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Whatcha Doing?

Another entry!!!!

So today was my second class of math and I still feel the same about math. I HATE IT!!!! I will probably have to go to tutoring every now and then. But I will do whatever it takes to pass this stupid class. Anyway so I fully intended to vlog today, but I just didn’t have a lot to say…well now I do and I could have very well filmed a vlog but we went to Hastings today and I bought two books. Everlasting by Alyson Noël is the finale to the The Immortal series and One Day by David Nicholls. Which brings me to the next thing I want to mention.


One Day was also made into a movie, it should be coming out some time this summer. I’m soooo excited for it. But until I get to watch it, I will read the book and then be able to compare and contrast. Another movie that I want to watch is  The Art of Getting By, it comes out next week. But sadly my small town wont have any showings. They never show any sundance films!!! WHY THE HELL NOT?! I love indie films, those are usually the best.  But I can’t wait to see these movies.  Now on to a movie I watched the other night. An Invisible Sign, it was soooooo freaking cute. These are the types of movies I love. And I’m always left with such a happy feeling after watching them. Now this movie involves math, which is the  pain of my existence. However, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the main character. I’ve never  actually been a fan of Jessica Alba but she was so adorable in this movie. So if you enjoy cute artsy movies, then I recommend this one.

And of course I’m gonna be vain real quick and add a picture of myself. XD

Song of the day is Sunny Day by Joy Williams, I heard this song during the credits of An Invisible Sign and just fell in love with it.

My Troubles

Spent the weekend at Mija’s. We fixed up my room so now there is a bed in there. Its comfy.

I’m still going to miss my own bed back at home though. Its perfectly molded to my body and its just perfect. But I have a huge headboard so bringing it to the apartment would be a huge hassle. I now find headboards such a waste of space and beds would be better off without them. Especially when you are moving into an apartment. So I have a new roommate. She is my cat in-law and her name is Missy Ella de la Flaca. So freaking adorable. She is a calico cat and I had no idea that calico cats are always female. There are no male calico cats. O.o Crazy. I have always been the owner of male cats. Spicy was the only female cat I would spend any time with. But other than her that was it. So its interesting to see how different a female cat is compared to a male cat. Her and Tomo don’t actually get along…yet. But I’m hoping they will get used to each other soon enough. They both hiss at each other every now and then and when she comes in to the living room Tomo will hide and keep his distance. But once we move in to our new town home there will be enough room for the both of them.

So tomorrow I’m going to UH to find out what books I need. And to find out exactly where my classes are. That way I’m not lost during the first day. I looked online and my classes are relatively in the same area. They aren’t too far from each other. So I shouldn’t get lost. -.- Doesn’t mean I wont.  But lets hope I don’t. There are maps all over campus so I should be able to find my way even if I do get lost. I only have 6 more class meetings and only 3 more weeks until I actually start living in Houston. How am I supposed to get my license in three weeks? There is no way. -.- This freaking sucks I always take too long to do things. And this should have been done a long time ago. I am in no way read to drive around in Houston. I still haven’t driven around my small town how am I supposed to drive in Houston?


I must not panic. But panicking seems like the easiest thing to do among the many things on my to do list. >.< I wish I had gotten my license last year. But did I? NO. Why did I think I could do everything within months? Its impossible. And I realize I am feeling sorry for myself and complaining when I should just try to make the best of things. But its pretty damn stressful. And I just wanna lay in bed all day and forget all about the things I have/need to do. Can I do that? This makes me think about worry dolls. In the 3rd grade my teacher had us make worry dolls so we wouldn’t stay up worrying about TASS. Your doll would worry for you and you would be able to sleep through the night worry free. I worry all the time but its only now that I remember the story about worry dolls. Strange what the mind suddenly remembers.

Bundles of Joy

So last Friday my sister and I took care of our neighbors 5 yr old for a few hours. His name is Kyle and he is really adorable. However the time I spent watching him has not changed my mind about children. And I still find them annoying and can’t see myself having any. Unless you can guarantee that they will come out as well behaved children.

