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I just finished reading Blue Moon by Alyson Noël. And I am left with the feeling of wanting more.

WARNING! A hint of book spoilers!

The book ended with an annoying cliff hanger. Making me angry that it was over and I just kept thinking it couldn’t end like this. What happened to happy endings? And good triumphing over evil. Throughout the entire book the protagonist was fighting to save her true love and now? She can’t even cry on his shoulder? I am deeply annoyed by Ever. But I can’t help but love this book. Of course this is the second character in a book that I have read within a few months of each other, where the main character did not know who The Beatles were. How in the hell is that possible?

Quick note: Speaking of The Beatles. Have you seen the new trailer for The Beatles Rock Band? If you haven’t then luckily you read my blog and now can. And if you haven’t seen the animated promo for it then its below as well. And it is amazing. I cannot wait for this game. It comes out two days before my birthday and well make an awesome birthday present. lol Which is what I told my mom and dad. My dad’s reply to that is,”My birthday is coming up.” Mine is on the 11th while his is a week later on the 17th. He just ignores my rather unsubtle hint and changes the subject to him. lol

Anyway back to Blue Moon. I am now in an impatient need to get my hands on the next book which is called Shadowland. At the end of Blue Moon they give you a sneak peek of Shadowland like some books do, and I must say it just put me in more of an unsatisfied mood. But there is some good news. I thought I would have to wait until February to get the next book. But I don’t. Just until November 24th. Of course it is coming out in hardback first. I hate when they do that. I am one of those people that when they read a series, that all the books within that series have to match. I can’t help it. I am just programed this way. It is a habit…a fault? That I cannot quit/correct. But in this case its a matter of paper/hard back books. The first two books are in paper back. The third coming out in November will be in hardback. Seeing how impatient I am, I might have to just buy the hard back to fill the void until the book is available in hard back. I know I make things so difficult.

I didn’t really explain the two books. But I will elaborate later on possibly. But for now, take my advice and read them. Especially if you are into reincarnation,auras, mind reading and never ending love made to over come time itself.

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