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I have started playing Pokemon White recently on my ds. And I must say I’m impressed.

I tried playing Pokemon pearl and gold but it just did not catch my fancy. My sister Mija and Jo Bro are already pretty far in the game. Also they both caught the legendary Pokemon Victini. The little bastard just won’t stay in the freaking Poke ball. So now I must level up so I can catch the cheeky bastard.

Cute little thing no? Well anyway, speaking of DS I’m sure you have seen the ads for the new 3DS. -.- I am NOT happy about this. I don’t even enjoy watching movies in 3D let alone playing games with that option. We went to Gamestop to see what the big deal was about and its nothing. Besides the teal color, I have no interest in the 3DS.(ok minus the game street fighter) I played it and it  was fun, as long as you keep the ridiculous 3D option off you will enjoy the game, however the buttons aren’t as comfortable as the DSLite. But that is just my opinion.

I feel like the DS XL JUST came out and they are already bringing out the 3Ds? WHY?!!! I think Nintendo is catching the apple bug and is just trying to keep up. My main concern is, does this mean that the old format games were put out will be obsolete? I keep getting mixed signals on Google, some say the game card won’t even fit in the older DS models. >.< Sooooooo annoying. Why can’t they just keep it the same. (DUH THEY WANT MORE MONEY) Which I don’t blame them. New model obviously means updated card designs as well. So older DS models won’t be able to play the new games made for 3DS. :/ SUCKS!!!!

Yes this entire entry was about video games and Pokemon. -.-  This is what a college student thinks about. Serious stuff. >.<  Next entry will actually be about serious stuff…I swear.

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