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Unfamiliar, Obsessive Needs

Ok. I live in a small town so small that you have to go the next slightly larger town to go to the mall/movies.

So the other day my mom and sisters and I where going to watch Transformers but sadly all showings were sold out. Then mom suggests going to Pearland to see if they aren’t sold out there.(aka another slightly larger town 52 minutes away) Now we never really explore the neighboring towns where I live. And I’ve lived in this area for my entire 19 years of living. We just don’t like exploring things we aren’t used to. If its unfamiliar in anyway I’d rather not explore it. Thats just the sort of person I am. But in this case, I have been wanting to go to this town just to see the stores it has. Instead of even checking the movie showings we just decided to explore the town. I mean we drive by it all the time when we visit Mija but thats what Pearland was to us. Just something to look at from afar. lol. So we ate at T.G.I. Friday’s and then we went to Halfprice Books. I found Neil Gaiman’s M is for Magic in hard back for $6. 68 and in amazing condition. But I decided not to ask mom for it. I regret it now. >_< Then we went to Old Navy, and they had the mannequins from the commercials. They look sort of creepy when they are standing in front of you. There really wasn’t anything I wanted to buy there. I think Old Navy’s winter collection is nicer than its summer. But their purses and bags were nice. lol Then we went home. Mom had had enough of Pearland to last her a life time. Because before we decided to eat there. We kept getting confused by the traffic lights and we weren’t used to the lanes and such. We are lame. I know.

My mom bought the Wii Tennis racket attachments today and it came with the SEGA SUPERSTARS Tennis game. Its cool. I should play Wii after eating tons of Puppy Chow my cousin made me. I love Puppy Chow. So good. But its dangerous if you eat too much. It can cause your tummy to hate you. But so far I’m limiting myself pretty good which is weird for me. lol.

The part where I talk more about books. I am still reading Shrimp at the moment. After that I will read Cupcake and after that I will mope for awhile because that series was only three books. But its ok because then I want to read Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty. That series is 5 books long, I believe. That will really keep me busy. ^_^ I’m such a bookaholic. But I still have Sunshine by Robin McKinley to read. And then The Graveyard Book by Neil Fucking Gaiman. I still find his relationship with Amanda Palmer weird but I mean they seem happy so who am I to judge?

I hope its ok to mention it here…MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED! As in being a wife. I can’t contain how happy I am for her. She asked me to be her maid of honor. I feel so special. I love her and she only deserves the best. So this guy better treat her like the Queen that she is.

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