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Graduation Date Decided

I’ve been in college for far too long and I have a list of reasons as to why that is. However, if I were to write down that list then it would just be a list of excuses. Because the hard truth is, is that I did college ALL wrong. As hard as it is to admit that, it is true and I’m now suffering because of it.

As gloomy as that opening may sound, I don’t intend for this entry to be a negative/whiny one. Because I said in my last post that I would try to be more positive when handling my frustrations. So here is me trying to move past my frustrations instead of dwelling on them. What’s in the past is in the past. Although, I would be lying if I did not have lingering worries on the subject, because lets face it….life will continue to have its worries. I just have to figure out how to solve them. I had an appointment with my counselor today, she went over the classes that I still needed to take in order to graduate. I let her know that I want to graduate no later than 2015. So as of now, I plan to graduate Fall 2015. I was hoping for the spring but there is no hope of that happening. I have too many classes that I still have to take. I will make a vague list of those classes. Well let’s start with the Fall semester, I have already enrolled in the following classes for the next fall semester.

Fall 2014:(Enrolled)
COMM 2310 M/W- 9 am-10 am (LAB 4:00-5:00)
ENGL 3350 M/W 1:00-2:30
ENGL 3302 Tu/Th 10:00- 11:30
COMM 3360 Tu/Th 2:30-4:00

Spring 2015: (Planned)
COMM 3361
COMM 4360
*SPAN 1501
*Science course (If I fail it in Spring 2014)

Summer 2015: (Planned)
SPAN 1502- Summer session 1
SPAN 2301- Summer session 2

Fall 2015: (The hopeful Semester should everything go as planned)
COMM 4363
SPAN 2302
*Science course (should I fail it in Spring 2014) Totally not kidding. 🙁

So there is my  plan for the remaining semesters of my college career. I hope  I can handle it, because it will be a lot of work. Work doesn’t scare me, but I can get overwhelmed. I still need to make time for work. I need to work in order to pay bills, I can’t put all of that on the roomie. But in spite of the complications and the frustration…I have a graduation date. I would have loved for it to be sooner, but had I not been in school still, then I would have missed out on meeting some amazing people. I gained so much these last two semesters and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I love my life, even though I may complain a lot I am very happy. If life did not have these difficulties then I would never learn from them nor grow because of them. Silver linings! Also, if I didn’t worry over things then it would mean that I did not care much about my situation. If I acted nonchalant then I would never graduate. So again, in spite of everything that might be considered negative…I can still pin point positive aspects that out shine the negative ones. I can do this, I just need to learn how to be proactive and manage my time better…I have to. This is do or die! I refuse to graduate in 2016! That being said, it’s amazing to finally know my grad date and it will get here faster than I think it will. This spring semester is almost over! I cannot believe it. I’m not trying to save my science grades, but I’m not sure if I can. -.-

I have my interview tomorrow…today at 11 am. So I should get some rest if I want to do well. Wish me luck…I’m hoping to gain this as not only a summer job but also something to make my resume look more appealing. >.<

As always thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. Joy Said:

    on April 19, 2014 at 6:16 am

    Aww, Kimmy, Listen. It’s ok that college didn’t go for you as planned. I think it happens to 99% of people for many different reasons that can’t be controlled sometimes. The admirable thing is that you HAVE a plan. I know so many people that just go with motions and waste their time but that’s not what you’re doing. So, you’re going to finish school and have a great career.

    My husband likes to say “Your journey is going to be a long and hard one but you’ll make it in the end.”

  2. Kimmy Said:

    on April 21, 2014 at 12:05 am

    @Joy, Thanks Joy, I’m trying to remain positive amongst the chaos. And I should try to enjoy the journey, even if it’s difficult/frustrating at times. :3

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