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Concert Skirt and Sore Feet

Quite a few lovely things have happened in the past week/weekend. And I’m just so grateful to be where I am in life.

Last Wednesday, my sister Kat and I got to see Tennis in concert at the White Oak House Music Hall. I LOVE this band and I didn’t even notice when their tour was announced or that Houston was on the tour list to begin with. But I thankfully I found out just in time to order tickets. It was a sold out show so I’m glad I was impulsive. Normally, I don’t really do any research on the opening act, so I didn’t pay much attention but I was pleasantly surprised. The Greeting Committee had such a great energy and you could really tell they loved making music. I liked their sound and they were so approachable even nice enough to sign the CD I bought and let me take a photo with them. (Minus one member)

Concerts aren’t something I normally attend, but Kat and I have made some very slow improvements in that area. For more rowdy bands, I prefer standing in the back but for smaller venues and slower rock bands I don’t mind, and Kat and I got spots upfront this time. I think all of the concerts I’ve attended in the past year or so she has accompanied me. Thank goodness because she makes it much more fun. Thanks Kat for coming with me!!! With her new work schedule, planning things like this is somewhat impossible. But luckily, she was able to come with me. I had a lot fun and I hope to see both bands again some day.

Do you like going to concerts, if so, do you enjoy getting a spot upfront or do you prefer standing in the back? I’d love to hear about your concert going experiences. 🙂

Thanks for reading

Favorites: Happy Things

Hello lovelies! I thought I’d share some things that have me smiling. I still have a collective book haul that I need to make, so look forward to that too.

  • Breakfast: I love breakfast foods. However, I don’t usually eat breakfast in the mornings. I guess I’ve always tricked myself into believing that I wasn’t hungry. But Matt is very much a breakfast person not to mention a coffee person. We’ve been indulging a bit too much but I’ve really enjoyed it. But this past weekend he made me breakfast in bed…. I was still half asleep when he presented it to me, but it was one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. Scrambled eggs and toast with jam! Swoon! He’s so great!
  • Final Fantasy Explorers: Matt and  I both just recently bought this game at Gamestop. I’m so glad we did, because it’s a lot of fun playing games together.
  • Kanken Backpack: I bought this backpack a month ago for my weekend trip to Austin back in January. I now must have it in every color!!! Or at least in mint, yellow, and grey….for now. I have it in bright green! This backpack holds so much and just makes me so happy. It’s the perfect backpack. Seriously…perfect.
  • Pokémon pin: Target Cartwheel is wonderful. I ended up getting a perk for a free, book, movie or toy..ect. I decided to buy this $16 pack of Pokemon cards just so I can get the extra MegaVenusaur enamel pin. And I got it FREE! Bulbasaur is my favorite pokemon so I needed this.
  • Watercolor notebook: I’ll mention this more in a separate blog post. I’ve been wanting to get back into watercoloring. I was never really good at it, it was just something I enjoyed doing. I like having hobbies.
  • Casual Cosplay: I’m really excited for this! Matt and I plan on going to Anime Matsuri this year and we’re going to dress up as Gambit and Rogue! These two are my favorite Marvel couple/X-Men. I’m not sure if I can pull off a really good Rogue, which is why I say casual. I’ve never really cosplayed before so I don’t want this to be something I stress over. The con is in April, so I want to get started on this ASAP. Casual, meaning we are just going to try to get key elements of the characters. For Gambit, I’m thinking Matt can get away with a trench coat, black pants, a purple button up, black gloves, and a deck of cards. Perhaps even his staff? For Rogue, I want to make sure to keep her signature yellow and green color scheme. Definitely want to find a brown jacket, yellow gloves, and her streak of white hair. I may even look for some green skinny jeans and some yellow chucks. I also want to get an X-Men belt buckle! I’m still figuring things out. If you have any tips on cosplaying, I’m all ears!
  • Music: Elisa from MilkBox mentioned Passion Pit in one of her check in posts. I haven’t been able to get Where the Sky Hangs out of my head for weeks. Oh Wonder’s- Drive and Live Wire has also gotten themselves stuck. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing them in concert. I love duos!

What are you loving at the moment? I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Blog-TEMBER 5th- Playlist

Brave Love Blog

Here are my 10 shuffled songs, I’m pretty happy with each song that happened to play, even though every song on my ipod is something I love, I still had the urge to hit next, thinking that the song that followed  it might be one I really enjoy singing along to.

