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Funny Story

So this weekend the weirdos and I are heading to New Orleans.

Jody has invited us to go and visit his family. I’m excited, I’ve never been outside of Texas before. I haven’t even traveled explored the rest of Texas. I’ve been to Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Mission, McAllen, and a few other small towns. But I haven’t been anywhere really, my family and I never really went on vacations.  I’m finally packed, I think I have everything I need. I’m not bringing my lappy because where we’re staying won’t have wifi, plus my laptop should be traveling.   But before I go, I wanted to share a funny story with you. I don’t want to gross anyone out so if talking about feminine products disgusts you then stop reading now. Ok so I carry extra pads with me for those just in case moments. Because we all know that mother nature loves to screw with us. Well anyway, I had put on in the zipper compartment of my bag. Its one of those Always thin pads, anyway so I kept it unzipped because I had kept my cell in that compartment. Well I head in to the bathroom and start checking my bag and its vanished. I must have dropped it somewhere on campus, of course you would think that I would have noticed but obviously not. This moment made me think of another time this has happened to me. I can laugh about it now, but the 11 yr old me would cringe to think I’m sharing this story with other people. So when I was 11, according to biology or science, I had become a woman. I, the same as now, carried extra pads with me. Only I carried like five extra pads with me. A bit much but hey I didn’t know how many to carry with me.  Well I must have forgotten to zip the front pocket of my backpack because all of these pads had fallen out all over the assembly area.  Luckily there were only a few people, all of them girls and all of them “friends”, and they started making fun of me. Now these pads weren’t diapers. They were tiny pads, I was 11 for goodness sake. I can laugh at it now, but at the time I was really embarrassed. So I just ran off. The next morning I get to school and notice the pads I had left were being kicked around by some boys. Most of my peers avoided them but one boy had picked one up to throw away ,holding it between his index and thumb as if it were used. I was mortified because it was all anyone had talked about all day. About the pads that littered the assembly area. Now that I’m an adult I can laugh but I can imagine the current 22 yr me dropping a pad in front of someone but they were probably too embarrassed to say, “Hey you dropped your pad.” XD

Just one of those moments that might have been a bit embarrassing but since I was so unobservant it didn’t phase me. 😀

So have you been to New Orleans? If so what are some places I should check out?

Yo :D

So I’ve become obsessed with marble nails. I have Pinterest to thank for that.

Now I haven’t gotten the hang of it quite yet, but I manged to get a pretty awesome pattern on my thumb nail. Of course when I tried again the next day the results weren’t as successful. -.- I don’t know what happened but they just kept coming out smeared but I will keep trying until I get the hang of it. So I was tagged twice, by Tina and then by S. Since I have already asked my own questions and answered the 11 facts here I wont bore you by doing it again. >.< However, I will answer the questions I was asked. Since Tina answered hers via vlog I thought I would do the same seeing as it has been way too long since my last vlog. It just takes such a long time to edit it. :/

Questions asked by S

1. How long have you been blogging, and why do you blog? I have been blogging since I was 15 back when greatestjournal was alive, but this blog was started in August of 08. I love blogging, and I love documenting my life.
2. Do you have an unusual skill or talent? Not really. And any skills I do have aren’t really unusual. They are pretty much average skills. :/
3. Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been? I haven’t been anywhere outside of Texas, believe it or not but there are some beautiful places in Texas. None come to mind at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll come to me sooner or late.
4. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? Wherever the shop Red Velvet is located. I want to meet the owners so bad.
5. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy for yourself? For myself? Well since I have permission to be selfish I will. I would buy myself a new laptop and then give the rest to my parents. 😀
6. What is the one book you think everyone should read? The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides.
7. If you could travel to another time period, when would it be, and why? Probably the 60’s because of the fashion. But I don’t think I would want to stay there for very long. Because I’m spoiled by the present day.
8. In a movie of your life, who would play you? I would either want Natalie Portman or Zooey Deschanel because they are both so adorable.
9. What is your favorite word? Or something you say too often? I think the word serendipity is fun to say. But I don’t get to say it very often. >.<
10. Which fictional character would you like to invite to dinner, at yours? Tom Hansen from the film (500) Days of Summer. I’m in love with that character and with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
11. What is the first website you check when you go online? My blog. 😀 I like looking at it. I just love the layout my sister made me.

