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Stamp Craze

So I went a little crazy at Micheal’s the other day. I couldn’t help myself, I saw all these stamps for a 1.50 and just had to buy them. I mean look at that adorable typewriter stamp. I love typewriter stamps and this one just so happens to be a Valentine theme. I bought three Valentine stamps, so now I intend to make Valentine cards. Maybe add a cute lollipop or some type of candy to show the people I love how much I love them. Who knows? I also bought a button puncher. I love it! It makes a great embellishment for cards, scrapbooking, even gift wrapping. I’ve been wanting it and the cute tag puncher as well, but decided on this one. I feel very crafty right now.

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Snail Mail

Believe me when I say I enjoy living in the digital world. I do. I love that I can send someone a message via the internet, but that doesn’t mean I do not enjoy sending/receiving normal cards and letters.

I joined a few pen pal groups, hopefully these work out. The last time I joined a pen pal swap none of my assigned pals ever replied to my letters. I didn’t want my letters to make them feel obligated but I guess it was too much for them to keep up with. I mean I know sending things via mail can be hard to keep up with. I used to swap a notebook back and forth with my best friend but I haven’t sent it back to her in awhile. Now that I think of it it was sort of like a SMASH* book. We would write, doodle and smash stuff in it.  I’m planning on sending her more letters, I miss her.  Oh some exciting news, so there was this blog hop, with amazing prizes, and I won one of them. I will have my very own Amy TangerineThe Little Things Day Book. I’m just so excited, I’ve never won anything before. So again a thank you to Kellie for hosting such an awesome blog hop. I love her blog.  Continuing on with mail, my swapbot deadline is coming up next week and I finally finished gathering my 5 items to send to my partner. Each item has to be something she can use when smashing so I’m hoping she likes the items I’ve chosen for her. The other is a card I made for a SMASH*aholics pen pal. I had a lot of fun making it. I got to use my new typewriter stamp. I love it!  I really love stamps and on my last visit to Hobby Lobby they had a bunch of new stamps. I’m hoping to send these out sometime this week. Speaking of this week it’s my last week off. Classes start next Monday, and I’m not exactly looking forward to getting back on schedule. -.- I’m already having problems with this semester and financial aid which I hope to clear up in the morning. Also Friday is the dreaded road test!!! I’m still as terrified as ever. I really wish I could have practiced parallel parking some more. Blasted  parallel parking! I’m trying to be calm about the whole thing, I mean I’ve talked about getting my license and always blamed my parents for not getting it sooner. I just have bad test anxiety and the fear of failing doesn’t help. The other day my 16 year old cousin got her license so that should motivate me to do my best on Friday. I can do this! I know I can, I’ve been driving for awhile now and I should hurry up and just make it legal now.  No more excuses.

Today’s song is Polaroid by Skyler Stonestreet

I love this song, I’ve been obsessed with taking pictures with my instax and then I found this song and I can’t stop listening to it. It features the newest Fuji digital Polaroid camera in the video. 

So have you’ve you ever had a pen pal before? If so, how long did you trade back letters? Do you prefer the convenience of email or text messaging? Let me know. :3

Look forward to a new haul video sometime this week. Thanks for reading. :3

Several Things…

Movies!!– “I was such an asshole five years ago.” –Happythankyoumoreplease

The quote above is from the movie that I linked. It was really good by the way…just saying.

I guess if a person were to say this it would mean he/she considers themselves an asshole. Anyone can be an asshole, it could be by accident or on purpose. Whether it was an evil look you gave someone, a rude comment you said loud enough for someone to hear, or maybe it was the heart you broke due to lies and poor excuses.  Asshole does not just describe a specific gender or race. It can refer to anyone. This isn’t really about the movie itself, I just liked the scene this quote appeared in and it inspired this random thought. What do you think makes someone an asshole?

Parallel Parking sucks!!! So I had my road test scheduled for last Friday but it didn’t happen. I thought everything was in order but a mistake was made and they wouldn’t let me take my test so I had to reschedule. I know I should be happy about the reschedule because I was able to practice on my parallel parking. I can’t believe I was planning on taking the test without practicing. I now take my road test on August 24th. The worry continues. -.-  Books!!- The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I’ve been looking for this book for awhile and they finally got it at Hastings. The only copy!!!! Sadly I had to walk away without buying it. -.- I will read it eventually, speaking of my to read list I have a guest post over here. If you’re interested in writing a guest post then check out Joslin’s blog. Instax Mini- So my case for my instax came in. Mija says it looks like some type of bondage mask. She’s a weird one. XD I like it, and it keeps my camera safe. However, there is one thing that sucks about it. The whole point of this case was that I can take pictures with the camera in it. But in door pictures either come come out completely black or cloudy. I think the case blogs the flash a bit. -.- It’s a shame but I just have to adjust. I wanted something to hold my camera and keep it safe, plus it’s nice because I can wear it like a purse and won’t have the added weight of the camera in my actual purse. It can just hang above it. So all in all I’m still happy with it.

