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Self Confidence

I know this might sound like an after school special but whatever.

You know when people tell you not to compare yourself to others? Oh, or how you can tell your friends, that they look amazing even when they are in sweat pants and an over sized t-shirt; and you are telling them the truth because you see your friends as amazing. (well that’s how it is for me anyway) However, when it comes to looking in the mirror you only zoom in on your flaws and not the good things about you. Why is that? I mean I’m not trying to be an ego maniac, but some self confidence would be nice. And I’m not trying to be an emo woe is me I’m not beautiful sort of person. And its not like I’m fishing for compliments that’s the last thing I want. Before you freak out, its not like I’m incapable of looking in the mirror. I from time to time manage to take a glimpse and then sigh and shut off the light. I’m happy with my hobbies, with my sense of humor, personality. Just not my lack of self-esteem. Certain aspects of me aren’t, lets just say acceptable to me. Blah blah I know.

I really need to stop comparing myself to other people and just be happy being me. Regardless of my flaws. But how?

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