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Holiday Spirit

I spent time with my friend Katie on Tuesday, we talked, we cried, but mostly we laughed while remembering the amazing person that her husband was.

She confided in me the actual details of his last days. Those days belong to her and she felt comfortable enough to share them with me. I still cry a lot thinking about him and about the fact that he’s no longer here with us. And now I cry knowing more about his last moments on earth. They were horrible and painful, but I’ll keep those details to myself. I was just happy that she came to me during an incredibly difficult time and felt somewhat at ease with me. Even though  I know, no amount of crying or eating candy will make this easier for her, I just wanted to be there for her.

Ok, let’s move on to Holiday festivities, I need something less sad and more happy. I just wanted to touch base, because both he and Katie have been on mind a lot. I only got to hangout with them every now and I regret not spending more time with them. Which is why I hope to spend more time with Katie and friends in general. Life is short. As cliche as it sounds, it is. I’ve heard that saying pretty often but this is the first time it actually resonates with real meaning. I don’t want to regret things like this, things I control.

Anyway, going back to holiday fun. Kat started her new job at, just going to refer to it as Fancy Hotel, and so she worked the majority of last week. Meaning she worked on Christmas. I have spent every Christmas Eve at home with family since I was born. So it was really weird not being home the night before Christmas.  But Kat and I drove down after she got out of work and we spent the night at our parent’s. She had to work on Friday so we could only stay the one night and had to leave pretty early in the morning. Of course, my dad was checking my tire pressure and ended up locking my keys in the car. I keep the spare in my apartment but after last week, I think I’ve discovered a new place to keep the spare. My dad had to call a lock smith to get my car unlocked. Never a dull moment.  I love Christmas even more now that we are all adults. Because my favorite thing, is giving my parents gifts to open up. Even though I do a crap job at wrapping, it’s still fun. Speaking of gifts, my mother went above and beyond. And I hope this doesn’t come off as showing off or anything. I love watching Christmas haul videos on youtube. It’s exciting to see everyone’s happy face when they show the awesome things their friends and family picked out for them. So here’s mine…

  • New laptop: my other one is still on the fritz, so she took it upon herself to replace it. HP 15-f039wm Notebook
  • Samsung tab 4: Because she felt like the laptop wasn’t enough. o.o Not enough? This woman is wonderful on so many levels. She asked me what I wanted and didn’t like my request for more yarn. I finally asked for a new nook, I like nook more than the kindle. So she got me this to replace my nook that was stolen.
  • A steamer: for garments. A joint gift with Kat, we have a lot dresses that are too delicate to iron and I’ve always wanted a steamer so my mom finally got us one. I’m extremely happy with this. Not that the other gifts aren’t wonderful, because again above and beyond!

I was also gifted some awesome movies and some Nintendo points to order a kick ass theme for my 3DS. My family is so freaking awesome. I only hope they enjoyed the gifts Kat and I gave them as much as I enjoy the gifts I received. I also sort of picked up a heat tool during my employee appreciation weekend. A little gift to myself. I’m terrible. But I love it and Paper Source has so many lovely things that I want to buy. The boyfriend also surprised me with a hair pin, he’s sick so I brought him some soup today and he looked so sad and tired when he opened the door. I turn my back for a second and he’s trying to pin it in my hair without me seeing. Adorably awkward and romantic. Such a great balance. Love the dude.


I always hate when Christmas is over, just the feeling the holiday season brings, it’s definitely nice. I love spending time with family and friends. And even though working in retail has ruined the naive thought that people are much nicer during this time of year I still loved working at Paper Source during the holidays. Mostly when  I was able to help people find exactly what they were looking for. They say the magic words, “This is exactly what I was looking for.” Like, crack for me.

Ok, it’s 2:34 am, and I’ve rambled on long enough but this new laptop is working out nicely.  Yay to blogging! I shall update again soon. Until next time….

Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. Leah Said:

    on January 5, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Woooo new laptop! New technology is gold for bloggers. My boyfriend bought me a new lens that I still totally suck at using, but omg the quality. What is a heat tool??

  2. Kimmy Said:

    on January 5, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    @Leah, Indeed, and with my other laptop dead, it could not have come at a better time. The keyboard on this new one has smaller keys so my fingers sometimes over estimate the location of some letters but I’m loving it so far. And ooh, a new lens? New things just need some warming up to, you’ll get the hang of it soon.

    And a heat tool is for embossing with ink stamps. I work at Paper Source and I finally bought one for myself. It’s a lot of fun, I’m starting to become obsessed with it. XD

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