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A Mixture of Things

So I’ve recently learned how to make messenger bags, thanks to this tutorial. I made one for Mija’s birthday and it came out so amazing. I’m really proud of it and now must make one for myself and Kat. This is a project I definitely must make for the MS etsy store.

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent some time with friends, Missy’s baby can now hold his head up and crawl a bit so I can actually interact with him. XD Babies make me nervous but when they are older I can actually hold them and play with them. Jaxson is a lot heavier then I thought he would be, lol but he is still so cute that you can’t help but want to hold him. I love when they come to visit me. So going back to the whole messenger bag, I turn to the mighty inter webs in search for the perfect fabric. Kat wanted an Alice in Wonderland themed bag but not the Disney version. So I found this Japanese fabric that is just perfect for her. Its so cute, and was much easier to find/buy than the fabric I want. :/ I found this on eBay for a lot less and bought it before someone else did. >.< The other listings that I had my eye on were auctions. And I really dislike bidding. So I found one for buy now, plus the one I purchased was for a full size bed. The other ones were for twin, so this way I get more fabric.  So here is what I wore last Tuesday, Kat took pictures of me. I really wish I could take a nice jump picture, mine always come out odd looking. One day I will take an awesome jump picture….one day. I should actually wish to be more photogenic in every picture someone takes of me. >.< I feel like now that my teeth are becoming straight my face doesn’t know how to smile sincerely any more. >.< I know that sounds odd but its  true. I notice that my smile in pictures look so fake. But I am smiling sincerely….I thought I was anyway. The only way to remedy this problem is to return to my closed mouth smile or to not smile at all in pictures. -.- Either that or learn how to smile a less fake smile.  lol So Mija is in NOLA this week with Jody. They are visiting his family, and she left her car at home for an entire week. XD I get to drive it. But by that I mean, I can only drive it in our neighborhood and to school which is just across the street. But that’s two days I don’t have to walk in the heat. YAY! I’m a bit nervous, but strangely confident. I have to practice parking though before I’m allowed to drive it to school. If mom doesn’t like like my parking then I can’t drive it. So I must practice first. But I feel like I can do it. And confidence is key right? So I must remain positive. >.< I wish Mija would just leave her car here for the rest of the summer so I can practice on it and use it to take the driving test. (wishful thinking I know) Mom took it to work today, I wish she didn’t because then I could be practicing now. :/ The minute she gets home she is taking me driving. I can’t waste another day of car week not driving the car. lol Man I’m ready for a nap now, waiting for mom to get home is going to take forever and I suddenly feel very sleepy. XD I have things I want to get done today but I can’t accomplish anything if I’m sleepy.

List of things…

  • draw/paint for new blog layout
  • read Forever
  • update blog about the final HP movie
  • VLOG!!!
  • Do some homework
  • wait patiently for fabric to get here :/

True Blood comes on tonight can’t wait. Next entry I will talk about books and Movies, but for now I’m off to nap. XD

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