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Favorites: Happy Things

Hello lovelies! I thought I’d share some things that have me smiling. I still have a collective book haul that I need to make, so look forward to that too.

  • Breakfast: I love breakfast foods. However, I don’t usually eat breakfast in the mornings. I guess I’ve always tricked myself into believing that I wasn’t hungry. But Matt is very much a breakfast person not to mention a coffee person. We’ve been indulging a bit too much but I’ve really enjoyed it. But this past weekend he made me breakfast in bed…. I was still half asleep when he presented it to me, but it was one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. Scrambled eggs and toast with jam! Swoon! He’s so great!
  • Final Fantasy Explorers: Matt and  I both just recently bought this game at Gamestop. I’m so glad we did, because it’s a lot of fun playing games together.
  • Kanken Backpack: I bought this backpack a month ago for my weekend trip to Austin back in January. I now must have it in every color!!! Or at least in mint, yellow, and grey….for now. I have it in bright green! This backpack holds so much and just makes me so happy. It’s the perfect backpack. Seriously…perfect.
  • Pokémon pin: Target Cartwheel is wonderful. I ended up getting a perk for a free, book, movie or toy..ect. I decided to buy this $16 pack of Pokemon cards just so I can get the extra MegaVenusaur enamel pin. And I got it FREE! Bulbasaur is my favorite pokemon so I needed this.
  • Watercolor notebook: I’ll mention this more in a separate blog post. I’ve been wanting to get back into watercoloring. I was never really good at it, it was just something I enjoyed doing. I like having hobbies.
  • Casual Cosplay: I’m really excited for this! Matt and I plan on going to Anime Matsuri this year and we’re going to dress up as Gambit and Rogue! These two are my favorite Marvel couple/X-Men. I’m not sure if I can pull off a really good Rogue, which is why I say casual. I’ve never really cosplayed before so I don’t want this to be something I stress over. The con is in April, so I want to get started on this ASAP. Casual, meaning we are just going to try to get key elements of the characters. For Gambit, I’m thinking Matt can get away with a trench coat, black pants, a purple button up, black gloves, and a deck of cards. Perhaps even his staff? For Rogue, I want to make sure to keep her signature yellow and green color scheme. Definitely want to find a brown jacket, yellow gloves, and her streak of white hair. I may even look for some green skinny jeans and some yellow chucks. I also want to get an X-Men belt buckle! I’m still figuring things out. If you have any tips on cosplaying, I’m all ears!
  • Music: Elisa from MilkBox mentioned Passion Pit in one of her check in posts. I haven’t been able to get Where the Sky Hangs out of my head for weeks. Oh Wonder’s- Drive and Live Wire has also gotten themselves stuck. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing them in concert. I love duos!

What are you loving at the moment? I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

~Blogging for Books~ Punderdome

Punderdome -Puns of Fun!!!

This game was created by a father-daughter team, Jo and Fred Firestone. Their last name sounds like a superhero team if you ask me. The game requires at least 2 people to play but recommend having more than 3. I think playing this game with teams would be really fun and can’t wait to try that out.

First impressions: Excited to play

The game is nicely illustrated and brightly colored which makes it eye-catching. It’s packaged nicely, a place for everything included. The box is small and will fit snugly on a shelf or cabinet, so if you’re short on game storing space, worry not.

Continuing on, this is a game of puns.

That’s right! Puns!!! If you do not like puns, this game will either A)change your mind about them, or B)make you a punmaster! Either way, try it out before you decide against it.

Here are the written instructions:

The objective: Win a Mystery Envelope prize(before playing, the prompter fills Mystery Envelopes with a prize. i.e a candy bar or a dirty napkin) by being the first player/team to obtain ten pairs of cards.

  • First, Prompter draws two cards and reads one Quick Pun question
  • The player who responds quickest with a pun wins 30 extra seconds for the Prompt Round to follow
  • Prompter flips cards, reads Green(situations) and White (topics)
  • Players have 90 seconds to write down a single pun (word/phrase/sentence) that combines both topics and then give to the Prompter
  • Prompter chooses best pun and awards that player that round’s Green and White Cards.
  • The winner becomes the new Prompter- rounds continue until one team/player has ten pairs of cards

According to the game’s inserts, the game Punderdome started as a competition in Brooklyn, New York. The card game was only created in 2015, so it’s still fairly new but the live game show in New York began in 2011. This game requires a sense of humor and cleverness that might surprise you. I think I will enjoy this game much more if I play it with a larger group of friends.

