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Back to Reality

So I went to Oni-con this past weekend. And got to see the Jrock band Born, and the solo artist Satsuki. Their performances were the only ones I was awake for. The two other opening acts were really unnecessary.

Which sucks because Tomo from echostream is adorable and an excellent guitarist. He should be in a band with other hot talented Japanese men. Not weird Americans minus the female singer. I think she is Japanese. Anyway, I didn’t like their songs at all. So I sat to the side of the mob of people and slept. Yes slept. How does one sleep during a concert? Well since you asked. For me it was quite easy. These concerts don’t always have a lot of people. So it wasn’t like the whole room was packed. Like I said I sat off to the side and just put my hood over my head a fell asleep during the boring performances. Simple. But I was immediately awoken by Born’s performance. They scream a lot. But I didn’t rejoin the mob. I’m one of those lazy people at concerts. I don’t always get into the head banging. Normally I stay in the crowd for a while. But since I stayed up making the Halloween bags for the band I wasn’t in the moshing mood. Nor was I in the mood to be drenched in the singers spit. He would occasionally take gulps of water and spray the audience. He also occasionally touched himself or would slide the mic down his throat for an awkward dirty reference. What would a Jrock concert be without fanservice? The singer would kiss his band mates which I find hilarious. This is the first band I’ve seen live that did that much fanservice. Phantasmagoria didn’t really do that, 12012 not so much, Sugar and Dio I don’t remember either of them partaking in fanservice. But anyway it was really fun. I was tired as hell but I still had fun.

I got a Cure Magazine which Born signed and a cute Panda bento. I love bento boxes they are so cute. This is my second one. It was one of the cheaper ones yet still expensive. In Japan this bento would cost like 10 bucks. But here in America it is 20. >_< Not fair. Kat got one as well except hers is a pig. I found a frog and bear one online. So I might buy them the next time I get money. Whenever that is…anyway I only went Friday for the concert and Saturday for the Q&A and photo/autograph sessions. Since they did that all on one day I just slept in on Sunday. The hotel they had it at this year was too small. They should have it at the George Brown Convention Center again, because although they were unorganized with it you had room to move around and breathe. And another thing I hate about conventions is that older people should dress in proper attire. Like cover up. I mean really did some of these women feel comfortable wearing nothing? I mean even chicks that have the bodies to wear nothing wore more clothing than this certain lady. I turn the corner and hello cellulite. I mean I don’t mean to be rude. But for the love of chocolate cover up. I mean dress your age. And underwear is not an outfit. Nor can it be used when cosplaying as a character. It should be worn under clothing, or over if you wish. But never by itself. GAHhhh The memory is reburning my retinas. >_< So aside for the venue being too small, and old people not covering up and people getting in my way, it went well. The lines weren’t as bad as they were for Phantasmagoria. So thats was cool. And I got to meet interesting Japanese artists and get their autographs.

So that pretty much sums up my weekend. I am now being slapped by reality now. But on the plus side I made a 92 on my Web Design test that I didn’t really study for. All I did was skim through the power points before my class. I do not suggest you to make this a permanent study habit…or in my case having no study habit at all. On the minus side, I haven’t finished my Web Design assignments so I need to finish those asap. Another minus, because there is always more minuses than pluses. MY CELL PHONE IS BREAKING. I didn’t even drop it. Both my mom and sister’s cell have the same problem. But theirs is due to dropping their cell with great force. And theirs are in worse condition than my own. But its not a coincidence that they are all cracked in the same spot. How is that even possible? Anyway, I have to wait til January until I can get a new cell. And I am one of the world’s most impatient inhabitants. So waiting is like excruciating pain to me. Ok so I’m exaggerating I know its not that long until January. But still. So it doesn’t really cause me physical pain. But it does cause me emotional pain. My cell is an extension of me, and I have become the type of person that communicates via text messaging all the time. I never thought I was that type of person (theres absolutely nothing wrong with cell people) I just never thought I would have to have my cell with me every time I left the house in order to function right. And thats exactly how it is for me. So I can still use my cell right now, but its cracked and pretty soon its death is likely to happen sooner rather than later. Before you know it the screen will no longer be attached to the number pad. I doubt it will still work after that happens. So I must be careful with my dying cell phone. T-T I hope it can last until January. I can’t wait until I get a new cell. Its time for a new one. Minus number 3 I believe? I have no idea what to paint for art. It can be anything. And I am having trouble? Sucks. Must think creatively and artistically. Hopefully I can dreamstorm (Garrett’s term) tonight.

Ok night world. I need motivation!

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