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Birthday Booger

Happy Birthday to my little sister!  You’re 22! Sorry your day was ruined by the rain, but I hope you’re having fun with the weirdos.


I spent the whole day stuck in my apartment due to the flooding, but to be honest I didn’t get out of bed until 2. Thankfully I was off today, but I’m not sure how it will look tomorrow. I’m just hoping the rain takes a break so the water can go down. -.-  Going back to the awesomeness that is my sister! She spent time at our Parent’s house this past weekend where we celebrated her birthday, they also finally met my boyfriend, more on that later. Now she’s spending her third night at the weirdo’s place. It was nice having the apartment to myself when the boyfriend was here. But now that I’m alone, it’s too quiet. No sound of shouting Koreans in the background due to Kat’s obsession with dramas. Yup, I’m missing the little booger, and not because I’m hungry!- That was for Nina or Jody, because I’m sure that’s what they would have said. I still have fajitas so I’m good on the food front and after I finish up some other blog posts I’ll practice Spanish some more and probably eat again. XD

I miss you roomie! Come home safely and have fun tonight. I also hope the people of Houston are safe and that this water goes down soon. Oh and that my dad returns home safely after working another late shift.

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