Questions from Yishi

1. What would your dream house look like? Like this.
2. If you could have any magical power in the world, what would it be? Usually, I would say the power to absorb knowledge. But I now want the ability to freeze time. 😀
3. What makes you embarrassed? This list could go on forever!!! I’m embarrassed by almost everything. One thing that I encounter on a day to day basis, is tummy growls. My tummy growls uncontrollably loud during classes. And it just embarrasses the hell out of me. I know its not something I should really be embarrassed by. But it does.  XD
4. If you were given a coconut right now, how would you open it? I have no idea. Try to poke a hole in it? I mean that’s what Tom does in Tom and Jerry. I don’t like coconut so I wouldn’t open it, I would just give it to someone who does like it. >.<

Here is my meme post again.  And thanks to those who tagged me.

Happy Regular Tuesday

Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!!! Or if you feel as though this is a ridiculous holiday then I hope you had a  Happy regular Tuesday. 😀

So I feel as though this holiday should be for everyone. Why must it only be for the people in romantic relationships? I love people too. Plus I think couples, mainly women, put way too much pressure on this holiday. I mean relax, just because your significant other forgot to buy you flowers or chocolate don’t attack him. Wouldn’t you rather have him do sweet things for you just because he wanted to and not because a holiday says he’s a bad boyfriend if he doesn’t? I mean if I was in a relationship, I would be happy with just seeing that person. Thankfully though I’m not and I can just relax.I mean I’ve only been in a relationship once during Valentine’s Day and he made me a card and spent the day with me. And that for me is a perfect day. So this year I decided to dress up for Valentine’s. I even painted hearts on my nails,  I went all out. I thought, why not? Might as well have some fun, and I actually enjoyed it too. I don’t usually wear red so when I found that this red blouse in my closet I just said hey cool. And then I just added the bow tie I made for Halloween. I think it ties the outfit together, I plan on make some more bows in different colors. So I got out of class early and visited Mija at her office. After she finished with work, Jody took us out to dinner for some Banh mi. :9 Great dinner.  Oh but I did get a Valentine from my mom. She bought me a frog plushie holding a heart picture frame, which she filled with a picture of her and my dad. Its one of my favorite pictures of them. I love my mom, she is just so cute. :smile:I had plan to make some Valentine cookies but I got home way too late and just lost interest. -.-

Well anyway that was my Valentine’s, I hope yours was just as nice and hope the rest of your week is just as nice. <3<3

Irrational Fears

I have many irrational fears and one in particular is the optometrist. I can’t stand eye exams. o.o