More SMASH*- So I created a board on Pinterest for SMASH book ideas and inspiration. I’m really loving this way of scrapbooking. I’m out of film but this is also the perfect place to put all of my Polaroid pictures. I almost done with my second page. I started in the beginning thinking that’s how books are supposed to be, but then realized I don’t have to smash that way. (If I were to say that to someone who had no idea what SMASH books were, they would probably imagine something gross. I guess I’m gross for thinking this in the first place. XD) Getting back on topic here, I figured why not start another page towards the end of the book? So now I’m starting my third page, I’ll show you once it’s finished. My first page is about my pets. They were the first to be photographed once I got my instax. The second page (not complete yet) next to that one features my backyard. It is so gorgeous in the summer. I don’t like going outside because it’s so hot but it doesn’t mean I don’t/can’t admire it. I intend to add more pictures of the trees. They get huge during this time and the flowers that bloom on them are just amazing. I might even film an outfit of the day, if I can get Kat to help me out. It just gets unbearable in this heat to be outside, add mosquitoes and I give up. Got some more SMASH goodies. I’m excited to finish up my third page. It’s a hobbies page, I think I will have the most fun SMASHing this page. I have a lot of hobbies so I’m using two pages for this theme. I don’t know why I find something as simple as this exciting. XD

I’m curious, what is something that honestly makes you happy?

Thanks for reading.



So I’ve received  my first SMASH Book*. I was going to save it for my next haul video but I couldn’t wait to share. Doesn’t mean I can’t include it in a video next month or whenever I do a haul again. :3

So I have the Eco Green Book, Kat has the Pretty Pink Book and Mija has the Retro Blue Book. I’ve already started SMASHing my first pages. But I’m a little hesitant, I know there is no wrong or right way. But still it doesn’t stop me from over thinking things. I’ve only started to decorate the corners. I think I’ll get the hang of it eventually, I just need to stop being so timid. I mean the whole point is to be fearless and just go with it right? Right. It’s supposed to be fun and maybe I started it on a night when I didn’t have many things to SMASH. I am just getting started and I am already in love with it. Yes it is basically a scrapbook but something about this SMASH book just screams more fun. Or better than the regular fun scrapbooking brings. Does that make sense? Not that scrapbooking is below this or anything. I envy the scrapbookers who can take any book and transform it into something amazing. When it comes to this I need a helping hand and that is what the pages in these books give me. The pages are sort of decorated for you and you just embellish and add things to it. So I’m really happy these books exist. I first noticed them back when my sister Mija worked at the lovely store Paper Source. They were hot items and constantly being sold out. They first branched out to arts and craft stores and then recently I noticed them appearing in regular stores such as Randall’s, Walmart and Target. What luck! I’m thinking of making it for ideas and inspiration. I totally wish I had started this project in the beginning of the Summer that way I would have had more time with it. But summer class would have gotten in the way. I hope this fall semester allows me time to be creative. I’m not taking any creative writing classes this semester so I’m going to to through withdrawals if I don’t have something to entertain me.

Quick announcement: I Kim am finally taking the last step to getting my driver’s license. -.- Yup I’m 22 and still haven’t gotten my license. But hopefully that will all change this Friday. If I pass the road test. I’m nervous as hell. I don’t do well on tests. Horrible test anxiety. >.< Wish me luck.

Pet History

Oh I also wanted to mention that my parents somehow got another cat. We named him Willow and he is a whiny chi chi baby just like their old man cat Mr. We got our first cat Mr. back in 2000. I was 10? And he was a bitch. -.- I kid you not. He still sort of is, but now his bitchiness is due to jealousy. He doesn’t like sharing my parents with anyone cat or person. He’s had to get used to two cats since he’s been with us. Nao was our second cat. He was great the perfect lap/pillow. He disappeared one day and never found out what happened to him. I like to think someone picked him up and he’s living with a wonderful family right now. Our third cat is Kozi, he is strange. The only reason he works so well with Mister is because he stays away from him. Kozi always looks like he’s had a few too many shrooms or something. They both stay away from the new kitty. Mr. is the only one who starts shit but Willow is not completely innocent. He’s still recovering, I hope when he’s healthy again he doesn’t fight with our other cats because then we will probably have to find another home for him.


I’m sure I’ve asked the pet question before, but if you have more than one do they get along? And if you don’t have any pets, what kind of pet would you want? In a magical world I would want something that can fly so I wouldn’t have to drive.