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Late But Lucky Halloween

So my plans for Halloween changed, instead of going to the renaissance I went to this fun Nintendo event that a group called Lazy Bit Collective hosted at a bar.

It was a lot of fun, I only wish my Halloween costume was completed so I could have worn it. There was a girl there that wore the original Alice Madness dress and her boyfriend was the Cheshire cat. I wanted my date to dress up as the white rabbit, but he had other ideas.  XD  Anyway, so that was on the 26th, for actual Halloween we just watched movies and ate a bunch of junk food. Oh, and played a bit of SlenderMan, I’m terrible at it.

So now on to the costume! I didn’t finish a few of the accessories, but I worked really hard on the skirt and I’m beyond proud of it. Seeing as I didn’t get to wear it out this year, I plan on doing so next year. I plan on actually putting the ears on the hat and getting rabbit feet to put over my shoes.  Seeing other recreations of the outfit was helpful latebutluckyhalloweenwhen making mine. I plan on finding/making a yellow vest, and then again adding the ears to the hat. I ran out of time and wanted to actually find a stuffed animal that I could deconstruct and use it’s ears rather than make mine out of felt, and also add the feet to my bow in the back. I made my tail out of yarn and didn’t have time to make the rabbit feet that dangle down. Along with possibly making the necklace that Alice wears in the game. Besides those things, I’m pretty proud with out the outfit itself came out. The jacket was a bit snug, but I didn’t have a pattern and I’ve never made anything like this before so I’m still proud. All things considered it came out great with the limited time I had. This was also the first time I made a circle skirt and I plan on making more because this one came out just great.

I was bummed I couldn’t wear this out, but at work I did get to wear a costume. I wanted to wear this one, but it rained so bad that day and I work at a restaurant and I didn’t want to ruin the outfit I worked so hard to make. So I wore the Red Riding Hood costume I made three years ago.  I didn’t really work very hard on that one so I didn’t mind if it got ruined. Which the rain made my skirt bleed through the apron and it stained it pink a bit. One of my co workers dressed up as a wolf, so I thought it was pretty funny. My manager took a picture of us posing, so I’m hoping I can get a copy of it on Monday.

I had a lot of fun making this Alice costume, so I wouldn’t mind wearing it next year, but if I find something else I want to recreate, then I plan on starting a lot sooner. XD So, what did you do for Halloween? Or if you don’t celebrate, what are some of your favorite scary movies?

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Down the Rabbit Hole

So I’ve been inspired to make my Halloween costume this year. But I only have a week in order to get it done, and I’m starting to think it can’t be done. >.< But I’m excited and want to attempt it.

So I’m going to the Renaissance festival this year, and the theme for that weekend is Hallows Eve. So  I’ve decided on drawing inspiration from video games and the game I’ve chosen is Alice: Madness Returns.  I mean look how adorable it is? She has several different outfits, and each offers some special ability in game. But this one in particular stuck out to me, now the original blue one might be easier to recreate with my sewing skills, but like I said this one stuck out to me. I figured I could recreate it…I mean I’m hoping I can recreate it. The only issue I’m worried about is the jacket, I’m hoping I can find a blazer at a thrift store and just adjust it to fit me. I can make the skirt, but I don’t want to underestimate it either. Here’s hoping I can find things all under a reasonable price. The top hat might be the most pricey, unless I try to make my own. But I don’t want to overwhelm myself with things I have to make. I just have to keep in mind that not everything has to be exact, as long as it’s recognizable then we are good. But then again, not every person has played the game, so they might not recognize for that reason. As long as I’m happy with it that’s all that matters. I’m pretty excited about it and have been planning it out the last couple of days. It’s last minute, but I think I can pull something together. XD

So what are your plans for Halloween? Do you still dress up, or is that something you’ve lost interest in? If not, let me know what you’re going as. I’d love to know/see pictures. 🙂

Thanks for reading and commenting.


So I mentioned in my last blog about a possible giveaway. I’ll make a vlog showcasing the clutch I made that will be up for grabs. If enough people participate I might give two away. I’ll try to get that going this weekend or maybe sometime next week.