So, optometrists scare me. I hate them, 😯 , and I hate getting my eyes examined. I can’t stand having objects inches away from my eyes. I can’t even keep my eyes open long enough for pictures. Well serious pictures like ids or something. I always blink. I put a lot of pressure on stuff like this. And my eyes receive that message and decide they are uncomfortable. I always blink. My eyes feel pressured or something and just spazzes out on me. Just thinking about the exam makes my eyes water. I kept telling the lady, who was in conducting the exam, that I was the worst patient in the world and that I apologize for being so difficult. She just laughed it off. She didn’t think I was serious, but oh I was. I figured out how to get past the eye drop part. I simply close my eyes and she drops the numbing agent and dilating stuff on my closed eyelids and I open them. *thinking about it again-eyes are starting to water* Anyway, so the only part I can’t handle is the pressure part. They put this machine thing really close to your eye, I was told it wouldn’t touch my eye but it does, and because I can’t keep my eye open for very long, my lashes brush against it and I move back. I can’t help it, its a reflex. That is why we have eyelashes to keep stuff out of our eyes. Also there is a blue light around the thing that touches the eye and it makes my eye water, therefore causing my eye to blink. Well anyway, so she tried a couple more times and then called the Dr. in. I didn’t like him, he is the son of the Dr. that actually does my exam. He was always so nice to me and just took the pressure by touching my eyes while they were closed. His son sort of mocked me but I could care less. I’m not going to make his job easier, I’m completely ok with being selfish during a time like this. He lacks Dr. to patient skills, I’m just happy its over.  And the only good part about getting an eye exam is getting to pick out new glasses afterward. I can’t wait to get them, my glasses have these weird scratches around the perimeter of the lens and it is really annoying. Sadly I have to wait a week until I can get my new glasses. But oh well because the actual eye exam is over and I’m so glad. 😀 I can handle my ortho visits,which cause a lot of pain, but not eye exams. Speaking of ortho, I had a check up on Thursday and my teeth hurt so much right now. 🙁 They added what is known as a power chain, which is supposed to close the gaps, to the top and a new wire on the bottom. But good news is that I’m nearing the end of braces. My Dr. didn’t give me an exact date to when they would be coming off, but it will be soon. And I can’t wait!!! I’m ready to get my teeth whiten and have the front teeth fixed. I posted about my braces during the beginning stages here. You can see the differences since I last posted about it. My front tooth was horribly chipped before and they fixed it. I was gonna to try and keep up with my brace journey, but I felt taking pictures of my teeth was gross so decided against. Minus these two posts, but I’m documenting aspects of my life and this is a pretty life changing for me. Plus I wanted to show the power chain, and I’ve been staying with the color teal, I just find it so pretty. Well I have some reading and writing to get done before Monday. Good night all.

So do you have any irrational fears? Or are you as bad a patient as I am? 😮


I had the worst wake up call the other morning. It was from Mija, and she asked if I had heard anything from Kat. Apparently our dad had an accident.

He is a lineman for Center Point Energy and they have company trucks, these trucks have cherry picker buckets on them so the lineman can reach the light poles. Well my dad was working in one and lost his footing and fell about 12 ft. He hit his head a couple of times but landed on his elbows. I haven’t seem him yet because I live an hour away. But I’m going home this weekend to see him. Kat said he is doing good, he can’t lift his arm but he’s already dancing around and milking this. So I know he is ok. The pictures to the left are a few of my favorite. He is so photogenic, a trait I didn’t inherit…unfortunately. -.-  But anyway, I’m glad my dad is super man. I’m glad I get to see him this weekend. But I have a ton of homework to do. :/ I have a journal to write for Fiction forms, and  an Idea essay. Which I’m struggling with on finding a topic.  And then I have reading to do and  a math test next Tuesday. But moving on to something less dreadful…DAILY OUTFIT! XD I’ve been taking my outfit pictures in the waiting room outside the girls restroom in the English building. That is one of the best thing about UH restrooms. A lot of them have waiting rooms with couches and chairs. I picked this one because its the building where I spend most of my time and it has the best lighting. Of course, sometimes someone will walk in right when I’m posing. >.< (Pretty embarrassing) Ok so on to the the first outfit on the right.  I am loving these mustard corduroy pants. I bought them from Rue21. They are so comfortable. And I just love this color. I love when I get wear this green/teal jacket. Its so cute. And has big pockets in the front, perfect for holding my cell and ipod as I walk around campus and ride the bus. :3 And you can never go wrong with chucks. I’m not a high heel  girl, I’m a comfortable-flat-shoe-girl. With the exception of my boots.  Those are nice. :3 Which leads me to my next outfit. I love working with colors. Especially, mint green or teal. And I’ve been wearing the sock bun a lot. It is just so great, it holds all of my hair and it stays in place. Really helpful when I’m not sure what to do with it. Not really a bunch to say for this one. So those are the two outfits from this week that I really liked. Oh yeah I wanted to mention, the Photo a day challenge for February. I haven’t started yet but I figured I would just do the first three all one day to catch up. I’m still debating on if I should do it or not. It seems like fun. :3

So do you have a special place where you take your daily outfit pictures?

