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Recent Life Update


We tied the knot 9.7.19! Yup, I’ve been married for two whole months…well and a few days. We have yet to take our honeymoon, but we plan to save to take a trip somewhere. So very happy.


This month was terrible. We both were stressed out. I was in the middle of making some tough decisions, and then we had to say goodbye to Marco, our lovable, cord chewing baby. Putting him down was a hard decision to make, but ultimately, there were no other options. We did our best, and I hope he knew how special he was to us. I know cats aren’t as valued as dogs are, but he was so important to us. Before that happened, though, Matt and I adopted Auggie! He was the silver lining. We adopted him before Marco started showing signs that something wasn’t right. But in Marco’s absence, Auggie has been a great comfort. Eve too. Auggie is so crazy and hyper; he terrorizes poor Eve daily. But I don’t think she minds too much, though. They seem to have gotten into a rhythm. I love our cats and hope they know that.


This brings me to November- I purchased a new laptop! Finally, after many years of waiting and figuring out what kind to buy. It’s not perfect, but for me, it does exactly what I was hoping. If you didn’t already know, I make videos on Youtube. (Speaking of youtube, I currently have a giveaway going on. Feel free to enter if you’re interested.) That’s where I’ve been instead of updating my blog. I love editing videos and showing all of the pretty stationery and books that I’ve been enjoying. I only recently purchased it, Target was having a pre-black Friday sale, and it was $100 cheaper. I just decided to go for it. But also in November…I got a new job! It’s only my second week, but I’m so excited and ready to know all of the things. This is still bittersweet since I miss my previous job and my former co-workers. If you didn’t know, I worked in a museum as a Copywriter. I now work in a different museum as an Event Coordinator. I’m happy with this change and can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

Well, there you have it. You’ve been caught up on all of my life things. I hope you have been well, and I’m going to try to update my blog once a month. But I’m still trying to figure out what I want this to be. Thoughts?

My Morning Routine

Now that I have a full time job, scheduling all the things I want to do has been tricky. I miss having more time during the week, however, now that I have to schedule things like work and my hobbies it’s making me a better planner and less lazy.

Before, I’d put things off and think, I’ll eventually get to it. But now, I’m trying to make sure I get to it sooner rather than later. There are a few excuses that I use when I can’t though. Filming requires good lighting, and I use the sun still, I don’t have lighting equipment. But that’s something I’m considering more and more lately.

Blogging however, does not require much. It just requires me to sit at my computer and type of entires that I’d like to discuss.  For this entry,  I’d like to discuss my now typical morning routine.

I filmed a little vlog for it too. I had fun filming it but I couldn’t film certain parts, like walking into work. I’m sure I could have but I’m not yet comfortable with filming in public quite yet. Plus, the job is still new so I should still be on egg shells. But next time,  I might do like a weekly-Life blog. Film a bit every day and then combine it into one video at the end of the week. We shall see. It’s just an idea, I just like working on new videos and improving on my editing.


 Other than that, work has been going well. I already have deadlines and projects to work on. I’m also working on  Mind-Speak projects as well.  It’s all about planning and making time for everything. Wish me luck. 🙂

How are you with planning out work and hobbies? Do you have any secrets?

Thanks for reading and watching

New Job: Details and Last Days

For the past 2 years I’ve been working part-time at the Science Museum as a Birthday Party Coordinator. It has been an amazing job and I’m so happy that I was a part of The Party Smarty Crew.

Along with my museum job, I also worked part-time at Paper Source, which is a stationery store. One of the best, in my opinion. Their motto is, “Create something every day.” Unlike other stationery stores, Paper Source’s focus was on helping people tackle their projects themselves.


I loved both of these jobs, and I loved all of my coworkers as well. I had a chance to work with the nicest people and I’m really gonna miss that. Gaining this new job meant I had to say goodbye to  both of my part-time jobs. I had intended on keeping my coordinator gig for the weekends however, my new job will prevent that.

I am now the Copywriter for the museum. A Copywriter! I have a title, in the membership department. And I can’t work for two departments so I had to hang up my Party Smarty hat. This past Saturday was my last day of parties. I had two Dino parties and I ended the day with a Butterfly one. They all went great and I will really miss the interaction I had with museum goers.

