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Little Victories

I finally got my printer to print wirelessly once again! Yes, this might seem like such a small thing, but it has taken me forever to get this stupid printer to print via wifi and I finally figured it out.

Excited for no reason, but I like knowing I can print from my couch or from my desk without having to plug the printer into my laptop. Nice feeling. I’m such a loser…I know. -.- Aside from that excitement, I’ve been working a lot. So far, every weekend for the next few weeks are booked with parties.

Last Saturday, one of the guests told me they could tell how much I enjoy my job and that I did a great job with the party. It’s always nice to know when you’re doing a great job. Made my day. :3 I always feel awkward when people I meet at work compliment me. When I work at Paper Source, I get compliments on what I wear or how I do my hair. And those types of compliments are always nice to hear, but I get really excited when it’s based on my work ethic. Go me!!!

School has been crazy and hard. But other aspects of life have been beyond great. I don’t want to jinx anything in any of those areas, but I applied for this job and it’s perfect. I hope I get called in for an interview and then I hope they choose me!!!! Here’s hoping.

My photography class has been insane as well, here are some pictures from my first assignment.

Moving Action
Shallow Depth
Stopped Action

I had fun taking these pictures, the next assignment is complicated but I’m trying to get ideas for it. Hopefully, my vision comes across. I’ll discuss it more next time, right now I have to catch some Zzzzz’s so I can get up in time for work in the morning. Working two parties. :3

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  1. Joy Said:

    on February 12, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    When we got a wireless printer, my heart was full, haha!

    Compliments are always nice! I’m glad you’re being appreciated for your hard work!

    Love your photos! My photography class in school was chill and the only real direction he gave use was to exude our personality into our photographs and try not to be trendy or make a statement. In the end that turned out to be more challenging for some. The structure of your class seems more helpful though and I think you’re doing a good job =) You’ll do fine with the next assignment!

  2. Kimmy Said:

    on February 15, 2016 at 12:28 am

    @Joy, I LOVE having a wireless printer!!!
    And compliments are wonderful, it just gives me a nice fuzzy feeling when they happen out of the blue. 🙂

    Thank you!!!
    I’m currently working on the second assignment and it’s pretty difficult, but I’m hoping my ideas will come out the way I’m imagining them…perhaps even better maybe. XD

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