Kyle started off shy and quiet then progressed to talking a mile a min. He then showed off his pet turtle and explained how his older brother Nick was really mean to him. I then reassured him and said that is just how older siblings are. And before I knew it, Kyle was no longer shy and quickly became hyper. Watching Kyle wasn’t difficult, it was just really exhausting. I kept wondering if he was a little girl would it have been easier? I imagined she would have wanted to play dress up and tea party or give me make over. Of course I’m sure picking out a dvd for her to watch would have kept her quiet and happy. With little boys however, they have no attention span. They have to be doing something and get bored so easily. I have no problem playing games and pretending to get hit by pretend bullets and Kat and I played dead on cue yet he had no mercy and thought it was necessary to hit us with his taped up plastic gun. What is it with little boys and hitting? Do they not understand that if you hit someone with a toy gun it does hurt?  -.- After killing us he picked a dvd to watch, which I thought would keep him distracted for awhile. I was wrong. He was quickly distracted by his toys and kept taking out different toy cars to show us and expected us to admire them. We oohed and awed to keep him happy but then that wasn’t enough. So he thought jumping on my back was fun, it wasn’t like he weighed a ton. But I’d really rather not have a monkey child jumping on my back. I played it off and would swing back and forth to make him laugh then i started tickling him. He started laughing uncontrollably and then said that if I continued to tickle him he would start crying. -.- I told him that if he did that again I would tickle again. He stopped. Another thing he did to pass the time was taking items that weren’t his, such as Kat’s cell phone, glasses and her right sock. He would run off with it and we would run after him, I think the trick is to appear uninterested and he will return it. But we didn’t want to risk the chances of him hiding Kat’s things. He locked himself in his parents room for a few seconds and finally I threatened to call his mom. We went back to his room to catch the ending of the movie. I had hope the movie would have done a better job at entertaining him. But it didn’t. After the movie was over he took out racing tracks for his cars, and set them up in the living room. I was up first. I pushed the little green button that would push my car, and he won. Children love winning. Why is that? I mean I know winning is a nice feeling. But why does that matter at such a young age? He continued to win.

I continued to seem disappointed at my lost yet happy for his wins. All of a sudden his boxer Jeda (not sure on spelling) thought my lap looked comfortable and laid on top of me. What is it with large dogs thinking they are small lap dogs? I’m not a fan of large dogs nor small yippy yappy ones either but Jeda was a sweetie. So I let her lay on me while Kat started racing Kyle. Kat would win a race. Kyle would ask to trade cars. She would say no however Kyle took that as a yes and would do it anyway. With children you usually just let them get away with things because they don’t know any better. Kat didn’t like that Kyle thought it was ok to cheat. I told Kat don’t worry about it. Its just a game. And this just left Kat annoyed with Kyle. That made me laugh. They continued racing and Kat would go and get a new car. If she won he would switch their cars. I was up again and this time he put other cars and an alien figure on my track to prevent my car from winning. Clever little booger no? Finally Kyle got bored and we started another movie. He went to get milk and I told Kat to help him. He then turned and went back to his room, Kat asked him what was wrong and he answered with,”You’re gonna bring  it to me.” I just started laughing. 5 years old and already used to women waiting on him. Of course he is a child so he has a good excuse. What excuses do grown men use?  Kat just got more annoyed. But brought him the milk like I asked. She told him not to spill it. He said of course. Kat and I were so ready to go home. I don’t know how women can take care of children. But the women that raise little boys, are heroes in my book. I wish you good luck on raising a little boy Missy. But I have faith in you, because you are gonna make an amazing mother.

Today’s song is Woman by Wolfmother. I love playing this song on guitar hero.[audio:]

Fucking Cute

Part One: I hate that once I find something that is extremely cute in a store. I am bombarded by the fear that it will not be there when I return to that store. Sigh. I mean it takes me a long time to decided to buy something. I never have money. Therefore, when I do have money I like to make sure that I use whatever it is that I buy. Or if its a book I will read it. The other day I went to the Galleria with my sisters and we went into the Sanrio store aka Hello Kitty store. Now I wasn’t planning on buying anything from this store, because they are ridiculously over priced. -_- Kat had already decided on purchasing a bento draw string bag and a bento spoon and chopstick set. Freakin cute man. Now I didn’t see anything that I desperately wanted so after Kat bought her items we continued on to the next store. Gadzooks. Now I’m not normally a clothing shopper. I attempted to try on clothes with the idea that I would buy it if I liked it. I just didn’t want anything from that store either. So I was planning on returning to the Sanrio store and purchasing a bento box and fork and spoon set with a bento drawstring bag. (different from Kats of course) Sigh Why am I such an indecisive person? Anyway, I believe I made the comment that went like this, “What do I need a bento for? I don’t have a lunch time.” My sister than replied to me saying, “During the summer you don’t plan on working? You might not have enough time to walk home for lunch.”

DING DING DING DING! – This is true. I plan on having a job. And I might have to pack a lunch.

So at this point I kept pacing back and forth, walking up and down stairs not being able to make up mind. We were heading in the direction to the Disney store (our second favorite store) thinking we might find something there and if not I would return to buy the bento/accessories that went with it. Tsk. I know what a waste of time. Of course the Disney store was moved to another side of the mall and we weren’t exactly sure where. So we headed in the direction we assumed was the right one. During this time I kept going over whether or not I should buy the bento box or not. (Yes I over analyze everything) My sisters said we could always go back because I feared the only bento box of the character that I wanted would not be there upon returning. So I decided on the Sanrio store and I purchased the first things I thought of buying. tsk I know I am crazy. Forgive me. Its a curse. But I finally made up my mind don’t I get points for that? Now I know you might find this sort of thing very childish but I could not help it. It was so fucking cute. I am defenseless with stuff like this. So yeah.

