Inside Kimmy's Mind » Day 10- Song Day

Day 10- Song Day

I had trouble with this prompt. But only because I have soooo many favorite songs. And I’m not that great at illustrating. :/ But I still had fun with today’s prompt.

Today’s prompt was…..

Illustrate your all time favorite song :)

So yeah I had trouble picking a song, in my painting class a couple semester ago we had an assignment where we had to paint a song. And I thought it was difficult back then as well. But I chose a Beatles song then and it was easier to illustrate a Beatles song. :D For this prompt I just put my ipod on shuffle and picked the first song that played. It just happened to be Vertigo by Anya Marina. Which I’ve mention before on my blog. I feel like most of my journal pages have been pretty sloppy. :/ But I’m still having tons of fun making them.

See you tomorrow with prompt 11! :D

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