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Autumn Tag

Mary from Autumall updated her blog with an autumn tag and I thought I’d join in as well since autumn is my favorite season…even though, in Texas the weather pretty much goes from extremely hot to less hot. But I shouldn’t complain so here’s the tag! Join in as well if you like. ūüôā

What is your favorite autumn lip color?
I don’t wear makeup so I don’t have a favorite lip color. I just think lipstick looks like I’m a kid playing dress up with my mom’s things.

What is your favorite autumn nail color?
Now, I do wear nail polish but it depends, some colors look odd on my skin tone. I wear mints, grays or blues. But it all really depends on the shad.

Favorite autumn drink?
Don’t really have one. I drink two things all year round, water or lemonade. The occasional beer or vodka cranberry.

Favorite autumn scented candle?
Pumpkin something or cranberry something. I have no idea what it is but it’s wonderful.

Favorite autumn accessory?
So many to count. Currently it’s this fall skirt. (pictured above) I’m loving skirts, pants look funny on me.

Haunted house or scary Maze?
Haunted House I guess? XD

Favorite Halloween Movie?
Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline or You’re Next.¬† This last one is WAY different than the family friendly ones I listed first.¬† But it’s one of my favorites.

Favorite Halloween sweets?
Candy is good. I will eat pretty much any type of candy, unless it has coconut or marshmallow.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Rogue again with Matt as Gambit. ūüôā

What’s your favorite thing about autumn?
The cooler weather. I love cooler weather, it makes riding the bus and train much more durable. I don’t want it too cold, but a nice fall breeze, my favorite.

Feel free to fill out this tag yourself.¬† I’d love to read what your autumn favorites are. That’s all for now, until next time.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Dear Me: Another Future Me Email‚úČ

I received another past email from May 20, 2016 that I wrote to myself. I thought I’d share it with you and discuss the contents and how weird it is to consult without myself and remember when I was typing it out and how I felt then and how I feel now.

Dear FutureMe,
Hey, you finally graduated college and your niece will soon be born. Yay!
You are trying to find a career and you don’t think you will meet THE guy any time soon. After what happened with…well you know. I feel stupid, but you definitely don’t regret the breakup.¬†I hope by this time next year, you will have your own place, a decent paying job and perhaps even a someone who loves you. Don’t feel too bad if you haven’t found him yet. Concentrating on yourself is always a good thing.¬†

I love being you. Remember that.

Now, some back story in case you are confused. I ended my 2 year relationship at the end of 2015. It wasn’t healthy and I had to end things for my sake and his. 2016 began with a lot of heartache but I managed to graduate, find a job and myself. It turned into a very strong year for me, I had to learn who I was again and be a person I was proud to be.

I may not have my own place, but I’m slowly saving up for my own car now that I have to share my¬†current car¬†with my sister. I want my own. It might take a bit, but I’ll eventually get there. I also mention in my email about how it’s ok if I have yet to find THE guy. To my surprise, towards the end of 2016, I managed to find someone special. My love for him grows every day and I look forward to spending as much time with him as I can. Last weekend we went into the Lego Store and created these minifigs….loosely based on ourselves. I have so much fun with him.

I always get excited whenever I get an email from my past self. This email was written in a point in my life where I had to sort of start all over. Starting over is sometimes the best thing you can do. 

Thanks for reading 

Dear Me: A Letter of Hope ‚úČ


Several bloggers (Hey Georgie) have been writing letters to their past selves. It’s nice, because you have gone through the hardships that, that you has yet to experience. Has yet to learn from and has yet to grow from those experiences. But I would like to address a letter to the future me. The me that is experiencing the things I will one day experience. I’ve used the site and it’s exciting when I get a letter from past me so I’ll do it here, today, ¬†right now. For Future Me to read.

Dear Future Me


I hope you are still very much happy with where you are in life. You have never been happier, even though you enjoyed school, you are so glad to be done with it now. You worked hard and I hope you continue to do so. If you’re no longer working at the museum, I hope you’re somewhere fun and that you enjoy it. I hope you’ve managed to move into a 2 bedroom apartment by now. If not, no worries, your time will come. I hope Vera loves hanging out with her cool tia, and loves for you to read all the books you’ve acquired for her during her first year.¬†She’s growing up so fast it truly is amazing. She’s picking up things quickly and already has three teeth! Even though, at this moment in time, you have soooo many things to be happy about, know that if some of those things have changed in YOUR time, that’s ok. My only hope is that you maintain your strength and don’t lose yourself. ¬†Until then…

I’m ready to keep on growing, and I look forward to seeing where I end up. That’s all for now.

