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Hello, 2023!

This feels weird. Blogging. What prompted this post? Well, a brand-new mechanical keyboard with green keycaps, that’s why. I’ve always wanted a lovely-sounding keyboard. And my husband gifted me this with green keycaps to further customize it to my liking. Now I’m on the hunt to customize it further. Bulbasaur bulb cap, perhaps?

Aside from that, I am trying to find time to edit some outstanding videos. But every time I try to edit, I don’t like how the footage came out, and it is already too late to refilm. I’m not liking my night lighting. I have these lamps that worked perfectly when we were at the apartment, but I had white walls then, and the walls in my office are this teal color. Pretty color, but bad for light bouncing. Perhaps I can use a board or something to bounce the light off of. I’ll have to do some research.

I’ve sadly let this little blog remain in the attic, so to speak, as I’ve taken to developing my editing skills for my channel. Plus, since taking a step back from this blog, all of my journaling transitioned back to analog form. Having a written journal is a lot of fun. And stationery has become such an important part of my life. But one can’t deny how lovely blogging can be. Especially with this new click-clack sound my new keyboard provides. I’ll have to include a soundbite somewhere. I used to blog rather frequently in the past. It is funny to look back at my old posts and cringe at them just a tiny bit. I’m unsure how many of my old blogging friends still have this blog on their feeds. I don’t even remember where I went to check for blogging updates. Wow, I feel old all of a sudden.

Well, I’m off to relax for the rest of the evening. Perhaps I will try to revive this blog once more.

Thanks for reading.

Typewriter Magic

I purchased another typewriter this week, and I couldn’t be happier. I now have two typewriters, and I didn’t think I would ever have one let alone two. I intend to keep this collection small, seeing as they do take up a lot of space. I am happy that I took the time to see what kind of typewriter I wanted. I am also glad that I had the experience with my first typewriter since it prepared me for this second one. Not that I am by any means an expert. I rely on the internet to help guide me on figuring out these interesting machines. 

I find typewriters to be so much fun to use. They have their personalities, and when you type on one, it transports you back. I often find myself thinking about its past owners, which I’m sure most people think of when buying any vintage item. I bought my first typewriter back in October of 2019, but Alicia from @Adventuredenali is why I started looking again at other typewriters online. She recently purchased a vintage typewriter, and even though I use my typewriter all the time, she ignited my desire to practice typing on it even more. I love watching her videos; they have been such a comfort these past few months while I’ve been home. Stationery, in general, has been a constant comfort. I’ve been journaling and writing letters, and it has been so good for me. I hope you have found something to calm you down and make you feel somewhat safe. I know the world has become something we do not recognize, but we will adapt and learn how to navigate it just the same. 

I hope this was interesting for you. I know I don’t update my blog as much anymore. I put most of my creative energy on filming and editing my videos, and as far as journaling goes, I tend to focus more on my physical journals. I have three at the moment. I am testing things out and seeing which one works for me. (journal sizes includes – A5, A6, and a standard Traveler’s Notebook) But I hope to start paying attention to my blog again. I’ve always enjoyed blogging. 

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll talk to you soon.

Things I’m Loving…

I know the world is in chaos right now. I am praying for everyone, especially those struggling due to this virus. I wanted to post about something more positive so I decided to talk about things I’ve been loving lately. Things that help keep my mind off of current events.

This has been one of my favorite purchases lately. I’ve been enjoying using this folio to hold my journal and even use it at work when I go to meetings. It’s the perfect daily carry. I prefer to do most of my journaling at home. It’s a larger size so not always lightweight, and I didn’t think I would like it as much. I’ve been using my TN for four years now, and I still love journaling in it, but I’m so glad I tested out an A5 notebook and then decided to purchase this as my cover. I’ve enjoyed this refillable journaling system. It’s now just so common to find a notebook that has a series of cover options. And so many different sizes to fit everyone’s needs. So if you enjoy smaller journals, you can get a pocket or passport journal. Heck, even nano. There are just so many options and I don’t know about you but I get excited when I find a new system that works for me.

This little planner has been so much fun to use. I use it as a journal as well. It’s small, so I put down the things I need to remember but will also jot down a few thoughts. And if I was too busy that day, I usually go back and write something that I remember from that day or add some stickers. Stickers have been such a joy to use in my planner. If a sticker is too large, depending on the design, I can trim it down or put it on a day that was left blank. I already feel like I’ll use this planner again for next year.