I bought new fabric this weekend. I bought a pretty paper umbrella fabric and this cute sewing themed one. Kat chose those two. And then I noticed the robot one in the clearance section and just had to get it. >.< And then my mom showed me this nice Star Wars fabric. XD I lost it. I HAD to buy it. Lets just say I went a tad bit over board, but I can’t help it. Once I enter that store I’m instantly drawn to all the pretty fabric and just start piling it into my cart. And can you blame me? It doesn’t help with all the signs that say 30% and 40% off. Plus the coupons?! O.o The coupons!!!! But I did drive all the way to Jo Ann’s fabrics. Now that is a pretty big step for me. I hate driving in Houston anxiety. Its scary and I hate doing it. But at the same time I want to learn. I drove again on Sunday, and while Mija and mom ran errands Kat and I stayed in the car and took a bunch of pictures. XD We do this a lot. She is my unofficial photographer. That’s the best thing about sisters. You can just be yourself around them. Well that’s true for siblings in general. Its also interesting because they know you for you’re entire life and they see the transformation you go through as you age. Weird. lol So Mija finally managed to get the Toki Doki Cactus Girl phone strap for me. I can’t believe after weeks of buying these foil covered trinkets, she was able to get it. Talk about luck. I mentioned this a few posts back…on how I got a milk strap. Now all that is left is to get the Pink Cactus Girl for Kat. I put it on my cell, I’m still amazed by this. I mean at first the game was fun, but after awhile the element of surprise becomes very frustrating. They should just have clear boxes so we know which ones we are buying and we can buy the ones we want. Not that I don’t like my milk strap, because I do, but it would make getting the other ones much easier. -.- I know just a stupid keychain. But its a sister thing. I can’t help it. Plus how freaking cute is Toki Doki? Extremely. I have an extra phone strap that I might include as a separate giveaway. But only if I do one clutch. This will be my first giveaway, and if it goes well I’ll continue to do one every other month or so.  If not then maybe the next handmade creation will grab your attention.

Question!!!! Do you have any siblings? Or are you an only child?

Genghis Virgin

So I updated M-S the other day. I made a fold clutch following this tutorial. M-S is the space where my sisters and I post about our projects.

My older sister Mija, is a Graphic Designer, she is the creator of my wonderful blog layout and also of the M-S lay. So she freaking rocks. Kat, my younger sister, is working to become a pâtissier. She is developing her cooking skills and updates her creations on M-S.  And I update M-S, with fun sewing and knitting projects that I teach myself how to make. We take turns updating once a month and its a way for us to express our own personalities and creativity.

So my mom and Kat are here this weekend and my bro-in law Jody, took us out to dinner last night. We at Genghis Grill, and it was AMAZING. If you’ve never been before then you must go, I insist. :9 So they give you this small bowl and you start off by picking you’re protein. I packed as much sliced beef and marinated beef as I could. Followed by some crab bits, shrimp, and calamari.  Then you pick your seasoning. I just sprinkled some pepper, lemon pepper and bit of salt on mine. Then you move on to veggies, I added some mushrooms, zucchini and squash. You  pick your sauce, I chose teriyaki, and then pick your starch. I chose two, veggie fried rice and udon noodles. :9 Now if you are unsatisfied with your dish you only have your self to blame. Because you’re the one who basically made it. I was very happy with my combination of food. Next time, I think I’ll stick with crab, sliced beef and maybe a few shrimp. I was determined to pack as much food in that little bowl as I could. Its a lot of food, I couldn’t even finish my bowl. But that just meant I got to take home leftovers. XD If you have tried this place before then let me know the combination’s you’ve tried.

Here’s another song I wanted to share. Cameo Lover by Kimbra. I’ve seen a few different versions with my name in it. The most interesting one is Kimberla. XD Never met anyone with that name but I noticed an author with that name and found it very interesting. Kimbra is another unique one, even her music and videos are interesting. I’m loving her music. If I could cut my hair that short I would. XD

So I want to know, I’m thinking of making a few clutches to giveaway on M-S. Would you be interested?

