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Crazy Ones


I am a person of habit, and I get attached to things fairly easily. Even something as fragile as paper. I love being able to customize things to fit my personality. For my cell phone, I got a clear case that way I could just put pretty paper in and change it whenever I want.

However, I didn’t change it as often as I thought I would. I’ve had my cell phone for a year and a half and I’m just now changing the paper. The first design I chose was a R2D2 cover, and I even had the sound he makes as my notification ringtone. It was magnificent. And so, of course I grew attached to the little droid being the cover for my droid. hehe Corny jokes are fun. Anyway, since working at Paper Source I’ve become obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. designs. They are just gorgeous. And they also have such beautiful cell phone covers. However, like many beautiful cell cases, they seem to only be made for Apple. But that is why I use clear cases. I printed out some Rifle Paper designs and just cut it to fit my case. I love it, but I find myself missing R2.  Stupid, I know. Change is hard. Even something as small as switching the paper from my cell case.


Since I’m sharing cases, I finally got my case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. I’m so excited about it, now it means I can carry it around with me. For this one, I didn’t even think about getting a clear case. I wanted something that resembled my Nook case, the kind that fold over. I also wanted one with a keyboard but I was too impatient when I saw this one. Gah! Ebay is so dangerous. >.< But again, I love it.

I just wanted to share my tech with you along with my never ending desire to customize the things I carry with me. If I could, I’d want a case for my laptop as well. But once again, they only make those for Apple products. -.- Bleh! Tell me, do you like to customize your electronic’s outer appearance or do you just buy whatever you think will protect your cell? Until next time….

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