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To the Kitten I Will Never Own

I desperately wanted to call you my own, but sadly that won’t happen, little ball of fur.

kittenLook how cute this cat is? I’ve always wanted a Siamese cat, or a Ragdoll one, they always have these beautiful blue eyes. And look at her little paws! Gah! I’ve never even seen her in person, only this picture and I already fell in love with her. My sister’s neighbor found her but couldn’t keep her, so my sister figured I could. After seeing this picture I really wanted to. I’ve always been a cat person, I have two at my parent’s house, but they would hate it if I took them away from the only place they’ve known as home. Besides, they would make horrible indoor pets. They enjoy the freedom of being able to own the front and backyard. And when I lived with my older sister, there were also two cats. They were adorable…minus a few things.

Here are some pros and cons that left me with not getting the cat.


  • Adorable little things
  • Having one is awesome
  • They are independent
  • Cuddle with you
  • Great for small apartments….or big houses
  • They always stay cute
  • When they show you affection it’s the best thing in the world
  • And just wonderful


  • Shedding
  • Destroying furniture (not necessarily a problem with every cat)
  • Cost
  • Again, LITTER!

Many more pros, but I went to my apartment office to ask about the deposit and how much more my rent would cost. 10 extra dollars a month which doesn’t sound too bad, but the deposit is 400. 400? And I only get half back if I move. -.- 400 is just not something I can do at the moment, and every pet deserves an owner that can actually afford to take care of them. So sorry little kitten, I wish I could have kept you but it just wasn’t meant to be. But it doesn’t mean I won’t ever be able to own a cat….one day I will. :3

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Good Vibes

So last week was definitely a brighter one, and I’m so glad to have people in my life that make the difficult times more endurable and the fantastic times more well….fantastic. :3

First off, I should warn you that this entry will be filled with lots of pictures…I just want to share them all instead of posting them in more than one entry. >.< I had my interview at the Science Museum on Wednesday, and it went GREAT! The ladies I interviewed with were just wonderful. They gave me stickers to walk around the museum for free, while I was instagraming some dino bones they found me and asked me to fill out a background check information sheet. They said they couldn’t wait and wanted to start the hiring process…however, anything could happen so I don’t want to jinx it just yet. But I’m really excited about working in a museum. After walking around for a bit more I called all my family to tell them how well it went. I know, a bit premature but I was just so excited. Anyway, I headed home to get ready for my night out with Melissa and Kat. We had plans to go out for some tiramisu and then after that to an evening of great music at the House of Blues. Melissa introduced us to the band Merriment and Eisley and invited us to the concert. I’m so glad she did, because it was just wonderful.

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Me + Time: All Over the Place

Last Friday night I went into a cleaning frenzy…sadly the apartment is a mess again. I blame Hurricane Kat for that though. 😛 Any who, so I spent last Saturday out and about.

outfit3-22-14I wore this dress,  I keep meaning to sew a strange rip on the side. It’s such a cute knitted dress but it’s sooooo delicate. It’s just a rip in the first layer, and until I sew it up I just cover it with my tan cardigan.  >.< Lazy I know. Recently I’ve been desperately wanting a pet cat. But I just remember living with Tomo and Missy and their…litter boxes. But I love love LOVE cats! If I could have one right now, I would want a ragdoll one, I mean most cats are adorable but these are just gah!!! And don’t even get me started on munchkin cats. I’ve always wanted a cat with blue or different color eyes. My cats have always had green or yellow, I’ve been missing Kozi and Mr a lot lately. Probably because I haven’t been home in awhile. Why are cats so adorable?! But they come with their own cons.

  • Litter box
  • Their claws discovering the couch, carpet, clothes…basically everything. Tomo would chew on anything with string.
  • Wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the cat alone at home…especially while its still in curious kitten mode.
  • Rent would go up even higher. -.- Not to mention the cost of vet bills, food, litter, damage to blinds or anything else belonging to the apartment. Not pretty.
  • What if I get a cat and it’s mean and hates me? Mr. was a mean kitty, but I learned how to accept his dramatic attitude. And now he’s just a grumpy old man cat, still love the four legged baby though.

Running out of cons, because let’s face it cats are just amazing. But I don’t have the means to take care of one at the moment. Plus the boyfriend is a huge cat person as well, and we’ve both said that if either of us got a cat the other would then only pay attention to said cat. That would probably happen a bit in the beginning, especially if it’s a kitten. They grow up so fast, but having them that small scares me because I’m worried they will get hurt when I’m not around. So for now, looking at other people’s cats will just have to do. Courtesy of instagram.