Shortest Entry Ever…

I haven’t slept since my last blog. I am trying to make it to 5 or 6 pm until I can go to sleep. Because then I can sleep the whole night and not wake up at like 1 am or something. So I finished another bag. I had to do something to fight the sleep, and it worked seeing as I am still up right now. But as soon as it is the ok sleep zone, I will be out like a light. The sooner the better.>I had a ton written before. But for some odd reason it didn’t save and now it is all gone.Well seeing as I have to have something to update with for today. I decided to keep that for todays update.






So yeah this will remain my shortest entry.

Patterns Suck

I am trying to make a purse. But it isn’t coming out the way I want it to. I for the love of chocolate cannot draw/cut a straight line. I’m not sure why. But isn’t that something you learn in like the first grade?

The night before I made Kat a Japanese knot purse. It came out better than I thought it would. Now I am trying to make myself a sling purse. Lets just say things aren’t working out. But I will not give up. I am using Beatles fabric and I can’t just waste this fabric unless I intend to use it. So its too late to go back now. I must continue on. I know I said that would try to update every day this month, but maybe I should just try every day this week or something? lol I will still try every day this month though. TrueBlood should be coming on tonight so I’m going to watch that and hope it will get me in a more positive mood. I finished making my sling purse. I think I did a two steps wrong.  But oh well you can only learn from your mistakes right? Its reversible, unless I decide to put pockets in it.


Catching Up

You know that friend you had when you were a kid? In most cases its always a neighbor and a member of the opposite sex. Well for me it was anyway.

His name is Dustin. We used to play the oddest games as kids. I was weird. But according to my friend Hyun I still am. >_< Anyway, I have been talking to Dustin a lot recently, you know catching up and whatnot. The other day we met up for awhile just talking about our past and present. About why we sort of stopped talking to each other? REASON ONE: I moved to another neighborhood which defeated the carpooling purpose. lol REASON TWO: Junior high makes it complicated for boys and girls to be friends. Plus we no longer had recess so we couldn’t play Sailor Moon or Mortal Combat anymore. >_< Thats why the time before you are a teenager is much more easier. Because when you are kids it doesn’t matter if you are boy or a girl, you are just friends because its fun and you don’t know any better. jk. Now we are mature enough where it doesn’t matter again. And now that we are becoming adults we can say stuff like, “Lets do lunch.” Or , “yeah we should get together soon.” And actually mean it. Of course I’m a hermit (no license) so I don’t do anything really. But Dustin was kind enough to pick me up and we went to his house. It was so weird being back in my old neighborhood. I haven’t been there in so long. It was nice to hang out with him, since starting college I haven’t really made a lot of new friends. I mean of course I have Missy and Cate and Hyun. But when it comes to making new friends, thats just a skill I have yet to pick up. So if I can’t make new friends why not reunite with old friends? I was stupid and forgot to take pictures. T-T I’m getting old you know. But we will make plans again. ^ ^ Tuesday is Mija’s 24th birthday! (And I’m getting old?) jk So we are celebrating today because she will won’t be here. She stayed at work late the other day so currently she is past out on my bed. I decided to make her an Ipod monster for her birthday. So I had her design one. Then Kat and I stayed up til 5 in the morning making it for her. This one was tricky, but at the same time it has less flaws than the first two I made. Because I learned from my mistakes. >_< I made a few changes to it so it doesn’t look exactly like her drawing. But close enough to make her happy. This one opens at the head (to hold the ipod) , instead of as a pocket on the tummy. And it wasn’t big enough to add arms so I just left them off. And Kat made Mija a cake which we have yet to cut or sing Happy Birthday because the Oban-chan is sleeping. jk

I’m on a roll with making things (with my sewing machine), that look half decent. Again my sewing skills are as worse as my friend making skills. >_<


