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Kellie Winnell over at Give a Girl a Blog just updated her blog with a great post and I’ve decided to snag the idea. :3

Loving :  There a ton of things that I am loving at the moment. One thing being the people in my life. Time with friends and family is just so important to me. I mean there isn’t more I can say besides how lucky I am.

Reading : Due to my two lit classes I have a lot of required reading to get through before actually having a chance to read something I want to. Most of them I can read pretty fast, but sometimes I’m just not  in the mood to read and I’d rather just play video games. I am now starting my second book for my Mexican Lit class entitled Bless me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya. Only on chapter four so can’t say if I like or not.

Watching : Just finished watching the first season of Tales of the City. I had to read the book for my G&L lit class so I decided to watch the series as well. Pretty good.

Thinking about : Homework. I have two tests coming up. I have horrible test anxiety so I’m hoping things go well. And the deadline for my first paper is coming up at the start of October and I’m actually having problems with finding a topic. -.-

Looking forward to : Actually looking forward to next week. I have Junot Diaz reading on Monday and then Beauty and The Beast musical on Wednesday and possibly a Poison Pen reading on Thursday.

Not looking forward to : TESTS AND DEADLINES!!! -.-

Listening to : I’m actually listening to Fallin’ by Connie Francis. It’s featured on the new Target commercial and I just can’t get it out of my head. I’m putting this song on my sexy song list. That’s right. I have a list of songs that sound sexy to me.



And since this post lacks pictures, here are several instagram photos from the past few days.

  1. Sushi for dinner!!! :9
  2. My free birthday scoop at B&R
  3. Közi can now be outside. Bad thing is, he’s gotten used to being in doors and wants to come in more frequently than he used to.
  4. My best friend had her second child on the 15th. Her name is Lexie, she’s so tiny and so freaking adorable.
  5. I had lunch with another friend and she crocheted me some flowers. I’m usually on the giving side of handmade gifts so this is my first time receiving a handmade gift. All I can say is that it’s a nice feeling and I hope others feel that way when I give them something I have made.
  6. Yesterday, I missed my bus so I decided to take the train instead of waiting for the next bus. I won’t be doing that very often, even though the train is so much more fun to take than the bus. >.<

Thanks for reading.





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