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Advice for Singles on Valentine’s Day

The day lovers spends tons of money on saying I LOVE YOU in some big expensive way. Also known as Singles awareness day. Where the single people in the world feel like shit because they don’t have someone to spend that day with.

I am one of the few people that has never actually hated Valentine’s day whether I was single or in a relationship. Even though I am currently single, I have tons of people to say I love you to. Ok so I don’t have a romantic I love you to send, but why must Valentine’s be only for romance? It is a day to just remind friends and family that you love them.Even when I was in a relationship, I didn’t expect an extravagant display of affection from my boyfriend. A homemade card and spending the day with that person was more than enough. And that will always be enough. Its the cute and cheesy stuff I look forward to. And this is just how I am, because I’m not exactly great at showing affection. Which is odd because my parents showed me a lot of affection, I have the most lovable family in the world. And I have no problem showing them affection but when it comes to guys, saying I love you is something that needs to be earned. I’m a tough nut to crack and I feel sorry for the guy that wants to win my affection because it won’t be easy.  But anyway, why must being single on this day be such a negative thing? So you are single. BIG FUCKING DEAL. This does not mean you will be single for the rest of your life. Singles should enjoy this day just as much as lovers do. So singles out there could spend this day doing either of the following…..

For single Girls

  1. Watch your favorite cheesy romance movies. (My favorites include Pretty in Pink, A room with a view, Going the distance, 500 days of summer, TiMER,)
  2. Screw watching your weight and PIG OUT. I just ate a ton of chocolate covered strawberries and puppy chow. XD
  3. Make a yummy treat. :9 ie chocolate covered strawberries or puppy chow. (basically anything chocolate is great. Or if salty is your thing make some nachos or some type of dip.) Making it is tons of fun.
  4. Make belated Valentine’s for friends. If you are anything like me you wait until the last minute to do things. >.< its a curse. But it will give you something to do.
  5. Play LEFT 4 DEAD!!!! KILL SOME ZOMBIES! Or any game you prefer.
  6. If you prefer to go out, hang out with your other single friends and go to the movies or go out dancing.

For Single guys

  1. I really have no idea what a single guy would do on this day. I would say watch your favorite porno, but I’m sure you do that often enough as it is. But we’ll just call that your favorite movie.
  2. PLAY VIDEO GAMES. Kick some zombie or Templar ass! You should be happy you are single cause chances are if you don’t have a nerdy girlfriend that enjoys playing video games as much as you do, you would probably be stuck with a high maintenance chick who would be expecting a whole lot of something that your bank account just doesn’t have at the moment.  So be happy.
  3. Pig out and burp and scratch your balls. Be a man and watch football. (I don’t know I’m just using a stereotype, cause I have no idea what else to put.)
  4. Hang out with your other single friends.

What NOT to do.

  • You will wake up feeling like shit and hoping that, that rubber on the floor was actually used in this ridiculous attempt to make you feel loved. For what lasted… what 4 minutes?…ok 8. Does that make you feel better?

Ok maybe I over stepped some boundaries. But seriously. You shouldn’t feel ashamed for being single. You should be enjoying life and having fun. But in a safe healthy way. Because we all know club guys have all kinds of stds.(sorry if you are a club guy) And we all know that club chicks are all a bunch of coke whores with daddy issues. (There are those boundaries again. Sorry I guess I should say not all club goers are this way, and I apologize.) So spend this Valentine’s having fun with either some single friends or family members so you don’t wake up with some unknown guy/girl in your bed that you have to kick out in the morning. Cause lets face it, we all known whatever lie you think up to tell them is the biggest BULLSHIT.

Song for today is by Neon Trees: Animal


So have fun. Eat a bunch of sugary goodness and Happy Valentines Day. <3<3<3

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