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It Never Ends

I got a tumblr blog. Which is unnecessary. I am aware of that, but for some odd reason I got one. I just tried to add a small entry. And failed miserably.

I can’t really make small entries, (I consider this entry a small entry) because one thing makes me go off on another ect. This causes me to continue typing out more words then I originally planned on. So maybe tumblr isn’t something I should have signed up for. Maybe if it had a layout that was more me I would warm up to it. Plus I need to come up with a much more fitting url name than comingupblank. If you can’t guess I was coming up blank when thinking for names. >_< Where did my creativity go? I need to finish my painting but I have no idea what to paint.

That was at 3:46 early today. It is now 10:18, and I now have an idea of what I want to paint. Well sort of. Its only an idea so it could either disappear or not work out. But hey, I should be optimistic about this correct? So I’m hoping my creative abilities show themselves and work for me tonight. Because it would suck if they decided to just up and leave me. I mean I just got a $225 scholarship for art. So I have to show him what I’m made of, or else he’ll think he made the wrong decision in giving me this money. And its money that I can use for anything. It doesn’t have to be for school. Of course I’ll use it for school. Or maybe Christmas presents for the family. I never have money, let alone a lot of it. And yes $225 is a lot of money to me. Some with a steady income might think otherwise. >_< I need a job that is steady. I mean I like being lazy and have my weekends free. But lets face it, I need money still. And I need to open a savings account. I plan to next week to put that $225 in a safe place. Maybe mom will let me use it to buy a new cell phone. Which sounds very conceited and spoiled of me. I know. -_-

Now it is already Saturday. Damn I put off posting this entry. Its now 4:37 a.m. I didn’t really paint much between then and now. I just gessoed over an inappropriate blue penis, that a classmate of mine decided to paint on my canvas. Of course it was after I said that I was going to paint over what I already had. I know that if I hadn’t mentioned that I was starting over, he wouldn’t have drawn on my canvas. Well I’m almost sure he wouldn’t have. Anyway, I am going to be forced to wake up in a couple of hours soon to get ready to go Houston. My sister wants to go to the Art Institute open house. She is thinking of majoring in Culinary. And so she wants to ask a few questions. She is a junior in high school and she is freaking out about college. Of course I tell her everything will work itself out. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. I just know that it involves writing. I’m hoping to get into publishing if that is possible. But all I have to do is try right? Of course I’m horrible at editing writing. I know I have tons of typos and grammar errors in every single one of my blog entries. But I’m usually too lazy to look over them until after I have posted them. Gosh I’m lazy. -_- Ok well I plan to record tomorrow since it will be all five( meaning the whole family) of us together for more than a few moments. Kat and I usually hide in our rooms, while mom watches her dramas in the living room. And dad is either outside or in his “office” aka the garage. Mija (when she is home) is either in my room or in the living room (depending where she left her lappy plugged in) with mom.

See what did I tell you? I started with one topic to only end with a completely different one. Yup.

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