Kaweco was my first fountain pen. I purchased it in mint and now I have 9 Kaweco Sport pens. But this one has to be my favorite! I love it so much. I wasn’t sure where it was from and so I asked the fountain pen subreddit and they were all nice enough to point me in the right direction. It ended up being a Milligram exclusive so I purchased it from Milligram, which is located in Australia. I paired it with Sierra Mist ink and it matches so well. It’s my go-to pen at the moment, but I have been wanting to pick up a good flex nib pen. Any suggestions?

 This ended up being such a great tech item. Having a watch is so handy, and the best thing about this is that it will remain a watch even if the battery is low. At least in my experience, when it has died, it still displays the time for you. It might be a battery saving mode, but it is convenient. And I love how customizable it is. The face, the straps, it’s just fantastic. I’m currently using this olive leather strap.  It was hard to put on the watch but I managed and probably won’t be removing it any time soon.

My friend Jacque got me into clogs. She inspired me to purchase them for my wedding and then I just became obsessed. Now I have three pairs, olive, black and brown. My olive ones will always be my favorite since they have such a wonderful memory attached to them. I will always associate them with my wedding and I hope they will forever last me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my current favorites. I just wanted to film a video to keep myself busy and what better way than making a video. I have several other videos planned, so stay tuned.

New Hobbies

I have many different hobbies and I’m sure you are aware already, but hobbies are expensive. I technically should not be looking to acquire new hobbies but here we are. It’s December and Christmas is fast approaching and I was struggling with some gift ideas for my future in-laws. Matt and I have decided to give them each a gift card so we don’t have to worry about carrying anything too big on the plane and don’t have to worry about it getting there by a certain time. However, I wanted to have something to attach with the gift card but I had no idea what to get them. I was thinking in the realm of a nice keychain or Christmas ornament.

We decided to go to  Space Montrose, this adorable shop that houses local handmade gifts. They had Houston themed items and just really nicely made items. Among them where these embroidery hoops with pretty floral designs  and the like. One cost about $55, so instead I went to Michael’s and purchased my own materials to attempt to make my own. I knew this would be something I would enjoy, and now I can’t get enough of it. I’m already shopping around for bulk hoops on Amazon. I like the 4 in hoops but I kind of want to try even smaller sizes. I think they make great gifts and you can customize the designs to the person you have in mind. Doing this freehand is tricky but if I keep the designs simple it’s not too bad. I’m pretty proud with how mine have been turning out and I’m excited to improve as I continue.

I hope your holiday has been great so far and I want to make more of an effort to update my blog more often. Making videos takes up most of my time, so if you’re interested, head over to my channel and watch what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been participating in Vlogmas, only instead of posting a video every day I post a weekly vlog.

Sending you lots of hugs and good vibes.

Sunshine Blogger Award

My sister Mija nominated me for this little blog tag! Thank you Mija!

I have not done one in quite a long time since I sort of fell off the blogging wagon. But I still very much love blogging and hope to create a schedule for it.

Sunshine Blogger Award Preview:

The Sunshine Blogger award is a peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positive thinking, joy, warmth and any other emotions that you feel when you think about the sun.

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions. Link your blog so I can see!!!
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

1. What is your dream job?
I’ve actually have been dreaming about owning my own Stationery store where I can hold planner/journal meet ups! I love going to these cute stores and when I get a chance to participate in a class or meetup it’s just the so much fun. I would love to own a store like that or even have a studio space that would allow me to have my own classes like that.

2. What is 1 item you still own from your childhood?
One?! Oh, I have SOOOO many items from my childhood but the one I that comes to mind is, a giant Beanie Baby- Batty! After I moved out of my parent’s house I ended up bringing that soft plushie with me. Brings back nice memories.

3. What is your favorite weather like?
Cool weather! Sweater wearing weather! No frizzy hair weather! The Texas heat is just so terrible sometimes, but every once in a while, there is a day, it just comes with no warning, and it is perfect. Perfect park weather. Makes me happy just thinking about it.

4. What is one thing would you change about your current town?
Quite a bit of things but one would be, more reliable public transportation. I wish the light rail was in more parts, saving people from always having to drive everywhere.

5. List your favorite show to rewatch over and over!
Gilmore Girls is always my favorite to rewatch, but as I watch it I get more annoyed with Rory, I still love the show but things stick out now that didn’t when I watched it the first 100 times. I’ll probably always rewatch it though. Bob’s Burgers is probably the better show to constantly rewatch. 🙂

6. Can you recommend a youtube channel you love to watch?
I spend quite a bit of my time on Youtube, making videos and watching them. Frannerd has to be one of my favorite channels to watch. She is such an inspiring artist and watching her videos makes me so happy.

