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Patterns Suck

I am trying to make a purse. But it isn’t coming out the way I want it to. I for the love of chocolate cannot draw/cut a straight line. I’m not sure why. But isn’t that something you learn in like the first grade?

The night before I made Kat a Japanese knot purse. It came out better than I thought it would. Now I am trying to make myself a sling purse. Lets just say things aren’t working out. But I will not give up. I am using Beatles fabric and I can’t just waste this fabric unless I intend to use it. So its too late to go back now. I must continue on. I know I said that would try to update every day this month, but maybe I should just try every day this week or something? lol I will still try every day this month though. TrueBlood should be coming on tonight so I’m going to watch that and hope it will get me in a more positive mood. I finished making my sling purse. I think I did a two steps wrong.  But oh well you can only learn from your mistakes right? Its reversible, unless I decide to put pockets in it.


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