So wanted to share a recent ebay buy… this! I love it, but now I want to buy the green one, if I’m not careful I will get addicted to ebay. newbagI also ordered something else but haven’t received yet. Will share once I do, but anyway back to this awesome bag. I am afraid it will get damaged while wearing it out, odd thing to say. It is just a bag, and I’m being dramatic about it, but I LOVE it. It comes with two detachable straps so I can wear it like a backpack or a messenger bag. I’ve preferred wearing it as a backpack though.  I’ve been really bad this month, eating out and spending money on things I don’t actually need. I need to be better from now on. -.- I will try my best.

So I’ve been looking for internships and such for when the summer comes. I really need a higher paying job, and it would be great if the higher paying job could actually be something I could use as experience for a different career. Or something that will enrich my resume. I felt so blah when I was creating my resume to apply for this position at the Houston Museum of National Science. I could totally see myself working in a museum, so I’m really hoping I get this position. Of course I know I don’t actually stand a chance, so I’m not holding my breath. There’s a career fair on my campus next week so I’ll attend that and pass out my resume there and hope for the best. But I know I can’t just wait for something to happen, I have to make it happen.

So as another month approaches, here’s to being better and making life the way I want it to be. :3 How do you handle resume building? I wish mine was more impressive but even if it’s empty now, it won’t always be that way. Until next time….

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Update on Közi

So we brought him home on Friday!! And he is doing much better now that he is.

So we picked him up at 7:30 am. We waited while they finished with the paper work and then finally we were escorted to a room where the nurse talked about how he hasn’t been eating and that if he doesn’t eat by Saturday then we would have to bring him so they could force feed him. If he doesn’t he it could result in liver failure. >.< So it is quite serious. She asked one of us to come and retrieve him because he was still being very aggressive to the doctors/nurses and she wasn’t his favorite person. So I volunteered and followed her to the back. She tried to corner him in his kennel and was hoping to force him into his carrier. He started growling and hissing at her and retreated further into the corner of the kennel. She sighed and got up to look for the kitty gloves. So after she walked away, I decided to give a more delicate approach. I kneeled down and called his name. He immediately perked up and came to the front of the kennel. I kept talking to him and petting his head. I put the carrier in front of him hoping he would get in on his own. He kept trying to go around it to get to me. It was the cutest thing in the world. He recognized me and knew that I meant home. I rubbed his chin and he rested his head on my hand. It was as if he was saying, “I know you. Please take me home.” My heart melted when I saw the the look on his face. He doesn’t really have expressions but right then and then he did. I tried putting the carrier in front of him again and he finally understood what I wanted him to do. He started going into the carrier himself but was having trouble. I didn’t want to touch his backside because I didn’t want to hurt or alarm him. So I pulled him by his upper body and slowly slid him inside. I thought he would have put up more of a fight but he knew I was there to take him home. The nurse came back with the gloves and said, “Oh he loves you.” I’m sure she was just glad that she didn’t have to touch him. Not sure if Közi scratched or bit any of the nurses he’s never used his claws on humans before so I’d be surprised if he did. I rejoined my father and sister and the nurse then gave us instructions and his medication. The ride home took awhile but he slept most of the way. Once we got home he came out of the carrier and started walking around the house. Even though he spent most of his days outside we occasionally brought him inside and he would snuggle with who ever was around. We prepared a corner for him and tried feeding him. He ate a few pieces of kibble and then a bit of ham but still it wasn’t enough. He has to stay inside for the next couple of weeks so I went with my mother to buy a litter box and a kennel so we can make sure he won’t get into anything while everyone is sleeping. He has to use special paper like litter because the other kind might irritate his wounds.

Oh I guess I should mention that I still had my road test to take that day and….I PASSED!!! I officially have my license. Now if only I could already be an excellent driver. -.- If only I could get rid of my fear of driving in Houston.

Mija and I had to return to Houston that same day. I felt bad leaving Kat with the responsibility of taking care of  Közi but I’m happy to report that he did much better Saturday. He ate more and he used the restroom. He even sleeps in his kennel. He is such a well behaved cat, I’m sure he was only aggressive at the hospital because he was unhappy and in pain. Once he was in a familiar place he was able to relax because he knew he was safe. I’m just glad he is eating. I love this cat!!! In 14 days we do have to take him back so they can take out the sutures. I didn’t want to have to take him before we had to. 