  1. Billie Jean-Michael Jackson
  2. The Way I am-Ingrid Michaelson
  3. When We were Young-Sucre
  4. Tennis- Seafarer
  5. Crave You-Flight Facilities
  6. D0-Wah-Doo- Kate Nash
  7. Lingering Still-She & Him
  8. Animal- Neon Trees
  9. September – Pomplamoose
  10. Soap- Melanie Martinez

Click on the songs and it will take you to their music video or just a song video to hear it. Tried to embed a playlist, it didn’t work out .  So click away. :3

Looking forward to hearing your songs!

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Good Vibes

So last week was definitely a brighter one, and I’m so glad to have people in my life that make the difficult times more endurable and the fantastic times more well….fantastic. :3

First off, I should warn you that this entry will be filled with lots of pictures…I just want to share them all instead of posting them in more than one entry. >.< I had my interview at the Science Museum on Wednesday, and it went GREAT! The ladies I interviewed with were just wonderful. They gave me stickers to walk around the museum for free, while I was instagraming some dino bones they found me and asked me to fill out a background check information sheet. They said they couldn’t wait and wanted to start the hiring process…however, anything could happen so I don’t want to jinx it just yet. But I’m really excited about working in a museum. After walking around for a bit more I called all my family to tell them how well it went. I know, a bit premature but I was just so excited. Anyway, I headed home to get ready for my night out with Melissa and Kat. We had plans to go out for some tiramisu and then after that to an evening of great music at the House of Blues. Melissa introduced us to the band Merriment and Eisley and invited us to the concert. I’m so glad she did, because it was just wonderful.

… continue reading this entry.

Une Soirée de Musique

Spring break doesn’t start until Monday but it’s now the weekend so I am officially on break! Aside from having to work still…and study. :/

new-friendsSo Thursday I had the chance to hang out with Cloudy Chase again, she and I had made plans to go to this event at a bar called Mongoose vs Cobra. But thanks to some lovely unforeseen changes we ate dinner at my place, made by my sister Kat, and then went out for some crepes at Sweet Pairs. I had such a wonderful time, and can’t wait to do it again. :3  Continuing on with the rest of the week, yesterday I went to a free concert at Discovery Green with the Boyfriend and his roommate. We arrived a bit late, but we managed to hear and see a bit, unfortunately the night ended on a sad note.It started off great, we listened to the last set of the French band La Femme, they were actually pretty good, and I bought macaroons for us. There were a few tents up that hosted different French cuisine. Sweet Pairs was there, which is where Kat works so that’s how I found out about the event. Those tasty macaroons are so expensive yet so yummy. Unfortunately when I was trying to share mine with the bf I ended up dropping them both. -.- I’m such a klutz, all we could do was laugh it off. They were from a place called Bite Macarons, a shop located here in Houston. I didn’t even take any pictures, bad blogger! >.< I was in such a hurry to eat them, I bought a chocolate, vanilla and a black currant. Mine was the chocolate and a dog ended up eating the piece that fell. I felt horrible, what if the dog got sick because of my clumsiness? I worried about the ewok dog for the rest of the evening.  The bf kept reassuring me that he would be fine, I told the owner I saw his dog eat something, just wasn’t sure what it was. >.< Hope he’s ok, dogs can get really sick if they consume chocolate. Went there for some cultured fun, ended up trying to poison someone’s dog. Moving on, after the concert we went out to eat at BB’s Cafe, I’m extremely picky when it comes to seafood. I only trust, my dad’s cooking. So once in front of the menu I was really scared, there weren’t any safe options. I sided with chicken tenders from the kids menus, it was already late and I know my stomach, it would have not ended well. On our way home, bf’s roommate got a call, his mother had an accident. It was a horrible way to end such a fun night and I hope his mother is doing well, I have yet to receive any news.

I’m off to finish up some Bio homework, enjoy your weekend. Here’s the full album of La Femme, give it a listen and let me know what you think. :3 Until next time….À bientôt!

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Tis the Season

So another semester has come to an end and more importantly, Christmas is next week! I cannot wait to give my family their presents.

treesI love that part, along with the smell of Christmas trees, choosing the presents and seeing the look on their faces after they rip the wrapping paper off. It’s exciting! Especially since I have my own money to work with this year. Of course, I didn’t spend any money on wrapping. I just used Kroger bags and some left over ribbon from my Alice costume. Kat and I go home to visit our parents next Monday, but sadly Kat has to work next Friday so we won’t be able to stay the whole week. But a few days is better than no days. I’m looking forward to mom’s cooking. She makes turkey for Christmas dinner, and we open gifts on the 24th and then we just watch movies after. When my sisters and I were younger we would wake up around 5 am or so and force our parents out of bed so we could open presents. And then we would stay up and play with our toys until we passed out.  Now we open gifts on Christmas eve and then stay up until we pass out, which doesn’t take very long.

