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Problematic Dreams

You know that annoying feeling, when you want to do something but there is nothing to do? Yeah I believe it is called boredom? I hate being bored. And its not that I have nothing to do its that once I do something, I immediately want to do something else. Or if I finish a project too quickly then I’m left with that deep empty feeling of sadness.

I am attempting to make a vlog. Hopefully that goes well. Ok well I tried on my MOH (maid of honor) dress. I love it. I completed Missy’s orders and made it more Kimmy. And that means layering. >_< Again I am such a weirdo. I am thinking of buying some lace leggings and maybe some black flats. But I do like how the chucks look with the dress. It all depends on what the Bride wants. lol Speaking of the Bride. I am starting to write my speech. And I already know what I want to say to Missy. Its just hard to write and not cry. I hope when I have to say it, I will be able to enunciate and not just have tears streaming down my face. Damn sentimental words. I know they will get to me. Anyway, that’s something I’m working on.

I had the weirdest dream the other night. You know Build-a-Bear Workshop? That store where you pick out a teddy bear and dress it up and fill it up with “love” (aka heart shaped fabric cut outs) Well anyway, my sister Kathy when she was little she always wanted one. Heck I even wanted one at one point. I love stuffed animals. But I mean this store is ridiculously priced. The better the stuffed animal is the more money it costs. Anyway I had a dream that Kathy finally got the chance to make one. But her teddy bear was an S&M one. Could you imagine what that would look like? Hahahaha! I know I have problems. Either that or I have been hanging out with Mija way too much. What about a stripper bear? hahaha. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME? I am seriously disturbed.

I just finished making my vlog. Yup it took up most of the day. Damn see what a hassle it is to make a vlog? It takes too long now because my laptop does not like video files. But anyway I was just about to upload my vlog when Youtube decides to do its site maintenance. Bleh! How annoying! Well I will post it as soon as it lets me. So look forward to that. ^_^ The other day I watched Transformers- Rise of the Fallen with my mom and sisters. It was good. It had a lot of unnecessary scenes in it. But all in all it was a good watch. The first movie was better, but isn’t that always the case?


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