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New Job!!!

That’s right! I have a new job and I cannot wait to start. I’m nervous and excited and a whole bunch of other emotions that I can’t seem to grasp at the moment. I am so unbelievably happy and I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything….well, the feeling of being a new aunt is better, but this is on a different scale.


It’s just, this year started out pretty gloomy for me, what with my 2 1/2 year relationship ending. But then it looked brighter after I graduated from college and then the birth of my adorable niece was exactly what I needed. That, and reading books again. And now that  I’m a part of Booktube, I’m just really happy.

I made myself a goal after I graduated. I said, you have until July to find a full-time job WITH benefits. A career! Time to get serious!!! And after applying to tons of jobs and having those pyramid schemes rear their ugly, stupid faces everywhere I looked; I was starting to get very worried. Then by some miracle two potential positions made themselves known. I applied to both, wanting one more than the other. But the planets aligned and I managed to get an interview for that one.  A job where I can use both my major and minor!!! And I landed it!

This is going to be such a weird thing for me to get used to. I’ve never had a full-time job before, only three part-time jobs and classes with time for naps in between. I know I’m going to be exhausted while I grow accustomed to waking up early and getting off at 5. Crazy. But I’m ready for this next phase of my life. Evolving into a grown up!! Well, I’m heading in that direction and I’m ready to take whatever comes my way. Both the easy and the complicated.

Here’s to evolving! I’ll fill you in more about the actual job next time.
For now, just know that I am happy.

 Thanks for reading

A Process

2015-08-13-17-37-09_deco-1As if interviews weren’t nerve wracking enough, I tend to forget about the time before and after the actual interview takes place.

First, land an interview. Time and place are decided.

Second, for me, a new outfit was needed. I wanted something professional yet something I felt comfortable wearing. I’m an in between-er when it comes to clothes, so it can be challenging sometimes. I found this Calvin Klein dress at Ross the other day. Ross can either have tons of options, the same style of dress in multiple colors…my favorite, or be a vast land with zero options. That sucks. I managed to find too many things this past visit, not all were items for said interview, but still, I wanted them all. I tried on the same dress in grey, and I’m a tad short for it’s natural waist line, but it somehow still worked out. I wasn’t going to get it until I found it in teal, and then my decision was made. It was $40, not what I usually spend at Ross, which is why I go there in the first place but that’s what happens when it’s a name brand item.

Moving on…third, the moments that lead right up to the interview, I waited in the parking lot, my interview wasn’t until 2 so I waited for my interviewees in the lobby. Oh, I’m not going to mention the company name, but it’s an Architecture Design firm. The office was beautiful!!! In terms of work environment, this is exactly how I would want it to look. Open, filled with light and texture. It was great. And everyone who walked by, asked if I had already been helped, they didn’t just leave it for the secretary to ask. I sat in an awkward chair, comfy, but awkward because the back of the chair was too far and my legs were too short to keep my feet on the floor and my back straight. Tough life, I know. But again, such a wonderful office.


I don’t want to talk too much about it because I don’t want to jinx it. But the important thing is that even if I don’t get this internship, I gained interview experience. And this was my first interview for an office job. It’s actually a paid internship. And now I know how to improve for the next time. I should hear back soon from them. But either way, I gained something new and helpful. Now on to “pimping” myself out some more, fixin’ up my resume some more.


 If you have an interview stories or tips, I’d love to hear them. Until next time……

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Harden Criminal

 Monday started off like any other day. I had an early shift at Paper Source and I got out early. (I hate closing, so this was wonderful.) It wasn’t busy in the store either, I mostly checked in shipment and restocked things after crossing them off a list. And occasionally I’d help out with a customer. Oh, I was glued to the phone for most of my shift, which is annoying…I have terrible phone skills. Clocking out and heading to my car is one of the greatest feelings ever, but that day, not so much.

I was talking to my sister on the phone when  I noticed…my car wasn’t where I parked it. But let me give you some background on the parking system where I work. Ok, so parking is crap everywhere, but here people are so busy trying to get a spot in front of the stores that they ignore the huge garage that is always empty….oh and free! But, since I am an employee of a store, I am not allowed to park there. Employees have to park in this lot that is across the street near the train tracks in the most awkward and crazy location ever.  Oh and I need a sticker that I am still unsure where to get…all before my 10 a.m. shift tomorrow. :/ Anyway, going back to the horror….

