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An Embarrassing Entry-Braces

I have always been embarrassed by my crooked teeth. I would always try really hard to smile with my mouth closed.  But now I have braces and even though they sometimes really hurt I am still glad that I am doing this. Posting these pictures is still really really embarrassing though. >.<

So I got my bottom braces and I changed the color from silver to teal. It hurt for a bit, but now it’s starting to feel normal. I had to constantly have a cotton swap and orajel near by though.  And I still can’t chew normally so sometimes I have trouble keeping the food in my mouth. Which is extremely gross. But I’m getting better at controlling that. >.< So if you are eating near me I apologize for any flying food.

Now I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m missing part of my front tooth. I chipped it when I was young, but I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember when. The only thing I remember is that, that tooth started growing before the baby tooth fell out. So it was behind my baby tooth, sort of on the roof of my mouth as I recall. It freaked me out. o.O But anyway so that is why before braces that tooth was sort of pushed back, but thanks to the braces it can be a front tooth like its supposed to be. And once I finish with the braces they are gonna fix my front teeth. So no more missing part. And they are also going to whiten my teeth, THANK GOD!!!! I cannot wait to have my teeth look actual teeth.

This chipped tooth still gets on my nerves though. -.- I just have to remember it wont be like this for long. It will soon be fixed. I’m so excited.

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  1. Inside Kimmy's Mind » Irrational Fears Said:

    on February 11, 2012 at 2:54 am

    […] teeth whiten and have the front teeth fixed. I posted about my braces during the beginning stages here. You can see the differences since I last posted about it. My front tooth was horribly chipped […]

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