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I registered for the upcoming fall semester. Great, back to worrying about homework and tests and waking up for class on time. Productiveness.

Ok maybe I’m a tad bit happy about going back to school. Maybe? I mean don’t get me wrong I love sleeping late and just being lazy and not having to worry about anything. But even that can be a tad bit boring. I wish I had a job over the summer. But that didn’t happen. But once school starts again all of the annoying High School students will quit their jobs and then establishments will have no choice but to hire people like me. Why does that sound like a put down? >_< Anyway, my classes this semester are as follows:

Government: Monday/Wednesday-11:10am to 12:25pm (I find this boring)

Math: Monday/Wednesday-5 pm to 7:05 ( I despise this with every fiber of my being)

Painting 1: Tuesday/Thursday- 1:10pm to 4 pm (I wanted watercolor class but no one signed up for it and it would have most likely have been canceled like the last time. And if I didn’t register for this class then not having art at all could have been a slight possibility. And I was not going to let that happen. Again)

Spanish: Only on Tuesdays-6 pm to 9 pm (I haven’t had a Spanish class since my Freshman year of High School. I am NOT looking forward to this! However it only meets once a week so that’s a plus. But, class finishes at 9!) -_-

So did you noticed? THERE ISN’T ANY ENGLISH CLASSES! I am very upset about this. But I already have enough English credits to Transfer. But there is still a ton of Math classes I have to take because I am brain damage when it comes to it. And not to mention two Science classes, and then Government II. I forgot what else I have to take. But I will manage, I’m not in a hurry to really transfer.

I want to make Totoro keychains like this. Use it as a phone strap or something. I want to make something, but I only have certain types of fabric and I no longer have Walmart to rely on for fabric or sewing materials. Damn the Target marketing guy who was fired, and now works for Walmart which caused Walmarts everywhere to lose its fabric departments. I also want to try making Jrock Plushies, like this one. Seems easy enough. I think? I’m probably going to get frustrated a lot in attempting this project. Espesially when it is supposed to  resemble a particular Jrocker. Sigh. -_-

This past Friday I spent time with Dustin again. He is really funny, but I think my perverted jokes are making him somewhat uncomfortable. He says no, but I think my personality shocked him and I’m not what he expected or remembers. >_< I can’t really help that though. My sisters are perverted, my circle of friends in high school were perverted. Therefore, I am. But I should probably dial it down a bit. Just not to alarm him anymore than I already have. lol I took pictures of him and a video clip while he was driving me home. I was going to add it to a future vlog but he already told me no. Usually when other friends say,” No don’t put that on Youtube Kim.” I usually do it anyway. But I don’t think we are quite at that stage of friendship. He might get mad if I put it on Youtube. >_< But I’m totally posting a picture of him driving.Of course he might get mad about this too. But I mean the odds of him checking my blog are? Yeah so I think I wont get found out. For some odd reason I have a weird infatuation with taking pictures of my family and friends driving. I have several other pictures of friends driving too.

I’m sure I have more pictures of people driving, but this is just what I had on my laptop. lol I think I take pictures of them driving because I am envious. -_- Sigh Will I ever get my drivers license? Or a car to go with it? I will be 20 in September and the older I get the more pathetic it is not to have one.

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