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September 2nd- Ideal Day

Brave Love Blog

I am completely in love with the fall, Texas fall isn’t a great representation of what a fall should be though. But, there are days when the weather is absolutely perfect and that’s how my ideal day begins.

Now I have two versions of this day. The first one involves me never leaving the house. I get up early, open the windows and let in a cool breeze. It’s light sweater weather, so the breeze is just right. And the way the light streams in is just comfortable. As if to say, “Relax, you can do whatever you want.”

No tests, no homework due or work to get up for. No worries.

I’d do some stretches, I haven’t gone to hot yoga since my 30 days ended, but I still like to do some stretching when I have the time. After stretching, I’d do some knitting. I’ve just started double knitting and I’m hoping to finish my Star Wars scarf before it’s summer again. After knitting, I’d do some blogging. I try to condition myself into working at my desk, and for the most part I do. But every once in awhile I wonder over to the couch and make myself comfortable for blogging. I’d then probably do some more crafting, because I just can’t get enough of the stuff.  I’d make something to eat, or there would magically be something yummy to eat already. My sister would make a blueberry cobbler or some type of dessert. She’s becoming a master pastry chef. :) But that’s the gist of version 1.


The second version involves me actually leaving the house. I’d want the boyfriend to join me on this outing, again the weather is just lovely, perfect for a day at the park or the zoo. We’d have a picnic, enjoy the breeze from a blanket while I knitted or read a book with him keeping me company. This day sounds pretty cliche, but I’ve actually had days like this before with him. But it has been awhile since we’ve gone to the park. Too hot or the rain ruins those type of plans. After lounging in the park, we’d go to a used bookstore. Those are the best, I love how long he takes. He can browse the architecture section  for hours before making a selection. Too cute. We’d go for lunch and then share some cake.

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September 1st- Soy Kimmy

Brave Love Blog

I’ve decided to take part in the Brave Love Blog’s September blog challenge. BLOG-TEMBER! I’m excited because I’ve always started blog challenges before, but have fallen short on them in the past. I’m hoping this teaches me to plan ahead,  I’m gonna try to write more than one post ahead of time and schedule them. I’ve only ever schedule posts once in awhile, so that’s also a challenge I hope to beat.

Here we go…

September 1st: Introduction

Hello, welcome to my blog. I’m Kimmy and I’m excited to get a glimpse into your lives and let you see a bit into mine, so pull up a chair and get comfortable. 2015-08-31-10-20-16_decoI sometimes drone on a bit too much, but that’s just part of who I am. In 11 days I will be 26, and yes that day represents a number of different things but for me, it was the day of my existence…well, as a fully formed person and not as a sea monkey. Odd thing to say….more awkward moments to ahead. Here are a few things about me…..

 -I love crafting:  That includes a bunch of things, knitting/crochet, scrap-booking, sewing, card making (ect)

-I’m the middle child, I have two sisters. My older sis is a Graphic Designer and the younger one, who is also my roommate, is a Pastry Chef. We collaborate over here and we just launched our Etsy account. We sell handmade things so feel free to stop by our store and blog. :)

– I’m hoping to graduate in the Spring.

-I love visiting bookstores and miss the fact that I haven’t been reading as much as I used to. Please leave some book suggestions. I want to update my To read list and hopefully tackle it.

-I really want to adopt a kitty, but my apartment makes it impossible with the amount of fees that goes into owning a pet at my complex. Thankfully Instagram exists and I can live vicariously through other cat owners.

To summarize, I’m a cat loving, sister having, school going, and all around crafter. Pleased to meet you all. I want this challenge to highlight a positive outlook and  I know I’ll gain inspiration from my fellow bloggers,  I hope I can offer you the same. Have you completed blog challenges before? I’d like to know.

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Real Quick—3 Weeks

The bf is visiting a friend and will be out of state for three weeks. He’s only just left and I already miss the booger. T-T

Before he left we spent some quality time together, he even let me take a bunch of cute pictures of us lying on my couch. Even though I’ll be missing him, classes start on Monday and I also might have some life altering decisions to make next week. But I’ll dive into that some more next time. Classes will keep me busy so I’m hoping the next three weeks will go by fast. He won’t be back until 12th, the day after my birthday….0.O I’ll be turning 26. Gah! Now I wish he was already home. Ahem….here are some cute pictures!!!!

Disgustingly cute. >.<
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A Process

2015-08-13-17-37-09_deco-1As if interviews weren’t nerve wracking enough, I tend to forget about the time before and after the actual interview takes place.

First, land an interview. Time and place are decided.