I’m definitely adding this game to future game nights. It’s compact enough for trips out to bars or a friend’s house. I guess it also depends on the type of friends you have. Some might not find this as entertaining, but in my opinion, I think it will convert those skeptics.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Thanks for reading

Lovely Apps

Since having my galaxy tab 4, I’ve been getting a little app crazed and I’m totally fine with that. Here’s a list of the recent apps I’ve downloaded.


  • Monument Valley– I’ve mentioned this one before, but they’ve brought out new levels since then. This game remains gorgeous no matter how many times I play it. I adore it.
  • Plants vs Zombies– This game is great, when it was originally released I couldn’t download it so I played it on my DS. Even now, it’s still a favorite. I haven’t played the new one yet, but only because the original is just too great.
  • Alphabear– This is such a cute game, even though it makes me feel as though my vocabulary is limited to smaller words. It sort of reminded me of Words with Friends, only more adorable. The bears grow as you gain more points, and you get different bears with different abilities. Really cute.
  • El– Now this game is really beautiful, and because of that I’m putting it on this list. However, I recommend you stop playing before the last level. I wasn’t happy with how it ended, but it doesn’t change the fact that the game is beautiful. Reminded me of this indie game called Night Sky, I love the shadow design.


  • Webtoon– I discovered this app due to Frannerd, I love her illustrations and was excited to see her work in comic form. She and her husband have entered the comic challenge on Webtoon and it’s how I discovered the app. I’ve also found other illustrator’s that do great work.
  • Marvel Comics- I bought the Princess Leia Star Wars comics and with the hardcopies came free digital copies which had me download the Marvel Comic app. This one has only come in handy for Leia issues, which was too short-only five issues, and I haven’t used it for anything else…yet. But still, I’m glad I have it for when I need it, and I just wanted to put it on my list.

Here are the apps I’ve been obsessing over lately, just wanted to share them and I’m curious to know what apps are on your list currently? That’s all for now….until next time. :3

Thanks for reading and commenting

BoOoOKS & ProCrastiNation!

I’ve been stuck in front of my computer finishing up a presentation for class. Due to all the work I needed to get done,  I didn’t get to spend the weekend with the Boyfriend. But I did last and the weekend beforehand. He was supposed to meet my parents then, but the weather prevented it from happening. This was the second attempt and I’m not sure when we will  be able to reschedule. But since we didn’t go to my parent’s house, we decided to go out to lunch, made a trip to Half Price, and then grabbed some ice cream for dessert. :9

We went to a different Half Price thinking they’d have more of a selection. They did!!! I’m super excited about my discoveries, plus I’m excited to share them on the blog.

  • Slog’s Dad by David Almond- The reason I purchased this one, it’s illustrated by Dave McKean!!! I love his art style, he’s magic personified. The story itself is magical yet dark and uplifting, the story and artwork just mesh so well together that I just absolutely love it. I always thought that Gaiman would be the only person I wanted paired with McKean’s art.  But boy was I wrong, McKean makes any story come to life, Almond has another book with McKean’s illustrations so I’ll be on the look out for that too. Along with McKean’s art books.


  • The Unruly Alphabet by Aaron McKinney – I saw this book first, and I thought it had a McKean-esque feel to it. It’s has that grittiness to it and can be slightly disturbing in the best way possible. I know, I’m weird. But the cover immediately made me pick it up and read it and even after reading it I just had to buy it. It’s images are of the alphabet with weird personalities and alliteration. I’m fascinated by it and by McKinney, it must be  McK thing. XD


  • Alien Isolation: Nostromo  Edition- I didn’t get this third item at Half Price, but I wanted to just add it in this entry. The last time  Kat and I did go home, was during Easter weekend and we found this at Hastings and couldn’t resist. I’ve been wanting to play this game since I saw the trailer. When Colonial Marines fell flat, even though I really enjoyed shooting Aliens, I was was really excited to see that there would be a new game. It’s definitely intense. Plus, I like the idea that Ripley’s daughter also faces a Xenomorph. Because of school, I haven’t been able to indulge in gaming. But I will soon once the semester is  over, what I have been able to play of the game has been difficult. I’ve screamed several times. That tense feeling you get when you’re excited and scared at the same time, it’s great.


I came home today after work to find someone parked in my spot. -.- I’m tired of this happening, I pay an extra 15 bucks a month to have a reserved parking spot in my complex. I’m not paying for someone else to park in my spot! I told myself that the next time someone parked in it, I would have them towed. With that being said, I called to have them towed. Kat and I went out to get something to eat and they said they would call but they never called me. Once we got home, the truck was gone but I have no way of knowing if it was towed or if they just left. Now I just keep looking over my shoulder, I just don’t want the punk to do do anything to my car. -.- For once I would just like to be a badass and not worry about what may happen, just be confident in my decision.

 That’s all for now….thanks for reading and commenting.

