were different types of jewelery…rings, bracelets, and necklaces. I was in awe. They were amazing, and there were something for every type of movie addict, gamer, and music fan in the world. AND….he does custom orders. You can find his work over here. These are great as gifts, because even if he doesn’t have something you’re looking for, just email him and send him a design you’re interested in. He does plaques too, so we’re hoping to request one for father’s day. And I wasn’t sure which one to get the boyfriend, but since he bikes and bought me a bike for my birthday, (I never mentioned that did I? >.< Well, he did.) I thought getting him the bike one was the best choice. Maybe next time, provided Yamin is there, the bf can pick one he likes more. Because frankly, it’s not like you could own too much. We also want to request Mind-Speak key chains for the three of us. Just something to inspire us to continuing working on MS. So there were tons that I wanted while browsing, however I had only enough cash on me to purchase two and my goal was to buy one for the bf and for Kat, as a Valentine gift. So I bought the bike and a Dr. Who one for the little weirdo. There were so many Star Wars ones, but I couldn’t buy it. So I went on browsing and when I rejoined the married weirdos, Jody told me that the AT-AT was gone. While I was bummed he had put it around my neck. The sneaky Jobro bought it for me along with a mushroom bracelet for himself. Then we went halfsies and bought Mija a Day of The Dead skull. Great purchases and totally want more. The craft fair was wonderful, and I can’t wait to attend a larger scale one that is coming up in May, but until then there is another mini one coming up in March so I have that to look forward to.

Any craft fairs in your town/city? If you’re not sure, try looking it up…you’d be surprised what gems you might find. Houston continues to amaze me, I really enjoy living here. :) That’s all for now, until next time.

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Tea for You

I had myself a wonderful Valentine weekend and I hope yours was just as wonderful.


I seem to be filling my planner with more things than just my weekly plans. This is how this past week turned out, with Friday being Valentine’s I had a busy weekend. First off, I worked on Friday so I had to rush home and shower so I could be ready for The Boyfriend. We just stayed in and watched movies and ate sweets. For Valentine’s I made him heart shaped teabags, because he’s a tea fanatic. I also gave him a bike necklace that I bought at Houston Mini Pop Shop. I’ll post about that sometime soon.  And once again, I’m respecting his wishes to not be uploaded to the internet. So his face remains covered. Saturday we met up and went out to eat, we went off in search of discount candy. He bought me some washi tape and scrapbook paper, he’s adorable. We also went bike riding on our quest for cheap candy. He bought me peanut m&m’s, which are my favorite. I made him watch the romantic comedy About Time, an adorable movie btw. I love that he humors me and watches all these girlie movies but I promised him the next time we will watch a thriller or an action movie. XD This is the first time I’ve ever been in a relationship on Valentine’s and it was nice but I’ve always thought the holiday was nice. I don’t think valentinejarthere should just be one day devoted to showing how much you love someone. Family, friends…ect. You should try to show that love every day in some way, it doesn’t have to be in some extravagant way but something as simple as a phone call or a letter can make someone feel good. But I really wanted to take part in the cheesy aspect of this holiday. So instead of giving sweets I went with the heart tea bags. I love crafting, so I picked out different types of teas and deconstructed them and created heart shape bags for the tea leaves. When I gave it to him, he was surprised and seemed to have really liked it. He wanted a cup of tea right then and there. He loves handmade gifts…at least that’s what he’s told me. >.< I also knitted him a heart, because frankly I adore knitting them and it was the perfect decoration for the jar. The necklace was made by an artist I met at Houston Mini Pop Shop. Again, I will mention more about that event in my next post. But just know he is amazing!

This was an amazing weekend, but now I return to work and homework and my feet are killing me. >.<  Today’s song is most fitting…A Day with You by Daniela Andrade

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