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~Vlogging: Upgrade Wishlist~

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve really been enjoying filming videos for my channel. I have a few videos already scheduled for the upcoming weeks and I have a list of videos I plan to film as well. I didn’t think upgrading my camera would give me this much motivation.

I also have a list of other things I would like to upgrade as well.  I don’t have a particular product in mind for each one, this is just a list I hope to check off here and there.

  • Laptop+ editing software: These two go hand in hand, I would like a new laptop so that I could upgrade the software I use to edit my videos. Currently, I use Movie Maker. It is ALL I have, my laptop doesn’t seem to be able to handle anything else. It can barely run Photoshop. These two will have to wait seeing as a new powerful laptop will be pretty pricey, but it’s on the list!
  • Lights: I hope to get these two next! They aren’t too expensive but with the holidays happening right now, I’m trying not to spend money on myself and instead concentrate on others. I want these because I’m tired of not being able to film a video because I get home when it’s already dark. I don’t want to have to worry about the time of day I film plus they are collapsible!
  • Extra Battery: This is lower on my list since I haven’t run into a battery problem yet, but I would love to have an extra battery just in case.
  • Tripod: I’m hoping to upgrade my tripod eventually. There’s nothing wrong with my current one, but I’m hoping to get one that allows more angles and just more durable.
  • Microphone: Just something that will allow a better sound. The mic on my new camera seems to be the thing everyone gave a con on. I don’t find it too terrible but when doing voice overs, it would be nice to have a good mic. (Update: got one for Christmas :D)

That’s my list so far. I’ll probably add to it from time to time but I also hope to accomplish them as well. The lights I think will be my next purchase. I don’t hope to upgrade my laptop sooner rather than later, but that will have to wait a bit until I can afford to upgrade. I don’t need anything extremely fancy, but I am hoping it will allow me to learn new fun things when it comes to video editing. I want to be able to go in and do color correction, or even be able to layer over my videos. (Video on top of video ect.) These are just to name a few.

When you get a new hobby do you throw yourself into it right away or do you take time and build up to it? I’d love to hear about your hobbies in general though. That’s all I have for now, until next time!

Thanks for reading!

New Tech and Nostalgia

I hope your holiday was as wonderful as mine, I spent a few days at my parent’s house, now that we are all adults we usually open presents on the 24th. For some reason my mom wanted to prolong it this year.

Receiving gifts is a lot of fun, and even though the holiday isn’t supposed to revolve around such things it’s fun buying, wrapping and unwrapping gifts. My mom likes to buy us each a big gift that is then surrounded by smaller gifts. She’s adorable. I couldn’t imagine what she would give me this year but she surprised me with a new camera. I’m not a fancy photographer, but I’ve been wanting a new camera for blogging/vlogging purposes. I hope to return to vlogging a bit more, even though I no longer have Premiere, with the right camera I think I can have fun making vlogs again. First impressions: Compact body and a great zoom. It looks easy enough to use and takes pretty good quality pictures and video. It’s a Samsung WB350F, a point and shoot camera, I think it will do what I need it to do. Plus it has wifi share capabilities which is pretty neat. 🙂


This camera makes my third Samsung product and I’ve been loving Samsung a lot. My Samsung Galaxy 6s cell takes wonderful pictures and video so I’m hoping this new camera will take just as good if not better quality pictures. I’m excited to test it out and start vlogging again, just need a nice case for those vlogging outings. Never did get to that point where I could vlog openly in public, but who knows maybe I will this time. I want one of those pleather body cases that allows me to take pictures without removing the case. The quest to finding one begins!

Moving on….

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Lovely Apps

Since having my galaxy tab 4, I’ve been getting a little app crazed and I’m totally fine with that. Here’s a list of the recent apps I’ve downloaded.


  • Monument Valley– I’ve mentioned this one before, but they’ve brought out new levels since then. This game remains gorgeous no matter how many times I play it. I adore it.
  • Plants vs Zombies– This game is great, when it was originally released I couldn’t download it so I played it on my DS. Even now, it’s still a favorite. I haven’t played the new one yet, but only because the original is just too great.
  • Alphabear– This is such a cute game, even though it makes me feel as though my vocabulary is limited to smaller words. It sort of reminded me of Words with Friends, only more adorable. The bears grow as you gain more points, and you get different bears with different abilities. Really cute.
  • El– Now this game is really beautiful, and because of that I’m putting it on this list. However, I recommend you stop playing before the last level. I wasn’t happy with how it ended, but it doesn’t change the fact that the game is beautiful. Reminded me of this indie game called Night Sky, I love the shadow design.