So before the incident I had filmed and was editing a haul video. I finally finished it up today and now can upload and share it. I tried not to make it too long but that is hard to do when it comes to hauls. Classes start on Monday and I am excited. I’m also excited to hang out with friends Thursday night. I will be going to Poison Girl for the Poison Pen reading series. I haven’t been able to attend all summer so I’m happy that there is one the first week of classes. Monday and Wednesday I have one class from 4 to 5:30 and then Tuesday and Thursdays I have two. One class starts and 1 and finishes at 2:30 and then the second one is also from 4 to 5:30. I’m happy that I have time available for my internship. I’m attending the meeting this coming Wednesday. I will be meeting the new editors so I’m a bit nervous. But hopefully my past experience with the journal will help me snag a spot on the team. 😀

Thanks so much for the kind comments in my last post. I really appreciate them and I’m so glad that you understood where I was coming from. I hope everyone is well, and if you’re going back to school what is something that you look forward to a new school year? And if you are not in school, then what is something you are looking forward to this week?

Thanks for reading. <3


Közi is the sweetest cat in the world. We’ve had him for about 6 years and he just fit right in with us.. He’s a fatty but a gentle giant. Unlike the diva Misto, Közi has never been aggressive towards us. He’s just a really great cat and I love him to pieces.

Disclaimer: What I write from this point on is just me venting and I apologize to any dog owners.

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Bad and Good

So let’s start with the bad/sad news. Remember the kitty I posted a video about in an earlier post. Click here if you don’t. Well anyway today Kat found him in our garage and noticed something was wrong with him. We aren’t sure what happened to him, he was doing fine. I went to see for myself and I wish I hadn’t. He couldn’t walk, he soiled himself and made no sound. He was dying. Seeing him this way was just heartbreaking. I couldn’t help but burst into tears. I know we didn’t have him long enough for us to actually consider him our cat, but I already saw him as part of the family. It was hard not to grow attached to Willow, with his dinosaur meow and constant need for attention. He was already ours. I had hope to see him get fat and healthy but sadly that won’t happen. My dad had to call animal control to come and get him out of the garage and put him to sleep. It just makes me really sad that we couldn’t save him. I really wish I knew what happened and what caused his condition to worsen. This is the first time I have witnessed a dying pet. I can’t imagine how I will feel when I lose one of my older cats. Goodbye Willow, I’m glad you aren’t suffering any longer.

Sorry for depressing you. To make up for that I want to share with you some good news. Here is an awesome giveaway. I know this might not be the time to mention a giveaway but I’d rather think of something fun. So what’s more fun than the chance of winning free stuff? Click the picture and find out how you can enter to win a Instax mini 25. I totally entered hoping to win this camera for Mija. Good luck to all. :3

Thanks for reading.


So I’ve received  my first SMASH Book*. I was going to save it for my next haul video but I couldn’t wait to share. Doesn’t mean I can’t include it in a video next month or whenever I do a haul again. :3

So I have the Eco Green Book, Kat has the Pretty Pink Book and Mija has the Retro Blue Book. I’ve already started SMASHing my first pages. But I’m a little hesitant, I know there is no wrong or right way. But still it doesn’t stop me from over thinking things. I’ve only started to decorate the corners. I think I’ll get the hang of it eventually, I just need to stop being so timid. I mean the whole point is to be fearless and just go with it right? Right. It’s supposed to be fun and maybe I started it on a night when I didn’t have many things to SMASH. I am just getting started and I am already in love with it. Yes it is basically a scrapbook but something about this SMASH book just screams more fun. Or better than the regular fun scrapbooking brings. Does that make sense? Not that scrapbooking is below this or anything. I envy the scrapbookers who can take any book and transform it into something amazing. When it comes to this I need a helping hand and that is what the pages in these books give me. The pages are sort of decorated for you and you just embellish and add things to it. So I’m really happy these books exist. I first noticed them back when my sister Mija worked at the lovely store Paper Source. They were hot items and constantly being sold out. They first branched out to arts and craft stores and then recently I noticed them appearing in regular stores such as Randall’s, Walmart and Target. What luck! I’m thinking of making it for ideas and inspiration. I totally wish I had started this project in the beginning of the Summer that way I would have had more time with it. But summer class would have gotten in the way. I hope this fall semester allows me time to be creative. I’m not taking any creative writing classes this semester so I’m going to to through withdrawals if I don’t have something to entertain me.