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I’m so incredibly sore after having three parties at the museum this past Saturday.  It’s been awhile since I’ve worked a whole day at the museum and I’m feeling it.

But even though my legs and feet feel like they are no longer connected to my body it was worth it! I finally got my first email feedback from birthday parents…well my first GOOD feedback, I probably had some bad ones that were never mentioned to me.

Thank you for everything today! The party was great and everyone had a wonderful time. Katura and Kim were lovely. We are members of HMNS and Avery loves it there, that’s why we decided to hold the party there. It’s the first kids party there we’ve attended.

Thank you for all you and your team did to make the event special!

That was for my 9 am party, I felt as though it went well so but I didn’t think they would send feedback. My second party was very appreciative I figured this would be the party that would send feedback but they didn’t but my last party of the day, which was a solo party did. My first solo feedback!!!

I do not mind answering questions for feedback. This was our first birthday party at the museum and we found out about it because we had been invited to a party there before. We thought the party was great and so did all of our attendees. I think the best part was the tour of the Paleontology Hall. The craft was fun but it wasn’t lengthy enough to take up the time allotted and therefore the kids got a little restless and started running around. So I would recommend a more in-depth craft that takes more time to complete. Kim did a great job! I was worried that she would not be able to herd and command the attention of 20+ four and five year olds on the tour but she did and the kids loved it! I would definitely recommend having a party at the museum to our friends. The only downfall is of course the inconvenience of the parking, etc which I understand can’t be avoided. It is a lot of work to get in and out of the museum, especially on our rainy, cold, busy weekend and I was worried that our guests wouldn’t show but everyone came that said they would.

Thanks for the great birthday experience!

The kids during this party were a bit rowdy but they were all very good kids, two of the birthday boy’s friends kept hitting each other, so I had to keep telling them to be nice and how they were a herd of Deinonychus and how they worked together to survive and eat. And then I added, “So if you don’t work together, none of you get cake.” I know…lame, but kids eat that crap up. Certain age groups do anyway. I hope to continue doing well as a Birthday Coordinator, I love this job and love being able to go to the museum any time I want. Along with bring friends with me as well. Great for dates!

That’s it for now, just wanted to share my good feedback. :3 Until next time….

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Things and Stuff


You know what’s annoying? Gnats! These little boogers have moved into my apartment and I can’t seem to get rid of them.

 But any way, so I’ve started working at Paper Source, and I’m really enjoying it and so far all of my co workers have been really nice and helpful. I still hate that I don’t know where everything is but eventually I’ll know how everything works. I’ve gotten used to ringing up customers but doing refunds is still a mystery…I’m hoping I’ll get the hang of it soon. I’m also not sure when I’ll be able to clock in, they still haven’t given me a clock in number…I’m just hoping that they are keeping tracking of the hours I’ve already worked because I’m not working for free. >.<

On to the next topic, so there’s this girl I’ve seen who lives in my apartment complex, the first time I saw her she was by the pool with her camera and a tripod. That usually means two things…

  1. She’s a vlogger and was recording a video…
  2. She’s a blogger and was taking pictures for an OOTD post…

Ok, there might be some other reasons as to why she had a camera but come on!!! We must be kindred spirits! And I’m making it a goal to befriend her the next time I see her. I probably sound really creepy, but I love finding new blogger friends. After finding Cloudy Chase, we are soooo much alike and it’s wonderful, I hope to find more Houston bloggers. The second time I saw her she had her camera and tripod again and was setting it up on the sidewalk outside our complex, it would have been the perfect time to go up and ask her what she was doing, but all I did was gawk and then walk away. -.- I didn’t know how to approach her or even how to ask her if she was in fact a blogger. And besides, you can’t just ask a blogger for their URL. There’s like this unspoken protocol if you don’t already know each others blogs. But that’s under normal circumstances, bloggers don’t just advertise their  blogs to the public IRL. You wait until the subject of blogging or something similar is brought up and then the switch is made…usually easier when both parties blog. But if only one blogs then that’s a different story. I don’t know about you, but my personal experience with those that do not blog isn’t all that great. They usually look at you and say….”That’s nice.” Or “So, you talk about yourself?” -.- I hate explaining myself when it comes to my blog…and you usually don’t have to explain it when speaking to another blogger/kindred spirit. It’s a nice feeling when people just seem to understand you…not that, that is the only way for people to be friends. I still have friends that aren’t bloggers and I’m in no way implying that my friendship with them isn’t great. I’m probably making this more difficult than it really is. I find it hard to make friends nowadays, they usually don’t last and then I’m left thinking…what happened? Relationships are difficult…romantic and friendship wise. -.- But what’s the worst that could happen? She isn’t a blogger and just says no? Might give me a weird look but I’m used to that. He he….o.O