  • Webtoon– I discovered this app due to Frannerd, I love her illustrations and was excited to see her work in comic form. She and her husband have entered the comic challenge on Webtoon and it’s how I discovered the app. I’ve also found other illustrator’s that do great work.
  • Marvel Comics- I bought the Princess Leia Star Wars comics and with the hardcopies came free digital copies which had me download the Marvel Comic app. This one has only come in handy for Leia issues, which was too short-only five issues, and I haven’t used it for anything else…yet. But still, I’m glad I have it for when I need it, and I just wanted to put it on my list.

Here are the apps I’ve been obsessing over lately, just wanted to share them and I’m curious to know what apps are on your list currently? That’s all for now….until next time. :3

Thanks for reading and commenting

Crazy Ones


I am a person of habit, and I get attached to things fairly easily. Even something as fragile as paper. I love being able to customize things to fit my personality. For my cell phone, I got a clear case that way I could just put pretty paper in and change it whenever I want.

However, I didn’t change it as often as I thought I would. I’ve had my cell phone for a year and a half and I’m just now changing the paper. The first design I chose was a R2D2 cover, and I even had the sound he makes as my notification ringtone. It was magnificent. And so, of course I grew attached to the little droid being the cover for my droid. hehe Corny jokes are fun. Anyway, since working at Paper Source I’ve become obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. designs. They are just gorgeous. And they also have such beautiful cell phone covers. However, like many beautiful cell cases, they seem to only be made for Apple. But that is why I use clear cases. I printed out some Rifle Paper designs and just cut it to fit my case. I love it, but I find myself missing R2.  Stupid, I know. Change is hard. Even something as small as switching the paper from my cell case.


Since I’m sharing cases, I finally got my case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. I’m so excited about it, now it means I can carry it around with me. For this one, I didn’t even think about getting a clear case. I wanted something that resembled my Nook case, the kind that fold over. I also wanted one with a keyboard but I was too impatient when I saw this one. Gah! Ebay is so dangerous. >.< But again, I love it.

I just wanted to share my tech with you along with my never ending desire to customize the things I carry with me. If I could, I’d want a case for my laptop as well. But once again, they only make those for Apple products. -.- Bleh! Tell me, do you like to customize your electronic’s outer appearance or do you just buy whatever you think will protect your cell? Until next time….

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Another New Year!!!

I cannot believe how fast 2014 came and went.  This was a hard year for me, and I don’t want to focus on the reasons why it was hard, because there are also many wonderful things that happened as well and I should focus on the good and grow from the not-so-good.


School was pretty hard this fall, but I managed to pass all of my classes and graduation is a lot closer….next fall! So I’m going to work extra hard and do my absolute best. I need to go out with a bang and leave UH feeling positive. Even though the fact that it has taken me THIS long is a huge downer. But hey, that’s dwelling on negative thoughts.

So let’s make this post about things I’m loving!!! <3

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Hello Google Friends

So I just heard about Google Friend being discontinued.  -.- This sucks. I hate when Google decides to take something, that people use, away. It’s really inconvenient, how unfair for non-blogger users, and now it won’t even let me export my community data.  So I just wanted to ask the readers I had, if you don’t mind, to subscribe to me on bloglovin. It’s one of my favorite sites that keeps you updated on your favorite bloggers. Also leave your link,  for bloglovin,  in the comments below so I can follow you too that way I don’t lose track of your blog either. Just click here or the typewriter on my side bar to subscribe. 😀 Thank you.