Quick announcement: I Kim am finally taking the last step to getting my driver’s license. -.- Yup I’m 22 and still haven’t gotten my license. But hopefully that will all change this Friday. If I pass the road test. I’m nervous as hell. I don’t do well on tests. Horrible test anxiety. >.< Wish me luck.

Pet History

Oh I also wanted to mention that my parents somehow got another cat. We named him Willow and he is a whiny chi chi baby just like their old man cat Mr. We got our first cat Mr. back in 2000. I was 10? And he was a bitch. -.- I kid you not. He still sort of is, but now his bitchiness is due to jealousy. He doesn’t like sharing my parents with anyone cat or person. He’s had to get used to two cats since he’s been with us. Nao was our second cat. He was great the perfect lap/pillow. He disappeared one day and never found out what happened to him. I like to think someone picked him up and he’s living with a wonderful family right now. Our third cat is Kozi, he is strange. The only reason he works so well with Mister is because he stays away from him. Kozi always looks like he’s had a few too many shrooms or something. They both stay away from the new kitty. Mr. is the only one who starts shit but Willow is not completely innocent. He’s still recovering, I hope when he’s healthy again he doesn’t fight with our other cats because then we will probably have to find another home for him.


I’m sure I’ve asked the pet question before, but if you have more than one do they get along? And if you don’t have any pets, what kind of pet would you want? In a magical world I would want something that can fly so I wouldn’t have to drive.

Hello Google Friends

So I just heard about Google Friend being discontinued.  -.- This sucks. I hate when Google decides to take something, that people use, away. It’s really inconvenient, how unfair for non-blogger users, and now it won’t even let me export my community data.  So I just wanted to ask the readers I had, if you don’t mind, to subscribe to me on bloglovin. It’s one of my favorite sites that keeps you updated on your favorite bloggers. Also leave your link,  for bloglovin,  in the comments below so I can follow you too that way I don’t lose track of your blog either. Just click here or the typewriter on my side bar to subscribe. 😀 Thank you.

So on Monday, the weirdos and I were gonna head to Ihop for some free pancakes. And then we realized that none of us are even fans of pancakes. I’m more of a French toast or waffle person. Anywho, we decided on eating at Jus’ Mac instead.  What is Jus’ Mac you ask? Well since you asked, it is this amazing restaurant that serves just mac, meaning macaroni and cheese. But I’m not talking just plain Kraft here. This is gourmet stuff, and so freaking yummy. :9 The first time I tried one of their dishes was when my bro-in law brought some leftovers home. The dish was called The Pit Master: brisket topped with Colby Jack and BBQ sauce. Delicious. I’m from Texas and the BBQ is awesome here so of course there has to be a dish with brisket it in. Then to top it all off is bread crumbs. Eating regular mac and cheese just won’t taste the same without the bread crumbs toasted on top. I don’t think I can go back to Kraft. >.< I tried something different when we went Monday night. The Broc: fresh broccoli florets topped with cheddar. It was so yummy. Obviously if your not a fan of broccoli then this wouldn’t be the dish for you. But they have other ones to suit your taste. The next time we go I plan on trying the Cheese and Chong: seared chicken, sauteed mushrooms, pesto topped with French fried onions.  Can’t wait. >.< They offer two sizes personal and regular. I got the personal and it may look small but believe me, it is more than enough. I highly recommend trying Jus’ Mac if you are ever in Houston or Sugar Land. It changes mac and cheese. Moving on, so when I came home today Jody had the blinds opened. Tomo loves it when the he can peer outside. (what a creeper) He’s only ever been an inside cat so he doesn’t really know about the outside world. Sometimes there will be stray cats wondering around and he’ll get excited/scared and just glare at them. He makes a funny noise when he sees birds outside. It is super funny check out the video below to see what I mean. It’s an old video I shot back in 09 to show my sister how weird her cat is. He is sort chirping, I think he is trying to talk to me. Such an odd ball. I’m amazed he can fit on the windowsill. Such a big kitty, also his birthday is coming up. I think he is going to be 4? I plan on knitting him another bow to wear for his special day. He didn’t like the last one I knitted for him. But he can wear one for one day. XD