Part Two: I have to finish the Dooms Day Book by Monday. It has 36 chapters. So if I read six chapters a day I will have it finish. I started Tuesday I am on chapter 13 as of now. Now you would think six chapters a day that’s no problem. But let me tell you, it is if you are not interested in the book at all. Now I have tried getting into it, but I just can’t. It just hasn’t hooked me like the books I’d rather be reading at the moment. While I was reading my chapters I had someone who kept distracting me. I cannot ignore the cuteness that is my sister’s cat Tomo. I swear.The story seems like it would be a good one, but for some odd reason I just dislike the way Connie Willis writes. No offense to Connie Willis. I just hope I can finish it in time. I am only on chapter 13 and I’m not sure I can continue. Is spark notes an option? >_<


The Past Always Finds You

Part One: After throwing a lot of stuff from my closet away I found my old CD/tape player. I got it for Christmas years ago, but I remember how excited I was when I did. Every time I bought a CD I would hurry to play it. After I got my ipod mini and a dock for it, I sadly put this in my closet and never thought of it again. Until now. It was sort of breaking before I got the dock but it was faithful in its youth. I didn’t have the heart to throw it away then an I still don’t have the heart to throw it away now. Its funny how things are important. And I mean if you look at the price of cd players now compared to how much they used to be. Its weird. Is that going to happen to mp3 players? I mean Apple keeps bringing out new and better ones but will their price go down that low when their time is up? Thats something to think about.

Part Two: Kat and I are currently spending spring break at my sister’s apartment. And she took us to Borders! I know its dangerous to take me to a book store especially when I still haven’t cracked Dooms Day. -_- I hope I won’t be doomed on Monday. Anyway I didn’t want to buy a book book so instead I bought Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel The Last Temptation. Have I mention that I love him? Anyway, Mija is the one who took it off the shelf when I immediately recognized it. However, I didn’t realize that Alice Cooper contributed to the story. Its based on his record release, The Last Temptation. I should have known it just screams Cooper. Of course I’m not really savvy on his music. The art work is exquisite its done by Michael Zulli if I’m not mistaken. And it is amazing. The showman’s appearance is based on the best showman, Alice Cooper himself. It resembles him from head to toe. I also finally bought the movie Mirror Mask, story also by Neil Gaiman. I really do love him. Well besides buying books and dvds and hearing that someone tried and failed at stealing a magazine I also hurt a complete strangers feelings. But on my behalf I didn’t mean to and I completely understand his current state. And I didn’t mean what I said to sound the way it came out. I am not going to repeat it here because I am trying to make myself feel better. I know I am a horrible person. Now typing is getting hard because my sister’s cat Tomo is in my lap being extremely adorable and I can no longer ignore him. lol

I say, and so say I

“You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we’re doing it.”- Neil Gaiman

A very interesting thing happened today. Something that is even more rare then pigs flying and blue moons. Dun dun dun….my cats slept next to each other. *GASP* Tis an unusual sight. But then I missed it up when I went outside to get a better picture and Kozi got up and left Mr. alone with the leaves. Poor Mr.

After dad finished eating dinner he let Misto inside and held him and proceeded to tell us for the 100th time that it looks like Misto is wearing chaps. Lmao! Oh how silly. Well this weekend was completely uneventful. I did absolutely nothing on Saturday. Sunday I went to bed at 4:30 in the morning, and woke up at 6:30am to go to church with dad. I washed my clothes and then took a nap and didn’t wake up til like 4 something. I’m just messing around on the internet. Sigh wow boring blog. I need to finish reading NEVERWHERE by next week. But I’m also watching the television show that aired in 1996 on BBC Two. Neil Gaiman is so fucking awesome. I need to straighten my hair. I now hear Mr. fighting with another cat or something. I swear he makes the strangest noises. Oh you should look up songs by Melanie Horsnell. Her songs are used in a lot of commericals. My favorite one is this McDonald’s one. So cute. So yeah recap, I did nothing and now I am updating my blog with pictures of my cats and fast food commercials. How pathetic am I? Well this week on Wednesday I don’t have any classes. Hurray! So I can film my KimCateKat video. And put it up on the 6th. Hopefully. Well I’m going to straighten my hair and watch/read NEVERWHERE. YAY.

Life — and I don’t suppose I’m the first to make this comparison — is a disease: sexually transmitted, and invariably fatal.- Neil Gaiman (I thought this one was hilarious)

After Taste

My younger sister and I have been staying with our older sister’s apartment. And we have decided to work out during this week; because there is a gym where we can work off all the junk food we have consumed so far since summer started. Now I have gotten to see my friends some what, and my boyfriend, when he isn’t busy. I plan on making a video soon but I am extremely lazy. I also am looking for a job but I am way too picky and hope to find a job that doesn’t require as much human contact as most jobs do. lol wow that’s sad.

My sisters kitty being cute.

It’s only been a day so far at my sisters and I have encountered a different side of water. Now I don’t usually find myself craving any type of soda. I hate soda to be honest, and only drink lemonade, fruit punk, orange juice but mostly water. And at the place where my sister works they have these Italian and French carbonated waters. S. Pellegrino and Perrier. And lets just say they don’t quite quench my thirst….and never will.

Water I call sprite

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