Aside from upcoming gift giving, I recently moved in to my second apartment here in Houston. I’m hoping we are here for awhile. Moving was such a hassle but so far Kat and I are loving the new place. We are almost completely unpacked. But of course there are a few cons that I know I shouldn’t dwell on because the pros certainly outweigh them so I shouldn’t waste my time typing them out here. I’ve managed to organize my desk area and the living room. Finally got an actual bookcase to put books and things that need to be displayed. This place is is a bit bigger than the last one, so I am happy about that. I do miss the old location though, oh…that’s a con. I’ll stop right there.

[audio:]- Daniela Andrade’s cover of Santa Baby

So the other day, I went to Kat’s work Christmas party. The food was really yummy and she won a 24″ screen tv. So we are hoping we can take it back to Target and get store credit, Kat wants the same desk as me. She needs a place to keep her computer as well, keeping our fingers crossed and hopes that works.

More on the apartment next time, still need to charge my camera so I can film an apartment walk-through.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and happy holidays.

Welcome Home

So we moved into our apartment and I couldn’t be happier, I’ve also have been working at the restaurant on campus for the past month. I’m pretty exhausted and sore after work, which is why I haven’t been updating at all. Every time I sat down to type an entry out, homework or sleep keep getting in the way.  I’m gonna try to get back to my normal updating again.

So living in my own apartment has been wonderful, thanks to my mom, Kat and I have managed to decorate doorit to our liking and it has started feeling like a home. I’ll post a video tour sometime soon, that requires good lightening and time.  All of which is scarce during the week.  I want to get a book shelf for the living room, this desk, and a dresser for our bedroom that have at least 4 drawers so Kat and I each get two drawers, but three would be ok as well. Probably paint the dresser and shelf yellow. Our colors are teal and yellow, our mom bought us this cabinet to put our tv on top of and that was what decided our color scheme. Love it. We put our dvds and Xbox games inside of it.  Again, I’ll post a video tour of it soon. >.<

So my birthday was this month, and I turned 24 on the 11th. All of my co workers, who are younger than me, seem to find it bizarre. They all share this look of utter amazement when I share my age with them and they all say how they thought I was 18 and just out of high school. A compliment I guess, but not right after my 22 year old co recordplayerworker says how she feels SO old. -.- I wasn’t aware that 22 was old, hate to think what that makes 24. Well, I had some gifts to ease the pain of being old. 😛 My parents bought me a record player and it is just adorable! I had a few vinyl albums, but never thought about owning my own record player. Bro in law had one and seeing as how I lived with my sister and him for the past three years, I never needed my own. Now, yes, how very hipster of me. But I’ll have you know that I always found vinyl interesting back before today’s hipsters existed.  My sister started a vinyl collection when she got into high school. She’s a music trivia know-it-all, but now I can actually build my own collection she bought me my favorite Fleetwood Mac album when I turned 18, so now I can actually listen to it. Which I might over do it. This year she bought me a more practical gift. A heavy duty umbrella, no picture, but it’s green and black. I was in desperate need of an umbrella that worked, so thankful to have it. I was also given a bike.


I haven’t rode a bike since I was in junior high? I thought maybe I wouldn’t remember how to, but good thing for muscle memory. I’m excited to get more confident at riding it though, I plan on using it on campus, and to Rice Village. I forgot how much fun riding a bike was and it was so nostalgic to ride one again. Plus I also want to add rear baskets like this to the back of it so I can carry my stuff with me on campus. How cool are they, they fold in when you aren’t using them. Had to adjust the seat all the way down in order to ride it though, my legs are just really short and this bike is huge. >.< But I love it.

Here’s an instagram video of me using the record player for the first time. If you don’t recognize the song, it’s You make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac.


Until next time…thanks for reading and Commenting.


Remaining Week…

Summer Twins- I Will Love you

Heard this song on a Modcloth video and just had to post about it. I’ve been avoiding things this weekend, things such as studying for my Statistics final. I’m very worried. The final is comprehensive and I can’t remember the beginning sections of this semester. >.< My brain can’t handle this type of information. It despises math with all of its being and…

Ok enough with the excuses!

Time to do my best and study my ass off until Tuesday. I have so many things to be excited about that I’m not going to let this stand in my way of that happiness/excitement. I’m moving soon! Into my own apartment mind you. This is huge, this is just amazing. They called to let us know that our move in date had been moved from the 20th to the 22nd. It annoyed me a bit, but I’m just thankful that it is still before classes start. And what’s two days, this gives us more time to pack and clean up my room at my parent’s house and my room at my sister’s place. So many rooms. >.< This past week, I went to a job fair on my campus in  hopes of discovering campus jobs to apply to. I also decided to apply to several restaurants on campus as well. I have a job interview on the 20th at 9 am. The last time I had a job interview was when I was 19 and made it to the call backs at Sears. I did not get that job. -.- So if you have any tips to give, I’d greatly appreciate them…no matter how obvious please share. 🙂

The fall semester starts on the 26th. I’m a bit nervous, but I’m ready, let’s do this!