A Thank You

Firstly, I just want to take the time and thank my fellow bloggers for reading and commenting on my blog. I really appreciate every comment. 😀

And I’ve found some fascinating new blogs to read as well. So win win! So its always good to add your blog url when commenting.  I feel as though there aren’t enough bloggers in the world. And I have yet to meet someone in person who openly confesses to blogging. I mean why wouldn’t you want to blog? I enjoy it. Once I meet someone new, I admit to blogging right off the bat in hopes they share the same pastime.  Sadly, they just look at me and nod. A lot of non-bloggers, see the act of blogging as just another spotlight the attention whores crave. But if you think about it, even the non-bloggers sort of blog in some way. Facebook and twitter is micro blogging is it not? They take the time to type out a sentence or two that documents the day and display it for the world to see. They assume the world cares what they have to say. Yet they mock us, who create more than a few sentences? Hypocritical if you ask me. I think all the dedicated bloggers are hidden away somewhere. But I’m happy to have found such an accepting community with like minded people. So again, I thank you. 😀

So onto daily outfit. This is what I wore on Monday and I actually really love this outfit. I’ve mention before that I don’t always feel pretty. So when I do, I like to take a bunch of pictures to prove that I can. This is another new combination of layers that I’m proud of. Everything matches so well. I’m a bit of a match freak thanks to my sister Mija but I’m not complaining. It was programed in me when I was little so I can’t actually help it. XD The green dress was actually a bit longer but I shortened it because the length was a bit awkward. This is actually shorter than a dress, so I’m wearing some shorts underneath. I even do so when the dress is actually long enough. Layers are actually a security blanket for me. The more layers the better. The tights I’m wearing are actually my favorite. I bought them a year or two ago at Target. I’m really loving this mint green, its featured in the cardigan, the tights, the purse (also from Target a few years back) and even my nail polish. I knitted an olive green bow for my hair, I’m in love with making hair accessories. And bows are just so fun to use/make. 😀 My hair is in a bun, I used a sock to create the perfect bun. Of course in person its a massive bun. I have a ton of hair and its hard to get my hair to cooperate with the me but I managed to get it to work. It takes some practice to get the sock bun down and I’m getting there. My younger sister, Kat discovered the sock bun and showed me how to do it. I’m still surprised I managed to do it.

So I packed some rice balls for lunch the other day. They made for a great picture, but they weren’t exactly very filling. So I think I’ll stick with my sandwiches for now. But I did have fun adding faces to the picture. Look how cute? I wish I could pack a cute bento, but my culinary skills are nonexistent. So I wouldn’t be able to be put something as beautiful and yummy together like some can. Besides, I have to keep in mind what will keep throughout the day. I carry my bento with me around campus, there is no locker or fridge to hold my personal items. I’m not Sailor Moon, I don’t have an invisible pocket that holds the moon scepter. So I have to make sure it won’t go bad or make my bag smell horrible. So tuna or mayonnaise product is out of the question. Its just good ole’ Pb&J for me. Of course, I like to cut my sandwiches into butterflies or hearts. It reminds me of my mom. >.< And it makes it brings a smile to my face when I go to eat my heart shaped sandwich.

Well it appears that I have stayed up way past my bed time. Blast! I should really get to sleep. I have a late day tomorrow. :/

I’ll end the post with this, do you have any other ideas of what I could pack for lunch? Something easy? lol


So today instead of working on my homework I accompanied The Roomies to PetSmart the other day on a search for a pump for our broken water bowl.