So on Monday, the weirdos and I were gonna head to Ihop for some free pancakes. And then we realized that none of us are even fans of pancakes. I’m more of a French toast or waffle person. Anywho, we decided on eating at Jus’ Mac instead.  What is Jus’ Mac you ask? Well since you asked, it is this amazing restaurant that serves just mac, meaning macaroni and cheese. But I’m not talking just plain Kraft here. This is gourmet stuff, and so freaking yummy. :9 The first time I tried one of their dishes was when my bro-in law brought some leftovers home. The dish was called The Pit Master: brisket topped with Colby Jack and BBQ sauce. Delicious. I’m from Texas and the BBQ is awesome here so of course there has to be a dish with brisket it in. Then to top it all off is bread crumbs. Eating regular mac and cheese just won’t taste the same without the bread crumbs toasted on top. I don’t think I can go back to Kraft. >.< I tried something different when we went Monday night. The Broc: fresh broccoli florets topped with cheddar. It was so yummy. Obviously if your not a fan of broccoli then this wouldn’t be the dish for you. But they have other ones to suit your taste. The next time we go I plan on trying the Cheese and Chong: seared chicken, sauteed mushrooms, pesto topped with French fried onions.  Can’t wait. >.< They offer two sizes personal and regular. I got the personal and it may look small but believe me, it is more than enough. I highly recommend trying Jus’ Mac if you are ever in Houston or Sugar Land. It changes mac and cheese. Moving on, so when I came home today Jody had the blinds opened. Tomo loves it when the he can peer outside. (what a creeper) He’s only ever been an inside cat so he doesn’t really know about the outside world. Sometimes there will be stray cats wondering around and he’ll get excited/scared and just glare at them. He makes a funny noise when he sees birds outside. It is super funny check out the video below to see what I mean. It’s an old video I shot back in 09 to show my sister how weird her cat is. He is sort chirping, I think he is trying to talk to me. Such an odd ball. I’m amazed he can fit on the windowsill. Such a big kitty, also his birthday is coming up. I think he is going to be 4? I plan on knitting him another bow to wear for his special day. He didn’t like the last one I knitted for him. But he can wear one for one day. XD

Also my laptop is starting to spazz out on me. The screen is starting to flicker…that’s how my first laptop died. -.- I’m seriously doomed when it comes to computers. Please just hold out for the next two seasons. 😥

New Semester and Birthday Magic

 So I haven’t updated in a while. Make a long story short…site got hacked. That is why I haven’t updated my blog. But its been too long and I have to update now.

So the new semester has started. I have 3 classes this semester and so far so good. I also have started my first semester as an EA for Gulf Coast.  I’m basically their bitch but I don’t care because I’m loving every minute of it. So it almost feels odd trying to blog again after not blogging for an entire almost month. >.<


I’m so tired of things just disappearing. My gmail inbox just decided to erase like 5 years worth of email. Yes its read email, but if I ever needed something I could just search and find it. Email is really handing. I didn’t delete said emails because they are important. I have the past few weeks emails on my cell. But still 5 years? This is almost as bad as my 3yrs of blog entries being erased. But not as bad. Hopefully I will just log on one day to find that they have returned. But odds are…they are gone. -.- Just when I think the internet and I have made up it goes and does something like this. I guess its trying to get back at me for getting a smart phone. pffft Electronics will be the death of me.

Rant over.

Just like a rant to help me get back into the swing of blogging once again. Hopefully I can get a new layout soon for my blog, its time for a change. (hint hint..pokes at Mija) So school is going great so far, I’ve been having a lot of fun. I’m trying this new thing of being more social. But sadly its hard to put myself out there. But I plan to keep making an effort, I wish talking to my classmates wasn’t so difficult. I mean talking to them during a discussion is one thing but talking to them outside of that atmosphere is tricky. I’m not exactly sure why I’m incapable of doing so but I am. -.- sucks.  So I turned 22 this month, no real change. But besides getting a new cell phone I had the chance to attend the Star Wars exhibit here in Houston at the health museum. It was AMAZING!!! It was one of the best birthday gifts ever and I had a lot of fun. I got to see original costumes from the movies old and new. I was in such awe throughout the whole day. I even learned how to put my hair in Leia buns. I just had to do it for the day. I also made myself a skirt out of the same Star Wars sheets I used to make my messenger bag. XD  My family joined me on this Birthday Extravaganza and we each wore Star Wars shirts to celebrate the event. Before going to the museum, we ate Bánh mì sandwiches for lunch. Soooo good and reasonably priced for such a big sandwich. :9 So had a great birthday as always. Mija and Jody also bought me a gift card to Joann’s Fabrics. I can’t wait to go busy some new fabric. We are dressing up for Halloween this year  because we are having a Halloween party. ^^We are going to be rejected fables this year. I’m going to be Little Red Riding Hood, Kat is going to be Bo Peep, and Mija will be Alice. I just need to make us aprons and maybe skirts and a hood for me. I’m excited to get started.  Well I have a ton of home work to get done this weekend. -.- Its the same load of work every week. I don’t know how I’d do it if my classes weren’t once a week.

