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Fancy Word Wrap

Ok so I’ve been over doing it on the picture front. But can you blame me? The only time I like a picture of myself is when I get to instruct the photographer (aka Kat) on how I want her to take it. Plus I can delete any embarrassing pictures she might see. And another added bonus I get to mess with it in Photoshop.

Of course the only thing I’m guilty of is changing the brightness and changing a few colors…but only because that is all Ireally know how to do. I do also enjoy taking pictures though, Kat is extremely photogenic so taking pictures of her is not hard. Her camera skills involve point and shoot. And that is it, for instance her ability to time the camera just right for jump pictures is microscopic…actually she lacks the ability completely. XD But I still love her because she spends time in the heat just to take pictures of me for daily outfit. But let me assure you that this isn’t just an issue of vanity…its to document my day as well. >.< But lets be honest I felt pretty and wanted a picture.

Oh exciting news, I learned the waterfall braid technique the other night (thanks to this) and tried it on myself but since its difficult for me to see the back of my head it didn’t come out exactly like the tutorial. But it still came out well enough for the first try. I really want to do this style for Mija, I just think it would look really pretty on her.You can’t really see the hair style in this picture but this is what I wore today. >.< I’m really loving this belt. Yes I’m wearing shorts underneath my shirt. I hate when girls wear leggings with long shirts. Yest they are long…but not long enough to cover your ass!!! -.- ahem. In my opinion if it covers your ass then its not too bad. But I’m talking COVER not ride up every now and then while you are walking.  At least have something over your leggings, (layer junkie) this is a pet peeve of mine along with wearing uggs and shorts. -.-;….Why?  Ok so now on to the next thing I want to share, OWL PURSE!!!  I bought a zoo pack a couple months ago before coming home for the summer and I finally converted what was originally a child back pack into a purse! I know it may seem childish to you, but I just couldn’t resist. Its just so freaking adorable, and I love it. I thought I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to add the rings for the strap but I did. And its pretty secure. I also was afraid that it wouldn’t fit in my sewing machine but I managed. And I am extremely happy with the results. I told Kat that if she wanted one, I’d convert hers for her as well. I’m sure the next time I do it, it will be even better. They just came out with a new animal too, its a fox still not sure why they don’t have a cat yet. If they had a cat it would be just too perfect for Kat. Either that or a rabbit?… They have a freaking bumble bee!!! They should have a cat and or bunny already. >.< (ahem keep it cool Kim) I mean I hope they bring out a cat or bunny version soon.

Did you notice the fancy word wrap? Well color me impressed.

Daily Outfit // FUN

So Kat and I took  pictures today. I can’t help it, when I feel good about myself I like to document it. :D And what better way than to take pictures. (vain I know) But anyway I wanted Kat to take some jumping pics. Which is harder than you think. Well for me anyway. XD

My camera isn’t the best. (still love it though) And Kat kept making me laugh which made jumping pretty difficult. So Kat ended up taking a bunch of pics of me landing after the jump. >.< And some really weird ones as well, but it was really fun. It is super how outside though so when you add jumping to that its not exactly comfortable. But I was determined to get at least one midair picture. And Kat managed to do that, after she finished taking my pictures I took some of her. She always has a big smile on her face and managed to get a good one. She is so photogenic. Anyway so here are some pictures I deemed acceptable for my blog. XD

The outfit pose.

She makes me smile. :)

The fix your belt from riding down pose.

The Kat being Kat pose. <3

But yeah that was today. I love spending time with Kat, now if only she would update her blog as well. :/ But anyway I’m editing a vlog I made with her last week. I’m just doing it rather slowly because I hate using movie maker. I miss using premiere. >.< But I hope to have that up soon and post it here.  So I cannot wait for Sunday, season 4 of True Blood premieres that night. And I’m sooooo excited, I cannot wait! >.<

Today’s song is Could Be Anything by The Eames Era.


Whatcha Doing?

Another entry!!!!

So today was my second class of math and I still feel the same about math. I HATE IT!!!! I will probably have to go to tutoring every now and then. But I will do whatever it takes to pass this stupid class. Anyway so I fully intended to vlog today, but I just didn’t have a lot to say…well now I do and I could have very well filmed a vlog but we went to Hastings today and I bought two books. Everlasting by Alyson Noël is the finale to the The Immortal series and One Day by David Nicholls. Which brings me to the next thing I want to mention.