Alright, I’ve rambled on long enough for this post. I’m off to work, let me know if you’ve experienced something similar in the friend department. That’s all for now.

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Fringe Woes

haircut Like all hair cuts, I doubted whether or not bangs would look good on me. Questioned it over and over again and then finally I took a chance and went with it. Now here we are five years later and I still have the trendy fringe. However, when you take on this particular hair style then it’s something you have to keep up with. Because hair grows. And seeing as how it can block your vision it cannot be ignored. So occasionally, I daresay…I trim it myself. >.< I know, if there were ever a life tip that you should follow it’s NEVER TRIM YOUR OWN BANGS. Unless you are a professional hairstylist or have some type of knowledge of hair cutting and how to do it correctly. Because let’s face it…I do not possess that skill. Not that all hairstylist possess it either. :/ (This comes to mind)

On to more woes…

I had trouble sleeping the other night, causing me to not get enough sleep. I woke up late for work and very sore, everything hurt this morning. I also had to race to try and catch my bus. But on my way to the bus stop I felt my ankle roll, there was no stopping me from falling. All I could do was fall and hope that it didn’t hurt that much. I scrapped my elbow and knees but more importantly I missed my bus because of that fall. -.- I laid on my back for a second and thought, “The minute I get up I will see bus 10 pass before me.” And sure enough, I got myself up and there went my bus. I of course let out some colorful words and just huffed a bit trying to walk off the additional pain I now felt. I walked in the opposite direction to try and catch a different bus, but as soon as I made it to the corner of the street there went bus 14. Some more color. I proceeded to that stop seeing as how I was already there. I ended up being 45 mins late for work. :/ I had three parties that day so being in a bad mood when having to deal with children is not good. So I made sure to lighten up my mood once I got there, was not going to let my bad morning ruin someone’s birthday party. Each party went great, the kids were adorable and for the most part well behaved so no complaints on that end. But I am exhausted, everything still hurts and I’m also sick of the horrible weather we have been having. It’s too hot! I miss sweater weather so much. I almost melted on my way to work. So gross.

I’m exhausted so I think I should end this entry here. I have a meeting at the museum at 3 today, so I don’t have to wake up too early which is always nice. I’m going to keep on doodling. But I’ve also wanted to try the disposable camera challenge. Have you heard of that going around on the blogosphere? I’m kind of interested in trying that out. Until nest time….

Thanks for reading and commenting.

My Days…

I’ve started training at the museum this past weekend. It was a lot of fun, but was definitely exhausting. I had three parties on Saturday.  Started the morning with a dino party, then moved on to a deluxe Astro with a Star Wars theme. It was like they knew I would be training today. And ended with a butterfly party.

The first party was for a 7 year old boy, and like most little boys, he was extremely hyper. It was his birthday after all. My trainer was super nice, she answered all my questions and was just great. Dino parties will be the most tricky, because there is some information I will have to learn while giving this tour. Hopefully I can memorize some facts. The second party, the Star Wars one was really cool. It was for a 5 year old and these parents brought all their own decorations and even hired a Darth Vader impersonator. This was a deluxe party, meaning they had the big room with the round tables. The astronomy parties have a planetarium show instead of a tour. My job for this one is to make sure the guest arrive in time and then bring them back to their party room after it has finished. The third party was a butterfly one for a little 3 year old girl. This one is where I have to manage time more closely. I will have to keep an eye on how much time they spend in the bug room and how much they spend in the actual rainforest. Then I make sure to take them back to their party room at a certain time.

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