Gov.- Due 9-26-11

  •  Pre Quiz
  • Post Quiz
  • Simulation Quiz
  • Chapter Quiz

Writing Projects- Due 9-25-11 @7:30 pm

  • Wr. Exercise
  • Read Story

Short Story Writing- Due 9-26-11 @2:30

  • First full Draft 2500-4000 words max
  • Read story

Well I’m off to try and write. And then get some sleep so I can wake up a bit early and clean the house. :/ I hope I can get back to blogging like normal. >.<

I Feel Old

So September 11th was my 21st Birthday. And everyone kept asking,” which bar are going to?” My reply was, “oh I’m just going home to celebrate with my family.”

It seemed as if they were disappointed by my answer. As if I wasn’t celebrating correctly. -.- Its not like I’m never going to drink, I just don’t care that now I can legally drink alcohol. Its just not that big a deal to me. Sorry if that is odd.

Like every year, I always have a great birthday. Ok besides the time I had to evacuate and the other time terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center. This year I got a netbook for my birthday, its a 10” Toshiba and its is the perfect size to carry around campus. Also, its nice to take to Barnes & Noble on my way home from school. So I am really happy with it. Plus its so freaking cute oh and the battery life on it is wonderful. It doesn’t have a ton of memory but that is why I’m glad I  have a seagate hard drive. I got mail today from Missy. She sent me a card and a Belle charm oh and the notebook of course. I love and miss you Missy!!!!!!! Thanks again. Her anniversary was the 12th so Happy Anniversary Missy. I hope I get to see you next weekend.

So last Friday, Mija and Jody took me to Aka for a Birthday dinner. We ate the same thing we ate last time. But Jody ordered stuff that he wanted as well. Like seaweed salad.(pic above) But yeah dinner was great. Eating is getting easier, but I still can’t bite into my food. I have to use a fork and cut whatever I’m eating into small pieces. I miss eating candy. I’ve been craving peanut m&ms so bad. On campus there are vending machines practically everywhere I look. And the m&ms are calling to me. I kid you not. But I can’t eat peanuts or any type of hard candy or chewy. I don’t want to risk breaking my braces, so I fight the urge to eat the candy. I do however eat chips but I am extra careful. They taste different though not as good as they used to be.-.-

On my actual Birthday I went home, and mom made enchiladas for dinner. So good. Kat also made me a birthday cake and mini cheesecakes. I love cheesecake. <3 Thanks again Kat. Speaking of the odd ball, she got four teeth pulled today. I hope she is feeling ok.  I will see her tomorrow after class, we are going home to celebrate dads birthday. But I have an exam tomorrow so I should get back to studying. -.- I hate studying. It just makes me sleepy, and bored. And when I’m bored I crave food…junk food. sigh. Ok back to being bored. Hopefully I actually remember the stuff I’m studying. -.-

Song by Morning Wood-Body 21


Oh Technology

So I got my R4 for my DS last week. And I am addicted. I haven’t even finished playing a game yet, I think I’m just high on downloading apps for it.

I downloaded the ipod clone for it and it worked fine last week, but now it doesn’t. I must have deleted a file on the R4 that I needed. Not exactly sure what happened, but I will figure it out..eventually. I mean its frustrating when it doesn’t work but as long as the games work I am happy. I just need to organize it. -.- God I am such a nerd, playing with my DS instead of hanging out with friends. Speaking of friends, Missy is home! I get to see her on Monday. I’ve missed her so much and I am in desperate need for some Missy time. Hear that Missy? Tell everyone else to back the fuck off. jk But no seriously. -.-

