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How I Spent My Day


everything and nothing.

This was my Saturday.

Ok, I should have been studying yet I found myself doing other things. I woke up three hours earlier than I had planned to, an early 9:30. Impressive, no? I find it strange that I wake up early on the days I don’t have to be anywhere. I should have gone out for a bike ride, eaten lunch with Kat or again studied for my finals. -.- Why is procrastinating so easy?!

I washed towels,

   ate junk,

     took a shower,

         took forever to straighten my hair,

             painted corks.

                  and took this picture.

Then I proceeded to watch movies. Tons of movies. It was nice, yet I obviously worried about the things I should have been doing yet made no effort to do those things. I couldn’t just lie down and watch I also had to be browsing the internet. Reading blogs, or writing in my own. Remember a time when multitasking wasn’t a thing? You would read a book or watch a film, or listen to music and only do those things one at a time. We have such low attention spans now and we get bored so easily, as I child I could sit and color for hours or watch TV and just veg out, but now I need to be doing something along with vegging out. XD So odd.

Today is now Sunday and I actually slept in. It was wonderful, I’m still watching movies but I’ll eventually make the time to study…I have to. My finals are on Friday, and I need to make one last effort in doing well in these classes. I also need to make time to finish sewing, but sewing can frustrate me and that’s probably why I’m avoiding it at this time. -.-  Now to eat some more junk and finish watching some Miyazaki movies before I  begin studying. So boring. But the semester is almost done so that’s something to look forward to. Along with my new job at the museum! That’s right, I’m officially an employee of The Houston Museum of Natural Science. Took my ID picture and everything. Now I just need to read the handbook.

Hope your weekend was relaxing as well and thanks for reading and commenting.


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