Thanks for stopping by.‚úé

Supersonic, Idiotic

I’m finally making time to update the blog! I won’t bore you with my usual excuses, but I feel my eyes getting heavy as I attempt to write this post and I have no idea what I was going to update about.


That was the only thing I managed to type Friday night, before falling asleep on the couch with my laptop still perched on my lap. And here I am, beginning the same way once again. My exhaustion isn’t the only reason why I haven’t blogged in awhile, but again I won’t mention more excuses. So, let’s catch up. How have you been? Me? Well, aside from not blogging I’ve been working, going to school and working some more.

But let’s cover the basics. However, I’m gonna try to keep it at three words or less.

  • School: Rather not discuss.
  • Family: Missing them deeply.
  • Friends: Amazingly awesome!
  • Work: Great, but exhausting.
  • Romance: Evolving.
  • Life: Lucky to exist.

Life has been hard, but it has also been unbelievably fantastic as well. And even though I have a million doubts and fears at the moment, I also have a million smiles and laughs to battle against them. It’s 5 a.m. right now, and I have work tomorrow…today. But luckily my shift doesn’t start until 4:30, so I’m not too worried. I think I’ll stop this entry here, I tired of thinking and just want to fall asleep playing Fantasy Life. Which I think everyone should buy and play!!! Meaning, you should buy a 3DS and link up with me!!! Ok, I’ll most likely talk more about it next time, along with some more deep life thoughts. You’ll have something awesome to look forward to.

Until then…..thanks for reading.

First Kisses

So Kat shared this video with me, it’s a look into how humans react to a first kiss with a stranger. I mean, granted these people are strangers and they don’t have any feelings for each other, but it was still interesting to see how they reacted to kissing. I mean a kiss is one of the most amazing/intimate things two people can share.


And they could very well just be actors, but it still made me think of how I reacted to my first kiss….to all my first kisses. I mean, it’s strange to think back on it. When I was junior high, I would watch every romantic comedy and get that warm fuzzy feeling whenever I saw the characters kiss for the first time. I mean, that’s what the movie is leading up to, I mean besides the conflict and resolution. I was obsessed with the first kiss scenes in movies. I would imagine what my first kiss would be like. (FYI-I wouldn’t find out until I turned 18, which is pretty embarrassing to admit. >.<)¬† Anyway, my point is that I found first kisses/ kissing in general to be magical. Since that first kiss, I’ve had a total of 6 first kisses. But only 3 were with guys that became boyfriends, but that’s a story for another entry. I mean, I know that movies have this unrealistic vision when it comes to romance, but sometimes reality can let in moments that are so perfect that you feel as though you’re watching them on a screen.

¬†In a relationship a first kiss can be nerve wracking, you’re embarrassed yet eager to kiss this person you’re beginning to like. Kissing them for the first time is scary, you don’t know where hands should go or the rhythm of that person yet. You want them to want to kiss you again, but you don’t feel the need to show off in a first kiss. These strangers were only going to make out once…I mean for this video anyway. So of course they wanted the other person to walk away thinking, damn that person can really kiss. In the film above, I feel as though the goal was to impress not only the person they were kissing but also whoever ended up watching the video.

That’s all I wanted to share in this entry. Oh, and I’m sure if you’ve seen this video then you’ve probably seen a parody or two that follows it. Some made me laugh, some were a little too much. But what’s your opinion of the video, or first kisses in general? Until next time…

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Several Things…

Movies!!– “I was such an asshole five years ago.” –Happythankyoumoreplease

The quote above is from the movie that I linked. It was really good by the way…just saying.

I guess if a person were to say this it would mean he/she considers themselves an asshole. Anyone can be an asshole, it could be by accident or on purpose. Whether it was an evil look you gave someone, a rude comment you said loud enough for someone to hear, or maybe it was the heart you broke due to lies and poor excuses.¬† Asshole does not just describe a specific gender or race. It can refer to anyone. This isn’t really about the movie itself, I just liked the scene this quote appeared in and it inspired this random thought. What do you think makes someone an asshole?