And oh what we found was an abundance of cuteness. I am and forever will be a cat person. Unless, I marry someone who wants a dog in that case I will only allow a border collie, an Australian Shepherd or a corgi  because they are sooooooooooooo cute. >.< I might settle for a corgi Shepherd mix but only if it looks like this.  Ok so they all pretty much look the same. But what can I can I say? I like what I like. Anyway so I went straight to the adoption center because I love seeing the cats. And I almost died from all the adorableness in the room. This calico pictured on the left was up for adoption. How freaking cute?!!! I wanted to take her home so bad. I also felt like she is looked like the offspring of my roommates’ cats Tomo and Missy. (if they weren’t spayed or neutered) I should have listened to my sister when she said I would want to take a kitty home with me.  And now its too late and I’ve laid eyes on this adorable cat. I never really thought about calico cats until I moved in with Mija and Jody. Did you know that calico cats are a female only breed? I didn’t either. But yeah I read it somewhere and its true as far as I know. So along with the cats, I also saw the birds, fish, rodents and reptiles. And one in particular caught my attention. This lizard, forgot the name of it, was so freaking hyper. And he had so much personality for such a small thing. I mean he kept looking at my cell when I tried to snap pictures of him.  So freaking weird but adorable at the same time. I’m not really a reptile person but he was an interesting specimen. And so tiny. If for some reason I wanted a lizard for a pet I would get this little guy. Of course I would be worried to get a pet as small as a lizard, mouse, or hamster. I would be afraid of it getting out and getting lost or getting eaten by Missy or sucked up by the vacuum.  So many dangers for small pets that’s is why I’ve only ever had fish and fat cats. Other than that nothing.  We looked around for a bit and I continued to walk by the cats again and again until the area started to make me light headed due to full litter boxes. That was enough to stop me from walking in that direction. So my roomies and I started to look at the cat trees. We’ve been wanting to get something for Missy to scratch and lay on. She has been doing a number on our stairs. The little devil, she is too old to declaw so we’ve ruled out that option. Tomo was declawed when he was younger so he doesn’t need a scratching post. But we would still want a tree that is strong enough to hold his fat ass. Those things aren’t exactly well made if you buy the cheaper one. So Jody thinks he can build one, with help from my dad. We just need to get some carpet pieces and rope to cover it. I’m excited, I hope they can make it soon rather than later. So that was the adventure at PetSmart. We ended up leaving empty handed. On to daily outfit. I keep forgetting to take pictures every day so I only have what I wore on Thursday. The entire week I used the Star Wars bag I made. And because its such a busy print I have to wear grays, blues, and browns. So the entire week I wore outfits that matched well with my bag and my boots of course. I had way more combinations than I thought I did. So yay!! Ok well I screwed up my sleeping pattern once again…-.- damn.

But let me end by asking, are you a dog person or a cat person? And would you consider switching sides for your significant other?

Glass Bottle

So I the other day was the first day of the new semester. And I was almost late. >.<

I just haven’t gotten used to sleeping early, I don’t know how I’m going to do it once I start having hw deadlines. I’m taking 3 English classes this semester…suicide I know. But this just means I really have to manage my time better this semester. And work out a schedule so I can get all of my writing done. I hope I have time to work for GC this semester as well.  But I can’t even get my sleep back on track. Its 2:51 AM and I’m still up…straightening  my hair/blogging. :/ Not a great way to start off the first week of the semester but its a force of habit…and its going to take awhile for me to break this habit. So Tuesday started with Math at 1:00-note to self leave home at 11:20 to avoid being late. >.< But thankfully I arrived just in time. I have to take two buses to get to campus and I miscalculated a little. :I Anyway, I couldn’t decide what to wear to school. I kept changing outfits which is another  reason I slept late. >.< I finally went with this outfit pictured to the right. I had trouble finding an outfit to match my new boots.  But luckily, I managed to find something to match. And I’m actually proud of myself. The jacket actually matches the boots and it goes well the blue shirt and brown tights. I paired it with my Star Wars bag and voilà – a nice outfit. 😀 I also braided a ribbon in my hair following this video. You can’t really see it too well in the picture but I’m sure I’ll wear it again and take better pictures of it.  Ok need to hurry and finish this entry fast. Next up is soda- I hate drinking sodas. I don’t like the feeling it leaves as you gulp it down. When I think of quenching my thirst I think of water…or lemonade. But recently I’ve been drinking a soda here and there. It started with a vodka soda and branched off to raspberry Smirnoff’s. But its not limited to alcoholic beverages. Oh not at all…hehehe . I’ve actually fallen in love with the soda Izze.  I have this weird obsession with glass bottles. I dunno why? But I’m fascinated by them and find them pretty. XD So I bought an Izze soda today to break a 10 so I could put more money on my bus pass.  I don’t want to get in the habit of drinking soda because its not good for you. And I’m happy with just drinking water all the time. I don’t know why so many people hate water. My little sister hates drinking water, I guess its too boring for her. But its the same for me when it comes to milk. I can’t stand drinking milk. Minus chocolate milk and the milk in my cereal bowl. But straight milk? Blech.  But anyway its already late and I should go to sleep now. I have 2 classes later today and I don’t get home until 7:00 tonight. I hate late classes…but at least its not on Saturday. Don’t ever take a Saturday class you will just die a little inside.

