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Spoke too Soon

After only a month of living in the apartment and that secure happy feeling I once felt is now gone.

Last week our a/c unit started leaking, so Thursday my sister went to our leasing office so they could send someone to fix it. I felt uneasy about having someone come into our apartment when neither of us would be home, but I figured they wouldn’t send anyone that day. We had to turn off our air condition because it wouldn’t stop leaking and the ceiling above our tub started to bubble up. I was worried water damage would cause the ceiling to cave in. After work on Thursday I came home around 3:30 or so,  it wasn’t leaking but I didn’t noticed any change. So I went straight to my leasing office and asked if I could have a maintenance man come in that day. The lady in the office said she would send someone, I said thank you and went back home to wait. When my sister came home we ate dinner and then later that night we noticed a work order paper, apparently a maintenance man came early that day. Probably sometime between 10 to 2, the hinges to our a/c unit had been messed with because when my sister and I had tried to open the door, they were painted over so we weren’t strong enough to open it.  Our office people didn’t even have a record to let me know that someone had entered our apartment, shouldn’t that lady have known if one had made a visit or not? Our a/c has been working fine, no leaking.

Now on to the upsetting part, on Saturday, my sister had just gotten home from school and we were just watching tv. A commercial for the ps4 came on and I asked Kat what she thought the gaming consoles would be called when we had children. I then looked down and noticed Kat’s Xbox was missing. So I asked her where it was, she jumped up and I immediately called my parents. Kat ran to the leasing office but in her haste forgot that the new owners had changed their office hours. We’d hate to accuse someone, but the fact is, our house wasn’t broken into and the only time someone, to our knowledge, entered our apartment without us being present was on Thursday. Nothing else is missing, and the culprit only took the console itself. The cords and controllers and games were left behind. So in my opinion, it had to be the maintenance person. I know I have no actual proof, but what else am I left to believe? We filed a police report, because even though I know we won’t get our Xbox back, it’s upsetting that a person would abuse his job title. Or that an apartment complex wouldn’t keep better track of who is entering their tenants homes without their knowledge. I wanted to be present when they came to fix the a/c. And he left the work order in a place we didn’t notice until later that night. We also found out that our complex is being torn down. -.- Reminder, it has only been a month. So now apartment hunting begins again. The sooner we find something the better. They will let us out of our lease agreements, but I need a new apartment first. We have one in mind, but there won’t be any units until late December. I’m ready to get out of here, what I saw as a home is now tainted by a horrible person. Karma will have its justice, but it’s still upsetting. What if they come back while we are at work and school? What’s to stop them from entering then? A video tour of the place seems pointless now, I’m hoping the place we move to will be much better. I know things like this happen sometimes, especially in the city. I just don’t feel safe leaving the apartment unattended. -.- I hope you register your electronics and take pictures of the serial numbers. During the summer my sister and bro had a bike stolen and we discussed taking pictures and getting serial numbers off certain devices and we never did it. So please, do that for your items. I know things like this can be replaced later on down the line, our lives can’t be, so I’m glad this wasn’t a violent robbery.

I’m just hoping the next few months go smoothly and I’m hoping to hear back from another apartment complex before December. Here’s to remaining positive. Can’t be afraid to leave my apartment because of something like this.


  1. Mija Said:

    on October 7, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    I am so sorry – sometimes I forget a city is still a stinking city and people suck no matter where you live.

    Just can’t believe people have the balls to do stuff like that :/

  2. Kristen Said:

    on October 8, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Oh no! I’m so sorry! I’ve experienced leaks in my apartment, too. They left a huge hole in the ceiling for months and the mold in the walls made me really sick. But never did the maintenance workers rob my stuff! That’s just terrible! I really hope you guys find something new very soon! Until then, is there a way you can put a second lock on the door? Or at least set up some kind or barricade so that if anyone does enter while you’re gone, you will know right away.

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