Parallel Parking sucks!!! So I had my road test scheduled for last Friday but it didn’t happen. I thought everything was in order but a mistake was made and they wouldn’t let me take my test so I had to reschedule. I know I should be happy about the reschedule because I was able to practice on my parallel parking. I can’t believe I was planning on taking the test without practicing. I now take my road test on August 24th. The worry continues. -.-¬† Books!!- The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I’ve been looking for this book for awhile and they finally got it at Hastings. The only copy!!!! Sadly I had to walk away without buying it. -.- I will read it eventually, speaking of my to read list I have a guest post over here. If you’re interested in writing a guest post then check out Joslin’s blog. Instax Mini- So my case for my instax came in. Mija says it looks like some type of bondage mask. She’s a weird one. XD I like it, and it keeps my camera safe. However, there is one thing that sucks about it. The whole point of this case was that I can take pictures with the camera in it. But in door pictures either come come out completely black or cloudy. I think the case blogs the flash a bit. -.- It’s a shame but I just have to adjust. I wanted something to hold my camera and keep it safe, plus it’s nice because I can wear it like a purse and won’t have the added weight of the camera in my actual purse. It can just hang above it. So all in all I’m still happy with it.

More SMASH*- So I created a board on Pinterest for SMASH book ideas and inspiration. I’m really loving this way of scrapbooking. I’m out of film but this is also the perfect place to put all of my Polaroid pictures. I almost done with my second page. I started in the beginning thinking that’s how books are supposed to be, but then realized I don’t have to smash that way. (If I were to say that to someone who had no idea what SMASH books were, they would probably imagine something gross. I guess I’m gross for thinking this in the first place. XD) Getting back on topic here, I figured why not start another page towards the end of the book? So now I’m starting my third page, I’ll show you once it’s finished. My first page is about my pets. They were the first to be photographed once I got my instax. The second page (not complete yet) next to that one features my backyard. It is so gorgeous in the summer. I don’t like going outside because it’s so hot but it doesn’t mean I don’t/can’t admire it. I intend to add more pictures of the trees. They get huge during this time and the flowers that bloom on them are just amazing. I might even film an outfit of the day, if I can get Kat to help me out. It just gets unbearable in this heat to be outside, add mosquitoes and I give up. Got some more SMASH goodies. I’m excited to finish up my third page. It’s a hobbies page, I think I will have the most fun SMASHing this page. I have a lot of hobbies so I’m using two pages for this theme. I don’t know why I find something as simple as this exciting. XD

I’m curious, what is something that honestly makes you happy?

Thanks for reading.


Crushes: A Brief History

I’ve had a ton of drafts waiting to be finished and published on my blog. But other things just kept getting in the way. So prepare to be bombarded with random posts.

After thinking about my celebrity crushes it made me think about my real life crushes.¬† As a kid,¬† it didn’t take much for me to like a boy, What can I say? I was a sucker for anyone who watched Power Rangers and X-men.

… continue reading this entry.

Crushes: Male Celebrities

So I have my favorite actors and musicians, here are the ones I have huge crushes on.

  • Alexander Skarsg√•rd: Eric from Trueblood!! I’ve had a huge crush on him since the second season of the show. How hot is he? I have a thing for the tall and broad shouldered. XD
  • Joe Manganiello: Also from Trueblood, he plays Alcide. However, I only have a crush on him as this character. Whenever he doesn’t have a beard he isn’t as hot. And I never thought much about facial hair either. But it makes a difference on him. Now I’m not a fan of muscles. I’m really not, but damn…need I say more? (Notice how he’s the only one shirtless? I just couldn’t help myself. >.<)
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I absolutely adore him as an actor. And I love the HitRecord stuff he does, it just makes me crush on him more.


  • Adrien Brody: I really do not like it when he is buff. He just looks odd. I’m more into the lanky guy who looks amazing in suspenders. Which brings me to the next crush.
  • Mika: I believe he is gay, but I can’t remember if he’s ever specified. But I do not care. I love him!!! So adorable!!! >.< One of my favorite videos can be found here. *suspenders!!! Eeek!* Love it.
  • Liam Neeson: He is amazing. I LOVE him. He is just so classy. I don’t care how old he gets. He just gets more attractive with age. <3

Celebrity crushes are fun. But they are just for fun. I don’t dream about dating any of them. They aren’t what I want in reality. However, Joseph is pretty close to a guy I would totally date in real life. Not just in looks but in personality. Not that I KNOW him. But from what he does outside of making movies I could totally date someone like him. Creative, inspiring and freaking adorable. How nice.¬† But these crushes are just fun to admire and drool over.

