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Blog-TEMBER 2nd- Ideal Day

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I am completely in love with the fall, Texas fall isn’t a great representation of what a fall should be though. But, there are days when the weather is absolutely perfect and that’s how my ideal day begins.

Now I have two versions of this day. The first one involves me never leaving the house. I get up early, open the windows and let in a cool breeze. It’s light sweater weather, so the breeze is just right. And the way the light streams in is just comfortable. As if to say, “Relax, you can do whatever you want.”

No tests, no homework due or work to get up for. No worries.

I’d do some stretches, I haven’t gone to hot yoga since my 30 days ended, but I still like to do some stretching when I have the time. After stretching, I’d do some knitting. I’ve just started double knitting and I’m hoping to finish my Star Wars scarf before it’s summer again. After knitting, I’d do some blogging. I try to condition myself into working at my desk, and for the most part I do. But every once in awhile I wonder over to the couch and make myself comfortable for blogging. I’d then probably do some more crafting, because I just can’t get enough of the stuff.  I’d make something to eat, or there would magically be something yummy to eat already. My sister would make a blueberry cobbler or some type of dessert. She’s becoming a master pastry chef. 🙂 But that’s the gist of version 1.


The second version involves me actually leaving the house. I’d want the boyfriend to join me on this outing, again the weather is just lovely, perfect for a day at the park or the zoo. We’d have a picnic, enjoy the breeze from a blanket while I knitted or read a book with him keeping me company. This day sounds pretty cliche, but I’ve actually had days like this before with him. But it has been awhile since we’ve gone to the park. Too hot or the rain ruins those type of plans. After lounging in the park, we’d go to a used bookstore. Those are the best, I love how long he takes. He can browse the architecture section  for hours before making a selection. Too cute. We’d go for lunch and then share some cake.

Both versions have one major  thing in common, they are both the type of days where time stops yet also speeds up. Can’t escape that, no matter how hard we try.  Makes me wish I could have had more of these days before school started up again. But now I have the fall to look forward to.  What’s something you’re looking forward to?

Thanks for reading, can’t wait to read yours.


  1. Tanya Said:

    on September 2, 2015 at 11:30 am

    Ooohhh spending a long time in a used bookstore sounds absolutely lovely. I loved that you had 2 versions of an ideal day.

  2. Kimmy Said:

    on September 2, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    @Tanya, It’s just one of the best ways to spend a day. There are two great used book stores in my city. The picture in my post is a converted house, each room has books from the floor to the ceiling. It’s amazing how many books they have put in this house. And I can’t believe how many twists and turns there are, it’s like a maze. Truly amazing.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. :3

  3. Lorey Lyons Said:

    on September 2, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    OKay, I LOVE your days. The staying in one is nearly the same as mine… minus the knitting (I cannot figure it out!) and mine is rainy… *sigh* The going out one makes me want to rethink my day, but then… I just want both ;D
    SO excited to see more during #Blogtember!

  4. Kimmy Said:

    on September 2, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    @Lorey Lyons, Thanks so much for commenting!!
    And knitting is fun, once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to do it ALL the time. XD
    And your day was great! You can plan more than one!!!

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