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Revenge is sweet. Ok well not really revenge but closure sure is. 😀

Today I thought a lot about how weird it’s been to stop talking to someone who was a part of my life and then just isn’t anymore. I’ve been having a great summer so far. Being home has been nice, but I would be lying if I didn’t miss my Houston home. I feel as though I have two different lives and one is here and the other one is in Houston. Anyway,  on to what I really want to discuss. I was having dinner with my mom and sister and while we were in the middle of eating I get a text from an unknown number. Not unknown, just forgotten.  But I knew who it was from.  I sort of just glanced it over.

“I’m sitting at the cool kids table. Wow! I hope you are doing well.” 

To clarify, the “cool kids table” is what we called the corner table at Poison Girl Bar. Every time we went there for the Poison Pen reading series we would jokingly say how we wish we could sit at that table. My first instinct was to reply with, “I’m fantastic! Why wouldn’t I be?” But then I thought, why should I reply? Does he honestly think we are friends?  During the breakup, when I shook his hand, it was a sarcastic shake, not a let’s be friends handshake. I can’t see myself being his friend at the moment. My next thought was, yes!!! I’m in his head. He thought about me. Mwhahaha!! After I sent a few texts to friends and made a call to my sister Mija to gloat, I decided to ignore it. Why should I reply? I still have him on fb so he can see from my happy posts and pictures that I am doing great. That’s the only reason I’m allowing him to remain as a “friend”. So he can see how little this breakup has affected me. This then made me realize something. My life on the internet is pretty important to me. Not fb but my blog. It is essentially my life. I’ve been updating since 2008 and even before that. I pretty much post my blog link everywhere I go on the internet. I even discussed with him how I am a proud blogger. I would even show off the cute pictures I posted about him. And now that I’m thinking back on those moments he never showed any interest in my blog.  He never said anything about my blog so I’m assuming he never visited it. He didn’t have to comment but at least maybe read a few entries…especially since most of my posts were/are about him. I was interested in everything he said and did. His hobbies, aside from writing, weren’t exactly hobbies I cared about. Fly fishing being a big one. I don’t know anything about fishing, hunting or camping. I’m not an outdoorsy type of girl. I have a huge attachment to indoor plumbing and whatnot. But still I took an interest in finding out about all the things he liked. I asked questions and even considered going fishing with him if he was willing to teach me. But he never once acted interested in my other hobbies. And if he really wanted to know how I was doing then all he would have to do is read my blog to find out. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t thought to even check on my blog. I have my blog link under my fb info. (And if for some reason he does decide to check on my blog, calm down, it’s not as though I’m actually talking shit.) I’m merely rehashing the days events.  And most of my male bashing has been in general and I’ve pretty much kept it that way in these bitter posts. I haven’t cursed him or damned him in anyway. I even respected him by erasing his face my from blog and not mentioning his name.  A crazy girl would probably deface photos and start practicing voodoo by now. Luckily I’m pretty sane.

And to end this post- I’m thinking about getting my hair cut. My split ends have split ends. It’s horrible. So how do you handle a text from you ex? Especially if hasn’t even been that long since you broke up?

[audio:|titles=Marathon-Tennis] Song by Tennis, I can’t get this song out of my head. <3 Love it. Thanks for reading.


  1. Kristen Said:

    on June 1, 2012 at 10:14 am

    I think you definitely did the right thing by not replying to his text!

  2. Kim Said:

    on June 1, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    @Kristen, Thanks, I think so too. 🙂

  3. Melanie Said:

    on June 4, 2012 at 11:28 am

    Yep not replying was definitely the right things to do!

    I always feel so weird if I know that someone like my bf or my family is reading my blog…which I have no idea if they are. I always post keeping in mind who could be reading (because I’m pretty paranoid) so I never post about work too much or anything specific about people…which kind of sucks if there’s something I want to get off my chest! lol

  4. Kimmy Said:

    on June 4, 2012 at 11:32 am

    @Melanie, Yeah, I’ve never really posted about specific people. Unless they were someone close. And if I’m ever just getting something off my chest I usually keep them nameless. I don’t mind who reads my blog. But I think I’m done with the bitter posts for now. XD
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Robin Said:

    on June 4, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    I think ignoring that text was the right thing to do. I believe in giving second chances at times, but not when people act the way this guy did (from reading your posts). He had an opportunity to be part of your life, and he wouldn’t even bother to speak to you with actual words at times.
    I don’t like to teach a person that they can use me as they please – relationships (with friends and family, not just dating) are a two-way street.

  6. kim Said:

    on June 4, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    @Robin, Yeah it was bizarre how much he had changed. It wasn’t until that week that he treated me that way, which is why I was so shocked, his feelings for me seemed to have just disappeared. And that is why I decided to say something about it instead of letting it continue. And I’m glad I did. You’re right, any relationship is a two-way street.
    Again thanks for reading and commenting. :3

  7. Mija Said:

    on June 5, 2012 at 12:54 am

    I say you let me sic Tomo on him! I would let Mr. Hairy Tomo sleep on his face!! MWAHAHAHAHA!…..*hiccups*

  8. kim Said:

    on June 6, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    @Mija, Yeah, I don’t need him having an allergic reaction to Tomo’s butt. XD And please, Tomo would run in the opposite direction.

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