Ugly (Ipod) Monsters

Ok I spent most of my time the other day making weird plushies. I was inspired by Stupid Creatures and decided to make my own. My sewing skills are in need of desperate improvement but that’s what practice is for correct? >_<

Anyway, I had Kat design her monster and she picked out the fabric and she helped ironed and cut out limbs and she sewed things on by herself. I was surprised to tell you the truth. I thought her involvement with this project would stop at drawing out her monster. But nope she helped with the long process. It took forever. Like I said before I still suck at sewing. Even with my machine I am horrible at it. Sometimes my foot cramps up and I can no longer control the speed. So what happens is I go too fast and the thread gets caught and messes up. I see that as my sewing machine’s way of telling me off. I know inanimate objects can’t talk. But if my sewing machine could it probably wouldn’t be saying nice things to me. Kat’s finished hers up by sewing on the tail and arms and I started cutting out a pattern for mine. But then dad came into the dining room eating his 5th brownie. He examined Kat’s monster and immediately said, “It should hold your ipod.” After saying that he left getting another brownie. Even though Kathy was already finished with her creature I told her that, that wasn’t a bad idea. So we decided to make the monsters hold our ipods. lol Even though we were already tired of threading needles.

Kat’s creature took forever because I wasn’t sure how to even make it. But we figured it out and “made it work”. (Project Runway fans?)But by the time we finished Kat’s for the second time I just wanted to hurry up and finish mine. I ran into a lot of different problems while working on mine. But thankfully Kathy was there to help me work through them. So the finish products are displayed in the pictures above. On Kat’s I used the zipper to double as a mouth while at the same time as an opening. So her monster consumes her ipod while mine sort of digests my ipod. It opens in the back. Mine was supposed to have arms but I was too tired to make them. And working with zippers aggravates me like nothing else. So I called it night/morning after sewing up my armless stupid creature/monster. So instead of stupid creatures, I’m calling ours Ugly (Ipod)Monsters. Clever I know. They aren’t the most impressive of things, but I’m proud of them. Because we ran into so many problems but solved them the best we could. Yay TEAM WORK! I’m lame I know. >_<

So how ’bout it Mija, did you think of a design for your monster? You know your ipod will be jealous that its not in the stomach of an ugly monster. And I already have two fabrics to use for yours and everything. Now nothing too complicated you hear me? Oh and I don’t have anymore zippers, so I’m going to have to either find a store that sells zippers or find a different way to open and close yours. Damn Walmart for getting rid of its fabric section! <3<3<3

No Bragging Intended

Too much green?

I LOVE the color green. I have a green cell, flip camera, ipod, and NOW a green Seagate (Christmas gift). Due to a camera switch with my mom. I now have a green digital camera. I love Christmas. Not just because I get amazing gifts. But because this year I manage to give a gift to each of my family members. I bought my mom a rooster timer (that’s her theme), I bought Mija a purse and movie, I bought Kathy a book that she has been wanting, and I gave dad a laptop bag for his new laptop he got from mom. So I was excited that my parents had something to open for Christmas as well.They always make Christmas unforgettable for me so its the least I can do.

Mija bought me a green alarm clock/radio. Yet another green electronic. So sue me. I love green! It is so cute, it has green embellishes of vines and butterflies on the sides of it. And the numbers on it are green too instead of being red like my last alarm clock. Which was Tweety Bird. Time for a change no? lol The biggest thing I got this Christmas was a Sewing Machine. I couldn’t believe it. My mom and dad actually bought me a sewing machine. It is cute too. I never thought of sewing machines as cute until now. I hope I will be able to get the hang of it. I wish I could fast forward that process. lol >_< But I’m excited to use it already, I just need material. My first project will be to make a Seagate cozy for Mija and myself. And then a camera cozy. They will both be green. Surprise surprise right? lol 😛  All in all it was another fantastic Christmas. My sisters and I will always be grateful for what we received. I’m so happy. I hope my friends had just a wonderful Christmas as I had. And soon a Happy New Year.

Again no bragging intended. And HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And Lots of Love! <3<3<3<3