7. Have you ever gotten your cards read before? (Tarot)
Not by an actual tarot reader. However, my sister and I got into tarot for a bit when we were younger. I’m not sure if we did the layouts “right” when reading the cards but it was all in good fun.

8. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
That I have so many fun hobbies! I love to knit, paint, write, read, film, ….anything that allows me to be creative.

9. What is your hidden talent?
I’m not sure if I have a hidden talent. If I do, it remains hidden.

10. Favorite vacation spot?
Haven’t been on enough vacations to have a spot. So I’ll just have to go with staying home for now, I’ve always been a homebody and I really enjoy being home.

11. Have you ever flown in first class before?
And to continue on with traveling, I’ve only flown twice. First class sounds fun, but I don’t think I need that.



  1. What items must you always have in your bag/on your person?
  2. What is your favorite season?
  3. Do you have any pets? If no, what kind of pet would like to have?
  4. Favorite hobby?
  5. If you could have a super power what would you have?
  6. What is your favorite dessert?
  7. What was your most recent dream about?
  8. Favorite colors?
  9. Do you prefer to blog or journal with a pen and notebook?
  10. Played any games lately?
  11. Have you ever participated in a 30 day challenge of some sort?


And I’m not sure who will see this tag, but I’ll tag, Morrigan and Joy and anyone that would like to join in.

Thanks for reading!


~Mind-Speaks: Stickers~

I’ve really been embracing this whole vlogging thing lately. As soon as I got my new camera, I’ve just been filled with the desire to film more videos. With that comes video ideas and a lot of planning them out.

Mind-Speaks has been pumping out some great sticker sheets, and so I made a video showing them off on my channel.  I love them and  Mija has been putting in so much hard work into these. She personally makes all of these sheets, I only help a bit with ideas/doodles but she handles the design of MS as well as all the packaging. She’s a packaging wizard! I’m pretty proud of her and these stickers and hope we can continue to make some cute stationery together.

Here’s the video! Please check it out, and for being a reader of my blog / subscriber to my channel here’s a coupon to the store for 10% off! Thanks so much! If you do purchase, please share the items to your instagram/twitter/blogs.

Thanks for reading/watching.

~Vlogging: Upgrade Wishlist~

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve really been enjoying filming videos for my channel. I have a few videos already scheduled for the upcoming weeks and I have a list of videos I plan to film as well. I didn’t think upgrading my camera would give me this much motivation.

I also have a list of other things I would like to upgrade as well.  I don’t have a particular product in mind for each one, this is just a list I hope to check off here and there.

  • Laptop+ editing software: These two go hand in hand, I would like a new laptop so that I could upgrade the software I use to edit my videos. Currently, I use Movie Maker. It is ALL I have, my laptop doesn’t seem to be able to handle anything else. It can barely run Photoshop. These two will have to wait seeing as a new powerful laptop will be pretty pricey, but it’s on the list!
  • Lights: I hope to get these two next! They aren’t too expensive but with the holidays happening right now, I’m trying not to spend money on myself and instead concentrate on others. I want these because I’m tired of not being able to film a video because I get home when it’s already dark. I don’t want to have to worry about the time of day I film plus they are collapsible!
  • Extra Battery: This is lower on my list since I haven’t run into a battery problem yet, but I would love to have an extra battery just in case.
  • Tripod: I’m hoping to upgrade my tripod eventually. There’s nothing wrong with my current one, but I’m hoping to get one that allows more angles and just more durable.
  • Microphone: Just something that will allow a better sound. The mic on my new camera seems to be the thing everyone gave a con on. I don’t find it too terrible but when doing voice overs, it would be nice to have a good mic. (Update: got one for Christmas :D)

That’s my list so far. I’ll probably add to it from time to time but I also hope to accomplish them as well. The lights I think will be my next purchase. I don’t hope to upgrade my laptop sooner rather than later, but that will have to wait a bit until I can afford to upgrade. I don’t need anything extremely fancy, but I am hoping it will allow me to learn new fun things when it comes to video editing. I want to be able to go in and do color correction, or even be able to layer over my videos. (Video on top of video ect.) These are just to name a few.

When you get a new hobby do you throw yourself into it right away or do you take time and build up to it? I’d love to hear about your hobbies in general though. That’s all I have for now, until next time!