Do you like drinking fruity drinks because they are pretty as well? Or am I just crazy? O.o

Damn Crick

One of the biggest things I find annoying and painful is a neck crick. And I just had to pop my neck in the wrong way and end up immobile for a week. New Year Luck.

Luckily, I’m getting better thanks to Kat and my loving mom. Its still a bit sore but nothing compared to Tuesday. Sound familiar? The last time I had one was in 2008. And the only reason I remember this is because I spent most of my immobile days in bed fixing my blog entries. I decided since my blog got a make over, it was time to go back and fix all of my past entries. Since the hacking of our domain, my blog became this unorganized mess. So I used my time in bed to fix every entry since it was a new year and all. I’m loving the new layout. Mija out did herself as usual and always seems to capture my personality perfectly. I would never be able to design my own layout so I’m happy she took the time to design and code one for me. It was a Christmas present. 🙂 So before my neck spazzed out, I spent Monday with the weirdos and Cate. Kat and I decided to take pictures in Hastings. I don’t always feel pretty, so when I do I like to take a ton of “candid” pictures to document when I do. Also I wanted to show off the cute boots I got for Christmas. They are actually really comfortable. I love them. Plus I was having a good hair day and its nice when my hair behaves itself. I want to buy some new cute tights to wear with the boots. They are sort of an olive green color, so I’m thinking some teal tights or brown maybe blue. I want to try colorful tights with a fun pattern. I’ve seen some adorable tights on the Modcloth site. Along with the cutest dresses with deadly prices. :/ So on another note, its my mom and tia’s birthday on Tuesday. We let her open her present yesterday because the weirdos won’t be here for her actual birthday. She was so happy, when she opened it. She got a makeup bundle from Estee Lauder. She was so freaking adorable when she said, “I’m glad my birthday comes early.” I think she meant after Christmas. She proceeded to laugh and say, “I’m so lucky.” I love my mom. She is the best. Monday she is off so Kat and I get to spend the day with her. I only have this coming week and then its back to school I’m not really ready to start classes again. But its not like I’m not a tad bit excited for my non fiction class. I’m just going to miss being home. It was pretty comfortable the past couple weeks. I hated taking down the Christmas decorations though. I helped mom and put most of them back in their boxes. When she was taking all the trimmings off the tree it was hard not to be a bit sad. I love when the house is decorated during Christmas. Its gives the house a nice feeling, plus the tree kept its scent for a while and made the living room smell of pine. And another thing that has me bummed is the weather. I hate Texas’s bipolar weather, but this isn’t even bipolar this is just ridiculous. I know Texas is hot, but we at least get cold weather during the winter. It’s my favorite time of the year and its not even cold. It was in the 70s the other day. The 70s!!! I made fingerless mittens and scarves to wear. Not to mention a really adorable gray cape jacket to wear. I can’t wear these things outside now. I’d suffer a heat stroke!!! Last Monday was acceptable weather. Why can’t it at least be like that? -.- Just thinking of waiting for the bus in that heat pisses me off. I hope it gets colder soon. Last winter, I’d complain because my toes were frozen when I waited for the bus and it made walking around campus painful. I demand a winter. Mija and Jody surprised Kat and me with some adorable Tokidoki charms. My favorite character is the green cactus girl. But the charms are packaged in foil so you can’t tell which one you get. But she is determined to get the right ones. But I think they are all cute. Mine is a milk cow. I think its supposed to be green apple flavor. Blech- I’m not a fan of milk but its so cute.. So I should get some sleep Its already 5 am. And I was doing so well with going to bed early and waking up early. My face was clearing up and now I totally ruined it. -.-Why do I do this to myself?!!! I need to get back on a good sleeping schedule especially when I start classes again. I have a full schedule this semester so that I need to sleep more.