So I worked on making some R2D2 shoes this summer. I love how they came out but I’m a bit worried that they won’t last for very long. I wore them out once and they already started to peel. I just went over them again with some mod podge paint but it smeared the lines a bit. >.< I used some of the spray, but I guess I didn’t coat them as good as I thought I did. I don’t plan on wearing them to school though, my feet would be dying if I did. >.< Special nerdy occasions only. I know it sort of defeats the purpose of them, but it was still pretty fun making them. Next time I won’t use such hard canvas shoes, the van look alikes they sell at Walmart might be better to use.

Ok, now it’s time to shower and get to studying. Wish me luck. I’m going to need a lot of good vibes for this final. >.<

Thanks for reading and commenting.

More than Feng Shui

So this is my last summer spending it at my parent’s house and after 16 years of living in this house I’ve finally gotten rid of a bunch of junk. Seven trash bags later and  I hardly recognize my room.

I haven’t been updating nearly as much as I would like to. I again have several blog drafts started that I’ve yet to finish. But here I am now attempting to update and things just keep getting in the way. Recently I have been scouring the streets of Houston for an apartment. That’s right, my first apartment! Don’t let any one fool you into believing that apartment hunting is an easy thing to do, it might be if you have an excessive amount of money to work with. -.-  But I’m sure even then it is not a fun thing to do and it is even harder because I’m home for the summer, so the past two weekends we have been making trips to Houston and looking at different apartments. This is very exciting, but the hunt has made me very anxious. I’m hoping once it becomes official this anxiousness will subside and all that will be left is determination and excitement. My younger sister will move in with me at the end of September so we’ve been looking at different blogs on how to decorate and organize small spaces. Also, the apartment complex will paint accent walls, so I’m hoping they have colors that fit both my sister and me. Here’s a floor plan of the apartment….of course ours could be flipped. But this was how the model was.


So I’m a very impatient person, which is why I become anxious in the first place. Among the other things that I’m waiting for are my new glasses. A couple weeks ago I had an eye exam, and if you’ve read my blog for awhile then you know that optometrists, more like the technicians, are my enemies and that the only good thing that come from eye exams are new glasses. I’ve had my current glasses already for….well I can’t exactly remember for how long but it has been awhile. Kat and I picked out some new frames a week ago and now we have to wait until they are ready. All of this waiting is killing me, at least I have statistics to keep me busy. -.- Pffft. More like knitting, thank goodness for knitting and Bob’s Burgers. Instead of reading all the books I’ve been saving, I’ve been watching Bob’s Burgers and Portlandia over and over again while I knit. I should read before I run out of free time. >.< That and update my blog, I’ve been in a blog funk and I’m hoping I’m getting over it. Blogging is one my favorite things to do.

Song of the day- Mr. Bright Eyes by Rebecca Ferguson. I also listen to Pandora while knitting and blogging and this song came up and now I can’t stop listening to it. [audio:]

I’m off to make a smoothie, I should study seeing how class was canceled tonight and all. Motivation!!!!

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Video Contest!

So She&Him are holding a video dance contest and I’m thinking of entering, not even to win. It just seems like a fun thing to do. I already have ideas, whether it will come out the way I want it to is probably unlikely but I really like the song and the music video is pretty cute. So why not? XD


Kat and I plan on filming it either tomorrow or on Saturday, the contest ends on the 28th so I’m hoping the weather cooperates with us and it at least comes out a bit decent. We shall see. If you plan on entering, let me know. I would love to see how your own video turns out. Now, I have no dancing skills whatsoever so this might turn out to be a disaster but I still think it will be something fun to do. You have to use the original video as a reference when creating your own, so I’m excited to just mash something up together. Well, I hope to do this, my laziness and lack of video editing and dancing skills my also prevent me from doing this.

I know I haven’t updated at all. I’ve just been in a funk, I haven’t had any motivation to do anything remotely creative, hence the want to attempt making a video for this contest. I’ve also been wanting to knit and sew something but I just haven’t done anything. I still have other entries to post and I just keep letting them sit here. I’ve promised myself to start updating regularly again. So here I go. ^.^

Question, has anyone ever entered a video contest before? Or any contest for that matter? I’d like to hear about it.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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