One Day was also made into a movie, it should be coming out some time this summer. I’m soooo excited for it. But until I get to watch it, I will read the book and then be able to compare and contrast. Another movie that I want to watch is  The Art of Getting By, it comes out next week. But sadly my small town wont have any showings. They never show any sundance films!!! WHY THE HELL NOT?! I love indie films, those are usually the best.  But I can’t wait to see these movies.  Now on to a movie I watched the other night. An Invisible Sign, it was soooooo freaking cute. These are the types of movies I love. And I’m always left with such a happy feeling after watching them. Now this movie involves math, which is the  pain of my existence. However, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the main character. I’ve never  actually been a fan of Jessica Alba but she was so adorable in this movie. So if you enjoy cute artsy movies, then I recommend this one.

And of course I’m gonna be vain real quick and add a picture of myself. XD

Song of the day is Sunny Day by Joy Williams, I heard this song during the credits of An Invisible Sign and just fell in love with it.



So Kat and I had another adventure last Thursday. We met up at The Local and had lunch with our best friends. :D

Before we met up with our friends Kat and I decided to wait for the bus, so we took  tons of pictures while we waited. She took a lot of odd pictures of me, catching me off guard and whatnot.  I just really wanted to show off this dress. Its sooooo cute.  >.< So I was vain for a day. And where else can I be vain if not on MY blog?! XD I took pictures of her as well, but she didn’t like too many of them. So I’ll only share the ones she has allowed me to upload. -.- But first…. ME!!!!

Making fun of Mija’s coworker pose

Twirl pose >.<

A decent normal pose. :D

I felt like the bus was never going to show up, so Miss texted me asking if we needed a ride. THANK GOD!!! So she picked us up early and we went to The Local where Kat’s friend Julia met up with us later. Of course I didn’t take pictures at the restaurant, except of Jaxson, but those didn’t come out as well as I’d hope they would. >.< I’m not sure why I didn’t take any pictures of us with our friends. -.- This makes me mad, but I think the reason was because I was just so excited to see Missy and Jaxson that I just forgot. And I ended up filming and photographing Jaxson. He is sooooooo cute!!!!

Now the pictures Kat has OK…

She was fixing her hair…so I took  a picture. :D

She actually found this one funny.

She is so cute. <3

Well I start class on Tuesday…-.- great. I have a teacher from like Romania or something, I can barely understand it when an American tries to teach me. How an the hell am I gonna learn with someone from another country. >.< PLEASE LET ME PASS IT.

Live A Little?

It is impossible for me to “live a little.” I mean what does that even mean really? I am living.

Ok so I’m not exactly living an exciting life. Let me rephrase that. I am not exactly living an exciting SOCIAL life. But life in general is pretty awesome. So I don’t party on the weekends with a bunch of friends. I mean since graduating, I have only a few friends that I still talk to on a day to day basis. I mean excluding my sisters, because well it would be sad if they didn’t talk to me. (Speaking of sisters: Mija hasn’t talked to me in like a week? -.- If I’m not mistaken. Much love. )


  1. Missy-Because she is my amazing wife.
  2. Jayson- I love getting txts and calls from him. His voice mails make me laugh.

There are a few others that I talk to every now and then. But its not as much as these three. But anyway, just cause I don’t ever do anything out of my comfort zone doesn’t mean I’m unhappy with my life. I mean once in awhile I wish I could just be spontaneous and just go with the flow. Not worry about the consequences and just live in the moment. But I’ve lived my life a certain way, the same way for the past 20 yrs. How can you change something you’ve done for your whole life? And we are talking about me so that’s even harder to do than for a normal person. Because lets face it, I am not normal. I wish I could do what I wanted. I want to go on a road trip with friends. I want to move out of my parents house. I want to just feel like I’m moving forward and not settling or staying stuck. I want to live a life not just coast on by.

Nataly Dawn-Cover OK GO:Do what you want

I love Nataly Dawn, she is so talented. I love the versions of songs she does compared to the originals. She is also in Pomplamoose a duo with Zack Conte. I love them both they just make me smile. And their editing skills are just so amazing along with their musical skills. Damn I love their videos.

Some self loving is in order. I visited my sister during spring break, and she took us to Buffalo Exchange and Taxi Taxi. (I love those stores) Anyway I bought the blue shirt I’m wearing in this picture below. I love it! See I like how I look sometimes. And I think I dress nice, even if I have a lot of unnecessary layers. But oh well its a security thing. I also got the most amazing bag by Fred Perry. I love these bags, I think they are so cute. Mija said they were ugly but I don’t.

I need to blog more, its sad that I have been neglecting you blog. Oh but I posted a vlog last week.

Color Pallets

In my art class the next assignment is to paint two self portraits. One should be painted from life and the other can be more surreal or abstract.

I lack the skills to paint from life. I suck at drawing from life with a pencil let alone paint. And with that sort of medium you have more control over it and I am still horrible at it. How the hell am I supposed to paint from life? And I’m painting myself. I don’t like looking at myself in a mirror for very long. I’m just not sure how to start this. And I’m still not used to using acrylic paint. I don’t really like acrylic paint to begin with. I am a watercolor person. Anyway, so I need to start thinking of how to paint from life and and be happy with it. And not just keep using gesso over it. Bleh.