I’m going to miss the past several weeks of doing nothing but sleeping. -.-


A Mixture of Things

So I’ve recently learned how to make messenger bags, thanks to this tutorial. I made one for Mija’s birthday and it came out so amazing. I’m really proud of it and now must make one for myself and Kat. This is a project I definitely must make for the MS etsy store.

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent some time with friends, Missy’s baby can now hold his head up and crawl a bit so I can actually interact with him. XD Babies make me nervous but when they are older I can actually hold them and play with them. Jaxson is a lot heavier then I thought he would be, lol but he is still so cute that you can’t help but want to hold him. I love when they come to visit me. So going back to the whole messenger bag, I turn to the mighty inter webs in search for the perfect fabric. Kat wanted an Alice in Wonderland themed bag but not the Disney version. So I found this Japanese fabric that is just perfect for her. Its so cute, and was much easier to find/buy than the fabric I want. :/ I found this on eBay for a lot less and bought it before someone else did. >.< The other listings that I had my eye on were auctions. And I really dislike bidding. So I found one for buy now, plus the one I purchased was for a full size bed. The other ones were for twin, so this way I get more fabric.  So here is what I wore last Tuesday, Kat took pictures of me. I really wish I could take a nice jump picture, mine always come out odd looking. One day I will take an awesome jump picture….one day. I should actually wish to be more photogenic in every picture someone takes of me. >.< I feel like now that my teeth are becoming straight my face doesn’t know how to smile sincerely any more. >.< I know that sounds odd but its  true. I notice that my smile in pictures look so fake. But I am smiling sincerely….I thought I was anyway. The only way to remedy this problem is to return to my closed mouth smile or to not smile at all in pictures. -.- Either that or learn how to smile a less fake smile.  lol So Mija is in NOLA this week with Jody. They are visiting his family, and she left her car at home for an entire week. XD I get to drive it. But by that I mean, I can only drive it in our neighborhood and to school which is just across the street. But that’s two days I don’t have to walk in the heat. YAY! I’m a bit nervous, but strangely confident. I have to practice parking though before I’m allowed to drive it to school. If mom doesn’t like like my parking then I can’t drive it. So I must practice first. But I feel like I can do it. And confidence is key right? So I must remain positive. >.< I wish Mija would just leave her car here for the rest of the summer so I can practice on it and use it to take the driving test. (wishful thinking I know) Mom took it to work today, I wish she didn’t because then I could be practicing now. :/ The minute she gets home she is taking me driving. I can’t waste another day of car week not driving the car. lol Man I’m ready for a nap now, waiting for mom to get home is going to take forever and I suddenly feel very sleepy. XD I have things I want to get done today but I can’t accomplish anything if I’m sleepy.

List of things…

  • draw/paint for new blog layout
  • read Forever
  • update blog about the final HP movie
  • VLOG!!!
  • Do some homework
  • wait patiently for fabric to get here :/

True Blood comes on tonight can’t wait. Next entry I will talk about books and Movies, but for now I’m off to nap. XD

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