Also my laptop is starting to spazz out on me. The screen is starting to flicker…that’s how my first laptop died. -.- I’m seriously doomed when it comes to computers. Please just hold out for the next two seasons. 😥

Not So Cute

So I am in my room just fooling around on the net. When I hear Tomo at my door, I allow him into my room, but only because he is just so adorable that it is hard to say no to him. He just laid on my bed so I figured he would just sleep. I turn my back and return to the net when a few minutes later I hear him moving around. I turn around to see him push off my pillows and blankets from my bed. I only managed to catch the end of his act on camera. What a strange kitty. In other news I added a music player page to my sidebar with a few favorite songs of mine. The music video is attached to them so just click on video in the corner of the player to view it. Or not, its up to you. I had trouble finding the right songs because I wanted the actual music video version, not somebody’s homemade music video. It was tricky because a lot of people who posted the official videos disabled embedding. It was actually very frustrating. But I managed to find all but one with official videos, so I’ll be adding to this playlist every now and then.
The songs I included are:

Camera Obscura- French Navy
Mika- Elle Me Dit
Ingrid Michaelson- Somebody I used to Know (COVER)
The Like- He’s Not a Boy
The Darkness- I Believe in a Thing Called Love
She & Him- Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Meaghan Smith- Here Comes Your Man
Best Coast- Our Deal (official video here)


So today instead of working on my homework I accompanied The Roomies to PetSmart the other day on a search for a pump for our broken water bowl.

And oh what we found was an abundance of cuteness. I am and forever will be a cat person. Unless, I marry someone who wants a dog in that case I will only allow a border collie, an Australian Shepherd or a corgi  because they are sooooooooooooo cute. >.< I might settle for a corgi Shepherd mix but only if it looks like this.  Ok so they all pretty much look the same. But what can I can I say? I like what I like. Anyway so I went straight to the adoption center because I love seeing the cats. And I almost died from all the adorableness in the room. This calico pictured on the left was up for adoption. How freaking cute?!!! I wanted to take her home so bad. I also felt like she is looked like the offspring of my roommates’ cats Tomo and Missy. (if they weren’t spayed or neutered) I should have listened to my sister when she said I would want to take a kitty home with me.  And now its too late and I’ve laid eyes on this adorable cat. I never really thought about calico cats until I moved in with Mija and Jody. Did you know that calico cats are a female only breed? I didn’t either. But yeah I read it somewhere and its true as far as I know. So along with the cats, I also saw the birds, fish, rodents and reptiles. And one in particular caught my attention. This lizard, forgot the name of it, was so freaking hyper. And he had so much personality for such a small thing. I mean he kept looking at my cell when I tried to snap pictures of him.  So freaking weird but adorable at the same time. I’m not really a reptile person but he was an interesting specimen. And so tiny. If for some reason I wanted a lizard for a pet I would get this little guy. Of course I would be worried to get a pet as small as a lizard, mouse, or hamster. I would be afraid of it getting out and getting lost or getting eaten by Missy or sucked up by the vacuum.  So many dangers for small pets that’s is why I’ve only ever had fish and fat cats. Other than that nothing.  We looked around for a bit and I continued to walk by the cats again and again until the area started to make me light headed due to full litter boxes. That was enough to stop me from walking in that direction. So my roomies and I started to look at the cat trees. We’ve been wanting to get something for Missy to scratch and lay on. She has been doing a number on our stairs. The little devil, she is too old to declaw so we’ve ruled out that option. Tomo was declawed when he was younger so he doesn’t need a scratching post. But we would still want a tree that is strong enough to hold his fat ass. Those things aren’t exactly well made if you buy the cheaper one. So Jody thinks he can build one, with help from my dad. We just need to get some carpet pieces and rope to cover it. I’m excited, I hope they can make it soon rather than later. So that was the adventure at PetSmart. We ended up leaving empty handed. On to daily outfit. I keep forgetting to take pictures every day so I only have what I wore on Thursday. The entire week I used the Star Wars bag I made. And because its such a busy print I have to wear grays, blues, and browns. So the entire week I wore outfits that matched well with my bag and my boots of course. I had way more combinations than I thought I did. So yay!! Ok well I screwed up my sleeping pattern once again…-.- damn.

But let me end by asking, are you a dog person or a cat person? And would you consider switching sides for your significant other?

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