Second, for me, a new outfit was needed. I wanted something professional yet something I felt comfortable wearing. I’m an in between-er when it comes to clothes, so it can be challenging sometimes. I found this Calvin Klein dress at Ross the other day. Ross can either have tons of options, the same style of dress in multiple colors…my favorite, or be a vast land with zero options. That sucks. I managed to find too many things this past visit, not all were items for said interview, but still, I wanted them all. I tried on the same dress in grey, and I’m a tad short for it’s natural waist line, but it somehow still worked out. I wasn’t going to get it until I found it in teal, and then my decision was made. It was $40, not what I usually spend at Ross, which is why I go there in the first place but that’s what happens when it’s a name brand item.

Moving on…third, the moments that lead right up to the interview, I waited in the parking lot, my interview wasn’t until 2 so I waited for my interviewees in the lobby. Oh, I’m not going to mention the company name, but it’s an Architecture Design firm. The office was beautiful!!! In terms of work environment, this is exactly how I would want it to look. Open, filled with light and texture. It was great. And everyone who walked by, asked if I had already been helped, they didn’t just leave it for the secretary to ask. I sat in an awkward chair, comfy, but awkward because the back of the chair was too far and my legs were too short to keep my feet on the floor and my back straight. Tough life, I know. But again, such a wonderful office.


I don’t want to talk too much about it because I don’t want to jinx it. But the important thing is that even if I don’t get this internship, I gained interview experience. And this was my first interview for an office job. It’s actually a paid internship. And now I know how to improve for the next time. I should hear back soon from them. But either way, I gained something new and helpful. Now on to “pimping” myself out some more, fixin’ up my resume some more.


 If you have an interview stories or tips, I’d love to hear them. Until next time……

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EYK-Martina and Simon

My sister and I had the chance to go to a Youtube meet and greet for the Eat Your Kimchi Crew this past Friday. And let me just say, they were/are so freaking adorable!!!!


Kat has been watching their videos for awhile now and she introduced them to me, and before the 4 min video was over, I was already hooked. They do such cute, funny and positive videos that it’s hard not to. At first I wasn’t going to go with her, but then I thought, this does happen very often, and they give off such a great vibe that spending $30 to see them for a couple of hours was worth it. Plus, we are supporting them and their videos, so I decided to join my sister. If you haven’t heard of them, then I definitely recommend that you check them out. They have great videos, and they are so positive and just happy-go-lucky. We waited for ever to get our picture taken with them and have a chance to talk to them for a bit. Unfortunately, we were at the back so by the time it got to us, they were rushing us out of the building. Which just happened to be at my college. But we managed to get our hugs and pictures, which if you think about it, hugging complete strangers and wanting a picture with them is rather odd. But after watching their videos, both personal and entertainment ones, makes you feel as though they are your friends.

They are the cutest married couple, ever! I’m so glad to have had the chance to meet them. Living in Houston has made meeting a bunch of inspiring people possible. Thank you Houston! Thanks all for now. :3
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Lovely Apps

Since having my galaxy tab 4, I’ve been getting a little app crazed and I’m totally fine with that. Here’s a list of the recent apps I’ve downloaded.


  • Monument Valley– I’ve mentioned this one before, but they’ve brought out new levels since then. This game remains gorgeous no matter how many times I play it. I adore it.
  • Plants vs Zombies– This game is great, when it was originally released I couldn’t download it so I played it on my DS. Even now, it’s still a favorite. I haven’t played the new one yet, but only because the original is just too great.
  • Alphabear– This is such a cute game, even though it makes me feel as though my vocabulary is limited to smaller words. It sort of reminded me of Words with Friends, only more adorable. The bears grow as you gain more points, and you get different bears with different abilities. Really cute.
  • El– Now this game is really beautiful, and because of that I’m putting it on this list. However, I recommend you stop playing before the last level. I wasn’t happy with how it ended, but it doesn’t change the fact that the game is beautiful. Reminded me of this indie game called Night Sky, I love the shadow design.


  • Webtoon– I discovered this app due to Frannerd, I love her illustrations and was excited to see her work in comic form. She and her husband have entered the comic challenge on Webtoon and it’s how I discovered the app. I’ve also found other illustrator’s that do great work.
  • Marvel Comics- I bought the Princess Leia Star Wars comics and with the hardcopies came free digital copies which had me download the Marvel Comic app. This one has only come in handy for Leia issues, which was too short-only five issues, and I haven’t used it for anything else…yet. But still, I’m glad I have it for when I need it, and I just wanted to put it on my list.

Here are the apps I’ve been obsessing over lately, just wanted to share them and I’m curious to know what apps are on your list currently? That’s all for now….until next time. :3

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Fall 2015

I want this to my last semester at UH, I’m tired of dealing with financial aid and watching my debt grow. I’m tired of tests and requirements, I’m tired of professors not emailing me back, even though it’s the easiest thing to do, until it’s too late.  I’m just tired of it all.