So the other day Mija brought her boyfriend home to meet our parents. I was only awake for the dinner portion. After eating I went up stairs and fell asleep playing DS. I vaguely remember Mija coming into my room and talking/messing with me. I think I answered back not really sure. I do remember her telling me that dad was playing medal of honor with Jody. God that is funny. This is the first time my sister has brought home a serious boyfriend, so it was different. But we joked and laughed with him so in my opinion things went well. And I think my parents liked him, I mean I like the guy ok. He owns a ps3 now which earns him some definite like points. So yeah I slept the entire day away the other day from 3:30 to 2:30 am. (oh sorry for not saying good bye Mija) Not good. But I’ve been up since then so I’m sure I will go to sleep early tonight. Probably. -.-  Yeah who am I kidding, I’ll be up late as usual. Awww damn I have a math test tomorrow. Sucks. Need to do those 1o point flash cards. I should do them now since I am up. Right. Anyway, I also need to start on my next painting project. I think this is the last one for the semester. Makes me sad. I must paint some form of literature. Meaning a song, poem, book. What to do? I’ve already painted a song so its between the other two. I have no idea what to paint. sigh.

So Mija wants to start a collab art blog with Kat and myself. Basically it will be a place where we post the things we create (nothing about our personal lives.) Mija with her graphics, Kat with things she bakes, me? I make a bunch of different things paintings and stuff I sew. So yeah I’m looking forward to starting this. Oh yeah, Mija showed me Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog. I love Neil Patrick Harris, he is so adorable so is Felicia Day. And after watching that, I watched The Guild. I don’t even play role playing games like WOW and I still find this web series funny.


Life is Good

I finally got my new cell last Monday and I love it. An added plus, I didn’t have to change my number. thank bob because I finally memorized it. This is sad because I’ve already had this number for 2 years. >_<

I am so so so happy that I finally have my new cell. I can now have nice ring tones and have a phone strap on it and get a pretty case for it. Which I found one by the way, it makes me smile when I see it. And ebay sellers annoy the hell out of me. -_- sigh. I’m an Ebay junkie.  Anyway, so I made my 4th vlog on Vimeo. Its tricky for me to upload my vlogs on this site because I don’t have a plus account so my videos don’t get uploaded fast. This is the only con for Vimeo on the Youtube vs. Vimeo list. Other than that is awesome.

Classes started again on Monday and so far so good. I’m excited for Painting II this semester, my class is Painting I and II combined this semester. Our first project is called the Schizo/Object/Self/Thing/Picture.

Lightly sketch in an under drawing (of a picture or object) then divide it into as many quadrants as you choose. The quadrants can be irregular, geometric or any shape you choose. Each quadrant should deal with color mixing, variations of brush strokes.

I’m thinking of sketching all the electronics I can’t live without. Laptop, Cell, camera, ipod, DS ect. My teacher said that each quadrants should be a different you or some how apart of you. A you, you wish you were. I already have an idea how I want mine to look. But that doesn’t mean that it will work out. Here’s hoping. >_< I think math will be ok, I hope. (stupid math) Gov. will be ok, and I’m hoping my online Psychology class goes well. (I must keep up with the assignments.)

I cannot believe that a whole week went by and I didn’t update. Damn. But in my defense I have like 3 drafts of entries that I started but never finished. I’m planning on saving those topics for some other time. :3 Ok off to slumber land I go. Speaking sleeping, the night I had a dream that I got an ugly ass tattoo. I’m afraid of needles therefore I wouldn’t never be able to get one IRL. It was weird. So I went to google to see what some sites had to say about tattoos in dreams. A few I found….

  1. Tattoo: Tattoos may represent those things in our lives that seem only “skin deep” but may be interesting and fun. They could represent our thinking, our playful ways, and our seemingly unimportant habits. As time progresses, we may realize that our passing fads have become permanent. Thus, a tattoo may be symbolic of something that we inflict on ourselves, is permanent if not deep, and generally carries with it some negativity.
  2. Tattoo If you dream you are the one being tattooed you will become the target for a stranger’s jealousy. (0.O)
  3. Tattoo: To dream that you have tattoos, represents individuality and the desire to stand out in a crowd. You want to unique and different from everybody else, particularly if you do not have any tattoos in real life. Consider also what the tattoo is. Alternatively, to dream that you have a tattoo, suggests that a waking situation is having a much longer lasting effect that you had expected.

Well that’s interesting. -_-  Ok now I’m off to slumber land.  Good night/morning.

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