Moving on to clothes. I am loving putting different outfits together for class. Yay for finally dressing like a girl! I mix match different tops and bottoms to create totally different outfits. My classes are block schedule. So I am trying not to wear the same thing on the same day in the same class. I need to alternate and so I take a picture of my outfit every day before I go to class so I know what I wore on what day. Brilliant no? lol And also very vain. On top of the outfits is a nice hair style. I love trying different things with my hair. I really want to master the fish tail braid. But its more difficult than I thought it would be. And because of the Wear Pallet Blog that my sister talked about in an earlier blog entry. It made me want to pick out the colors in my outfits.

Then it started making me think of the meanings behind colors. Which again goes back to Mija’s same blog entry where she linked the Colorstrology site. Interesting things if you ask me. Next thing on my list of things to talk about is the book I’m currently reading. Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty. I am loving the character Jessica Darling. Her personality is close to mine minus the fact that she is a track star. lol But the random things she thinks and says remind me of myself. And isn’t that what a good book does? You are supposed to feel a connection with the characters of a book. Otherwise you don’t feel the need to continue reading on. And this book is the first one in a five book series. So thats good that I have books to read lined up. But I never have a problem finding a book to read. But this will fill the void until November and I can get the next book of The Immortal series. And until the next book of the Sookie Stackhouse books is made into paperback.

I have web design homework to finish as well as self portraits to start and a Gov. test to take this weekend online. Pretty busy. I hope next weekend I can start that Catering job a friend offered me. Heres hoping.

A Feeling Without a Name

I have finally gotten a full length mirror. Now to some that might not be a big whoop. But to me this is a wonderful thing. I have been wanting a full length mirror ever since I started dressing more like a girl. Which started senior year for me. Before that I never really cared about what I wore, I made sure to straighten my and thats about it. I don’t wear any makeup. I have no idea how to apply it nor do I even bother learning how. I mean if you have to keep reapplying it throughout the day why even bother with it? Plus with my face, what you see is what you get. No mask. I mean I’m not implying that people that wear make up are fake or anything. I just mean that there are people that wear too much and once they take it off, its like they are a whole other person. Not to mention its not always good for your skin. But anyway, I finally got a full length mirror to inspect my outfits, without having to stand on my tub edge. Which is what I had to resort to before full length mirror days. … continue reading this entry.


I wore this on Monday. I love dressing in layers. No matter what season it is. -_- I know in the summer that’s not the best idea because well…its hot. But I see layering as comfortable. I know some times its really unnecessary to have certain layers but to me I like them. Sometimes I dress like a kid and not like a 19 year old. But I mean how do 19 year girls dress? I don’t wear makeup, I’m not even sure I know how to apply the stuff. But I what you see is what you get. I don’t wear a mask to hide my imperfections. O.o I don’t know how to look mature and grownup because I still look childish. Oh well I guess I should enjoy that while I’m young right?

In other news: I just watched a commercial for a special of the show John and Kate plus 8 and I think they discuss his cheating on Kate. I still can’t believe that he would do that. He is supposed to be a family man, not a typical testosterone filled male. I mean really? His kids are going to realize what he did when they are older and just be filled with embarrassment, anger and disappointment . It makes me think why do men who cheat even get married? I mean if they are filled with some doubt then why even start a family if you are just going to cheat later on? I mean from watching the show I would get annoyed by Kate’s never ending demands and bossy attitude. But he knew how she was when he married her so he had to have known what he was getting himself into. I mean he says in the trailer that that he can’t be just John. Well sorry John you signed up for a show and this is what you get when you exploit your family. sigh. I just thought I’d like to discuss this matter.

I should really get a life huh?

Oh Happy Day

A brand new Toshiba laptop!

Part one: My old TOSHIBA laptop finally kicked the bucket. I’m not exactly sure why it died, I guess it was age. Its going on 4 years already. And computers don’t last very long. A sad truth. I am excited and happy and any number of words with the same meaning. I am so excited that I can’t describe how excited I am. My mom bought me a new TOSHIBA laptop! And its an inch smaller than my first laptop. So if I am daring enough I can take it to school and use it there. It comes with a webcam. Besides that I like the switch between windows option. I find this option amazing. I know I am weird. I can’t wait to get the new photoshop so I can make myself a new wallpaper. Not that there is anything wrong with the wallpaper I currently have. Its just I want to make one. I got this one from this site. But its just until I can make my own. Plus with the web cam I can make videos in a different way which I will experiment with later. lol. I am just so happy with it. … continue reading this entry.

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