Aside from all the negativity up there, I also enjoy going to UH.  I’ve met some amazing people while being enrolled here and I wouldn’t have met them otherwise. And I’ve also grown and learned a lot, I’m really happy that I transferred when I did. It’s nice to see what I have accomplished even if they are small. Even so, if I want this to be my last semester, apart from passing these classes, I also have to pass my placement exam in order to get into the Spanish course that will allow me to graduate this Fall.

My Fall 2015 schedule…..hopefully

  • Spanish 2610- MW- 10-12
  • Geo 1330- TuTh-2:30-4
  • Comm 4363-TuTh-4-5  Lab-5-6:30

If I don’t pass my placement?

  • Spanish 1505-MW-12-2

Thankfully, this change won’t affect the rest of my schedule, but I really don’t want to deal with getting into this other course. I was trying to be positive so I registered for 2610, plus everyone seems to need this course in order to graduate. It seems I’m not the only one who left my language credit until the end. -.- Sigh…..Why?!!!! I’ve been using Rosetta Stone and this great Drive and Learn Spanish cd. It’s really cheesy but really cute as well. And the songs are really catchy….

¿Dónde está?
¿Dónde está?
¿Dónde está?

¡Está aquí!
¡Está allí!

Not quite the same unless you actually hear the song. But just take my word for it, it’s adorable. My placement test is August 6th, I still have a few weeks to study, but I’m extremely worried about it. I can only do my best, so wish me luck. Until next time….

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I’ve had the apartment to myself since Sunday, I’ve managed to cook, clean, play games, watch movies and then lay around doing nothing. As an introvert, having alone time to recharge is always needed, but the roomie and I can be alone in our one room apartment even while the other is here. So I miss the messy brat. XD

I’ve been struggling with updating my blog, so I’ve been putting it off. Every time I pick a topic, I lose interest in it and save it for another time. So for now, here is a Currently post that I’ve taken from Kellie at Giveagirlablog.


TIME: 2:15pm

LOCATION : apartment


LOVING : my day off

READING : some comics

DRINKING : only water!

LISTENING TO : MUSIC : Pandora—Disney songs!

PLANNING : some future blog posts

LOOKING FORWARD TO : Getting a new (working) cell phone…oh and celebrating Mija’s Birthday!!!

CREATING : too many thoughts

NEED TO FINISH : Studying for Spanish!

WISHING : That I was already graduated

MAIN GOAL : Passing my Spanish placement test!!! T-T I’m worried.

Yoga Things

I started going to hot yoga with my sister Kat at YogaOne Studios. It’s intense but oddly satisfying, during my first session I kept thinking I wouldn’t make it. Yet here I am on day 3. I feel horrible for missing the majority of this week though. I paid for the 30 day, and technically I’m on day 6, I’m hoping to go every other day, but the key is to have fun. After my 30 days, I don’t think I’ll do the monthly membership but every once in a while I might just pay for the day.

Here are the things needed for hot yoga….

  • Yoga mat- the studio lets you use one, but I figured I would buy myself one if I enjoyed attending the sessions. I found one at Ross for $8. It has purple, grey, white, teal, and black stripes on the front and just solid grey on the back. :) Thank you Ross.
  • Water bottle- (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) you must have water with you when doing hot yoga, I bought this water bottle from Target for $10. I even use it at work, Kat and I just got a water filter so we can start filling our refillable bottles vs using just regular plastic bottles.
  • Hand towel- I’d recommend a small towel so you can wipe down your face when you sweat. It’s hot yoga, so you’ll be doing this a lot and sometimes it’s distracting.
  • Long Towel- it’s also nice to bring a bigger towel to lay over your mat, drops of sweat may cause you to slip. Having the longer towel is helpful, and can add extra padding when doing certain stretches. There are yoga towels, but I just use a beach towel. They are longer than regular towels and don’t cost as much as a yoga one.
  • Duffel bag- bags are just great in general but I love using this polka dot duffel bag, it holds everything I need.

I’m really enjoying my hot yoga sessions, a great way to detox and just let all of your stress go. I have my sister to thank for introducing me to yoga. Next yoga post will be about yoga clothes and the studio itself….until then. :)

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Such Pretty Things


So….I might have a slight obsession with these Target shoes. They are just so pretty and I can’t help myself. I have a problem, really. Back in February I purchased a flower pair, and then after that I bought these solid colors. I only bought the pink ones at first because they didn’t have the mint ones in my size. I’ve become one of those shoppers. I mean, I like the color. If I didn’t like it then I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have bought them….hopefully. :/

I went back a month or two ago and bought the mint ones in my size. >.< So bad. They aren’t the most comfortable shoes, my feet start hurting while I’m at work. But for a normal day out, they are fine. I’m thinking of getting some insoles for them, that might make them feel a bit better. It’s not like I plan on running a marathon in them.  I just like color coding my wardrobe. Is that so wrong? Continuing on to the next item on the cute list…

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