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Sugar High

My mom and sisters and I went to Oni-Con to see Dio and SUGAR. It was so much fun, I am glad I got to see both bands even though we were kinda of late for SUGAR’s performance. I bought more SUGAR merchandise than Dio because they had more than Dio. Dio’s new cd didn’t come out because it was shipped to the wrong address. I saw SUGAR up close more than Dio because I didn’t have anything else to get signed of Dio. But then I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to see SUGAR again.


1. Pro-saw both bands in concert (up close)

1. Con-things were very unorganized (They had a whole extra month to get things ready and yet they were more unorganized than the last two times I went.)

2. Pro-Got the chance to get both bands autographs

2. Con-Didn’t take a picture with either band like I did for 12012 and Phantasmagoria. (But I am ok with it)

3. Pro-was in the first row for both bands Q & A.

3. Con-Dio’s new cd was shipped to the wrong place (so I couldn’t buy it)

4. Pro-Bought SUGAR’s cd/dvd instead

5. Con- Loki (Singer of SUGAR) didn’t sign my poster <—- So this is ok.

5. Pro-But Loki did sign my photo set and cd and Sizna signed for him lol

6. Con-You had to spend at least 10$ to get a blue ticket in order to get something autographed.

6. Pro-We were able to get everything signed.

7. Con-Hilton Hotel shuttle was bitchy

7. Pro-Lines weren’t bad

8. Con- we missed part of SUGAR’s concert

8. Pro-I got to see them more than once

Things are even so I’m just gonna leave it at that.

It was a fun weekend that started off horrible but ended up being fun. I’m glad we went. I could have done with out all the annoying anime people wasting space in the band lines but again the lines weren’t too bad this year so I guess its ok. lol I mean I like anime, just not as much as some people do. I always go for the bands. ^_^

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