 Who are your celebrity crushes? Would you date them?


Revenge is sweet. Ok well not really revenge but closure sure is. ūüėÄ

Today I thought a lot about how weird it’s been to stop talking to someone who was a part of my life and then just isn’t anymore. I’ve been having a great summer so far. Being home has been nice, but I would be lying if I didn’t miss my Houston home. I feel as though I have two different lives and one is here and the other one is in Houston. Anyway,¬† on to what I really want to discuss. I was having dinner with my mom and sister and while we were in the middle of eating I get a text from an unknown number. Not unknown, just forgotten.¬† But I knew who it was from.¬† I sort of just glanced it over.

“I’m sitting at the cool kids table. Wow! I hope you are doing well.”¬†

To clarify, the “cool kids table” is what we called the corner table at Poison Girl Bar. Every time we went there for the Poison Pen reading series we would jokingly say how we wish we could sit at that table. My first instinct was to reply with, “I’m fantastic! Why wouldn’t I be?” But then I thought, why should I reply? Does he honestly think we are friends?¬† During the breakup, when I shook his hand, it was a sarcastic shake, not a let’s be friends handshake. I can’t see myself being his friend at the moment. My next thought was, yes!!! I’m in his head. He thought about me. Mwhahaha!! After I sent a few texts to friends and made a call to my sister Mija to gloat, I decided to ignore it. Why should I reply? I still have him on fb so he can see from my happy posts and pictures that I am doing great. That’s the only reason I’m allowing him to remain as a “friend”. So he can see how little this breakup has affected me. This then made me realize something. My life on the internet is pretty important to me. Not fb but my blog. It is essentially my life. I’ve been updating since 2008 and even before that. I pretty much post my blog link everywhere I go on the internet. I even discussed with him how I am a proud blogger. I would even show off the cute pictures I posted about him. And now that I’m thinking back on those moments he never showed any interest in my blog.¬† He never said anything about my blog so I’m assuming he never visited it. He didn’t have to comment but at least maybe read a few entries…especially since most of my posts were/are about him. I was interested in everything he said and did. His hobbies, aside from writing, weren’t exactly hobbies I cared about. Fly fishing being a big one. I don’t know anything about fishing, hunting or camping. I’m not an outdoorsy type of girl. I have a huge attachment to indoor plumbing and whatnot. But still I took an interest in finding out about all the things he liked. I asked questions and even considered going fishing with him if he was willing to teach me. But he never once acted interested in my other hobbies. And if he really wanted to know how I was doing then all he would have to do is read my blog to find out. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t thought to even check on my blog. I have my blog link under my fb info. (And if for some reason he does decide to check on my blog, calm down, it’s not as though I’m actually talking shit.) I’m merely rehashing the days events.¬† And most of my male bashing has been in general and I’ve pretty much kept it that way in these bitter posts. I haven’t cursed him or damned him in anyway. I even respected him by erasing his face my from blog and not mentioning his name.¬† A crazy girl would probably deface photos and start practicing voodoo by now. Luckily I’m pretty sane.

And to end this post- I’m thinking about getting my hair cut. My split ends have split ends. It’s horrible. So how do you handle a text from you ex? Especially if hasn’t even been that long since you broke up?

[audio:|titles=Marathon-Tennis] Song by Tennis, I can’t get this song out of my head. <3 Love it. Thanks for reading.

Short Film

So I watched this great short film a couple years ago. Let’s call it film A.

I lost it and every time I tried to find it again I had no luck. I finally located it and liked it right away, so I could find it if I needed to. I’m also posting about it so there is no way I can lose track of it again. While I tried to find this particular film, I found one similar only now I can’t seem to find that film. (I’ll call that one film B) -.- I need to really keep track of things I like like, thank god Pinterest exists now and days. Maybe while I search for film B, I’ll discover another film to boast about. I should be doing my homework but I thought I’d share this great short with the rest of the blogging world. Also check out the rest of the films on this channel, they are all pretty great. Film A, Beyond Words, is just so beautiful. I’m glad I was able to find it again. I think the makers and actors did an excellent job on making it believable.¬† Not exactly sure how I will find film B though, I really need to start remember the names of these films. Oh well I’m sure I will find it someday.

I was looking around at all the papers I printed out for class, and then I notice the sea of discarded candy wrappers. I can’t help eating a bunch of those Werther’s Original caramel candies. I know most candy does that. But what candy can you not resist?


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