Thanks for reading!

Day Off!

I had last Friday off and decided to go on an adventure. I was on a quest to find a green skirt for my costume as well as making a visit to my public library so I can get a library card and start checking out books instead of buying books I have no intention of reading/keeping.

At the moment I’ve decided to check out audio and ebooks vs hardcopy books. I’m actually worried I’ll destroy a library book by accident. I’m not the kindest to my personal books whilst I’m out and about. Things spill on/tear/get folded while being lugged around in my bags so it’s not a safe place for books. I don’t mean to, but it happens.  But lately I’ve noticed that I purchase the book and then either finish it and don’t really like it enough to keep it, or don’t even like it enough to finish reading it. -.- Sad.

To make some attempt at keeping this cycle under control I knew I would have to combat it with getting a library card and start checking out books instead. We shall see how well this goes, but I plan on doing my best. While waiting for stores to open I shot some great photos of the area. I love my new camera! It makes me want to make more videos and take more photos. I take it with me everywhere on the off chance I will take a photo or vlog or something. It’s exciting and I love it.

The library finally opened and I was able to get that card. I recently found my first library card from when I was a kid. I remember when Mom took me to the library to get it too, I remember her signing the back for me in her beautiful writing. Sadly, I lost that first card and had to go in and get a new one. This one I have kept since then, it has my terrible scratch handwriting. Anyway, so now I have a Houston Library card and now I can check out books for free!

I’m still testing out my camera and trying to learn how it works and whatnot so bear with me while I learn. Do you have a library card? I read somewhere, someone had said they think libraries should be closed down. How sad! I hope that doesn’t happen.  Anyway, I’ll update again soon- but check out my you tube videos for more stuff. 🙂 If you want to.

Thanks for reading and commenting. <3

Autumn Tag

Mary from Autumall updated her blog with an autumn tag and I thought I’d join in as well since autumn is my favorite season…even though, in Texas the weather pretty much goes from extremely hot to less hot. But I shouldn’t complain so here’s the tag! Join in as well if you like. 🙂

What is your favorite autumn lip color?
I don’t wear makeup so I don’t have a favorite lip color. I just think lipstick looks like I’m a kid playing dress up with my mom’s things.

What is your favorite autumn nail color?
Now, I do wear nail polish but it depends, some colors look odd on my skin tone. I wear mints, grays or blues. But it all really depends on the shad.

Favorite autumn drink?
Don’t really have one. I drink two things all year round, water or lemonade. The occasional beer or vodka cranberry.

Favorite autumn scented candle?
Pumpkin something or cranberry something. I have no idea what it is but it’s wonderful.

Favorite autumn accessory?
So many to count. Currently it’s this fall skirt. (pictured above) I’m loving skirts, pants look funny on me.

Haunted house or scary Maze?
Haunted House I guess? XD

Favorite Halloween Movie?
Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline or You’re Next.  This last one is WAY different than the family friendly ones I listed first.  But it’s one of my favorites.

Favorite Halloween sweets?
Candy is good. I will eat pretty much any type of candy, unless it has coconut or marshmallow.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Rogue again with Matt as Gambit. 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about autumn?
The cooler weather. I love cooler weather, it makes riding the bus and train much more durable. I don’t want it too cold, but a nice fall breeze, my favorite.

Feel free to fill out this tag yourself.  I’d love to read what your autumn favorites are. That’s all for now, until next time.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

~Fountain Pens~

Stationery is one of my favorite things. I am addicted to new journals, stickers and pens. I recently opened the door to fountain pens. I made a pen video a few months back and I mentioned how I’ve been on a quest to find a pen that I could refill and just use for years to come. I wasn’t a huge fan of fountain pens because I wasn’t quite sure if I would use them often. But I purchased an Ooly one and fell in love with the cartridge system and then purchased one in green.  After that, I knew I wanted to expand my fountain pen knowledge and down the rabbit hole I went.

Kaweco is the brand I set my sight on. Especially, the sport series in mint. Mint!!! It was such a cute pocket sized pen that I just HAD to get it! I made a first look video last week and plan on featuring it in a review video once the accessories that I ordered for it have arrived…that’s right. Accessories. I told you, rabbit hole! But if you’re as interested in fountain pens as I am, then getting all the stuff is just half the fun.

I’ll fill you in on this fountain pen journey, that’s all for now….until next time. 🙂

Thanks for reading and commenting

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