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Health update: So I had my colonoscopy last week, everything came back healthy. The day before my procedure was horrible though, I couldn’t eat anything and I had to take this horrible medicine that well….emptied out everything. Enough said. LINEcamera_share_2015-03-20-15-51-16However, even though I am deeply happy about having a happy colon. In other health aspects, I had the worst sore throat/cold/ear pains all throughout last week. It started as a scratch one day and then resulted in trouble with swallowing. You never noticed how often you have to swallow your own saliva until it hurts every time. Even during your sleep! The pain was intense, I mean I’m sure there are worst things, but this was extremely painful. I went to urgent care because I waited too long and I just couldn’t take it anymore. They gave me a prescription for medicine that heals strep throat, thankfully it went away.  On top of having a stuffy nose and sore throat my jaw has also been hurting me. I feel as though I’m falling apart. Is this really because of age?! I mean, I know that I as I get older I can’t be scared of doctors and need to make sure I’m healthy. Because youth does not mean you can’t get sick.  While at urgent care, they took an x-ray to make sure my throat was ok. I still find it weird to see it. I mean, bones are just so weird looking. My jaw looks so wide and not at all like what my skin is covering. I also see why skeletons are associated with fear. I mean, aside from tying it to death, They just look so fragile, it’s scary. It also makes me think that I have a really wide neck and I realize how bad my posture is. :/


 Ok, I’ve rambled on enough. I’m glad I’m getting better, now I just have to catch up with school work then things will be back to normal. It sucks being sick as an adult. When you’re kid, your mom brings you a bowl of soup and you get to watch cartoons all day.  To being young!!! That’s all for now…

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