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Shopping Hard Ons

So I don’t go shopping very often, and if I do that usually involves crafting supplies…or books. Which is fantastic because I enjoy those things…obviously.

But sometimes I wouldn’t mind shopping for girlie things such as shoes, clothes, and ….bags!  So this post is filled with wishful thinking. XD

You get the picture. I love purses, bags, clutches. I’m more of a messenger bag type girl but after I made myself a folded clutch I just consider myself a bag…girl. Not to be confused with the term bag lady. -.- I don’t mind any accessory but bags are my favorite. Now I usually use my Fred Perry bag for school. It’s black so it usually goes with most of my outfits. I found it about three years ago at Buffalo Exchange for a lucky 20 bucks. It was in great condition and these bags are pretty pricey if you buy them new. I would never be able to afford a designer bag if I didn’t find it at a thrift store. Any who, so this bag is wonderful, I usually keep it unzipped so it’s easier to pull things out but I’ve noticed that there have been some slight wear and tear areas. It makes me sad because I’m hoping this bag continues to last me. I love it.

Continuing on with designer bags. So I’m also in love with satchels, and everyone knows the popular Cambridge satchel brand. These are just such gorgeous bags but beyond pricey. >.< Spending more that 20 bucks on a bag is too much for me. These bags are over $200 depending on the size. The one I really love is the backpack one in brown and the Batchel in brown, green or blue. But I can only dream about these. I mean by the time I start earning my own money will I be willing to or will I even be able to afford a bag that costs this much? Who knows? But I’ll just continue to admire them from my computer screen. I’ve actually been watching people on YouTube unbox their satchels. There is a pathetic side to me…I know. But at least I’ve decided to live vicariously through others instead of harboring some unrealistic ideas that I might own one of these bags. XD As you can see I am obsessed. So I’ve been looking for a bag that is similar to the satchel look that can be worn both cross body and as a backpack. I don’t know why, but I love bags that can do this. I’ve seen several that I liked but they were still all pretty pricey. Until, one day I was looking through ebay and discovered this Gossip Girl dual bag. It’s from Hong Kong and it was 26 dollars, free shipping. I’m assuming it is most likely boot leg but we shall see. I mean that price is just too good to be true, but I fell for it and got permission to order it. Now I play the waiting game. I chose the green one, but I’m not sure if it will be the exact shade that I’ve pictured below. It should arrive between the 13th to the 29th so I will be waiting for it for most of the month. -.- One of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping. And I have no patience. I just hope they packaged it nice and it doesn’t arrived damaged, I’m hoping it comes before the 29th. I’m hoping it comes next week, Wednesday would be great. >.< But I highly doubt that.

So enough about that, lets move on to the other items I’ve decided to showcase. I’ve been wanting some teal converse. Such a great color and I love wearing chucks, they are probably the most expensive shoes I wear. Damn that’s a pretty color. XD Next is this Baby doll dress that is just too cute that I had to repin on Pinterest. I am dead against buying clothing online. This dress just happens to be in one size only, so I definitely wouldn’t buy it. Modcloth is a site that I wish had an actual store in my city so I could just try on their adorable dresses. I would never be brave enough to actually buy from their site nor would my wallet ever be full enough to spend money on that site. Same story as the Cambridge satchels. :/ Speaking of Modcloth, they had this adorable suitcase wallet that I thought was just too cute. I’ve been wanting a new wallet, my current one is this Keroppi wallet. Mine is more used and it’s shape is a bit warped from all of the things I have packed into it. I should clean it out. It’s a nice size but I’m thinking I need a more adult wallet. >.< I got this one maybe 4 years ago at Hastings. I had gotten back from the Sanrio store and saw all the cute character wallets and declared that once I found a Keroppi wallet I would buy it. I saw one at Hastings way cheaper than buying it directly from Sanrio. It has served me well, but I’ll be on the look out for a reasonably priced wallet. I’m thinking Target might have one.

Wow, this entry was a long one and all about shopping hard ons. My apologies, my spring break has started and this is what has been on my mind. I’m trying to avoid thinking about all the papers I need to start writing over the break along with things I need to read. -.- Sucks. Ok, well I’ll leave you to recover from this shopping crazed entry. You’ll probably see more entries like this every month. Because I’m constantly browsing the internet for items I know I can’t afford. bleh I can dream no?

Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. Ginger Said:

    on March 9, 2013 at 8:17 am

    OMG I’ve been having some major issues with this lately. I haven’t bought anything, but ughhh. And Modcloth is the WORST because I love everything they have- cute dresses, funky shoes.
    I’ve wanted this panda bag for YEARS and I’ve never bought it. I think I’ll ask for it for my birthday since I can never seem to think of things I want when the time comes!
    But yeah, not shopping is super hard, especially when you’re on a budget!

  2. kim Said:

    on March 11, 2013 at 4:49 am

    @Ginger, And being able to view all of these things in the comfort of your own home is the biggest problem. Like window shopping, only worse because you can’t even touch the items you want. >.<

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