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Short Film

So I watched this great short film a couple years ago. Let’s call it film A.

I lost it and every time I tried to find it again I had no luck. I finally located it and liked it right away, so I could find it if I needed to. I’m also posting about it so there is no way I can lose track of it again. While I tried to find this particular film, I found one similar only now I can’t seem to find that film. (I’ll call that one film B) -.- I need to really keep track of things I like like, thank god Pinterest exists now and days. Maybe while I search for film B, I’ll discover another film to boast about. I should be doing my homework but I thought I’d share this great short with the rest of the blogging world. Also check out the rest of the films on this channel, they are all pretty great. Film A, Beyond Words, is just so beautiful. I’m glad I was able to find it again. I think the makers and actors did an excellent job on making it believable.  Not exactly sure how I will find film B though, I really need to start remember the names of these films. Oh well I’m sure I will find it someday.

I was looking around at all the papers I printed out for class, and then I notice the sea of discarded candy wrappers. I can’t help eating a bunch of those Werther’s Original caramel candies. I know most candy does that. But what candy can you not resist?



  1. Robin Said:

    on March 25, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    I love Reese’s cups…including the white and dark chocolate varieties. I also liked the “peanut butter lovers”, marshmallow, and “inside out” ones. I think they’ve all been discontinued.

  2. Kimmy Said:

    on March 26, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    @Robin, Whoever first thought about combining chocolate and peanut butter was a genius. I love Reese’s cups. They are just wonderful. I didn’t know these were discontinued though. I hate when companies do that. You fall in love with a product and then they decide to take it away. :/ Sucks.

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