In Animal Crossing…

I finally cracked and bought Animal Crossing New Leaf. After Kat bought it I totally made plans of getting it myself, it’s unbelievably adorable and I couldn’t resist.

The weirdos also have it and when I went to visit Jobro’s town I stopped by his museum and to my surprise his T-Rex matches one at work. We call him Y Rex and he’s a bobbed tail dino. I found it hilarious how they matched, also isn’t my character cute? Nina gave me the buns and minty hair color, seeing as how I can’t have it in real life I can live vicariously through game and art doodles.


This is definitely a game I’d suggest if you own a DS. It’s the kind that never ends, so you can put it down and pick it back up without worrying about starting over. Plus, customizing things is always fun, so if you’re a fan of that option then that’s another reason to get it. You should totally save up and buy yourself a DS if you don’t already own one. If you don’t consider yourself a gamer then again, this game is perfect for you and you will have tons of fun. Unless you’re the type that gets bored easily or hates games with no actual ending or point then this isn’t for you. -.- I get excited over simple things so easily, but I don’t care I find it fun. Here’s Kat’s character and mine watching tv in her house. Since I just got mine, my house is still small but reservations are in the making. The siblings and I always start off conversations with, “I got stung by bees…”Or “I missed an appointment…” So now as a rule we have to start by saying, “In Animal Crossing…” So we know we are talking game not real life. XD I’m late to the game but oh well. Ok, enough playing…off to bed I go.


Lastly, I gave my first dino tour on Saturday, and the next two dino parties I will run on my own. I will have a trainer shadow me, but I will be in charge. >.< I am so freaking nervous. My first impromptu tour was not too terrible but I did not know how to time myself and went too fast. It should be 45 mins long. :/ I think I made it to 20 but that’s because my trainer kept reminding me to slow down. I know I will just need to practice, but I wish I could already be a the point where I know what to do. Here’s to practicing and improving


I have been in a very artsy mood, all because of Frannerd! If you haven’t seen her vlogs or read her blog, then you are definitely missing out. Other illustrators I’ve been admiring are Mary Doodles and Courtney Wirth[it].

medoodleFran’s simplistic style is fresh and just adorable, I wish I was an illustrator, but unfortunately I can’t just draw from my imagination. Mary’s style is like Grimm meats Tim Burton. Very sketchy but I love her use of watercolors. She does this one series where she doodles something without looking and then makes something out of that doodle. It’s amazing, and I wish I could attempt something like that. So I’ve decided to go and buy myself a sketch book, something small so I can take it on the go. I want to challenge myself and just doodle something every now and then. Like Fran, she doodles her daily tasks. I want to get in the habit of doing something like that and then move on to creating something out of a just lines and curves like Mary does. Courtney’s work is just beautiful, my favorite has to be these comic strips.The doodle above is something I made, after being inspired by Fran. In her latest vlog she mentions wanting to dye her hair pink, which I’m sure is the reason why she doodles herself with that hair color. So if I could dye my hair a bizarre color, it would be a minty green color. Very mermaidish. My doodle even has my awkward smile. It happened unintentionally, but hey that happens whenever I try to smile in pictures as well. So yay doodle me, for being somewhat accurate.

Other illustrations that I’ve been swooning over have been from games. Child of Light came out recently and it has a beautiful style that I have been enjoying. Also want to point out Don’t Starve and Bravely Default as well. I just recently purchased Bravely Default, I know, a bit late in the game but I can’t always purchase the new games when they are released. Billsbd to pay and whatnot. So I usually just admire from a far, or in the case of the 3Ds, play the demo. Which I did, and lucky too because it carried all of my street passes and that comes in handy for when I rebuild my village.  Loving it so far, Kat got Animal Crossing which seems like a less stressful game, and I’m sort of wishing I got that one too. But I can wait and perhaps find it somewhere cheaper/pre-owned. Of course, nintendo points are bonus if you purchase games new. -.- First world problems…I know. But anyway, so I’ve been in a major artsy mood, but have yet to figure out a way to get my art fix. Which is why I’m gonna try the doodle challenge. I don’t know if this will work out, I usually get discouraged when it comes to drawing/painting. And I turned the apartment upside down because I couldn’t find my small paint brushes. They will probably turn up when I’m not looking for them.

So, who are you artistically inspired by? Do share. And if you have any drawing/painting exercises to help improve my “skills” then I definitely want to know. Until next time….

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Late But Lucky Halloween

So my plans for Halloween changed, instead of going to the renaissance I went to this fun Nintendo event that a group called Lazy Bit Collective hosted at a bar.

It was a lot of fun, I only wish my Halloween costume was completed so I could have worn it. There was a girl there that wore the original Alice Madness dress and her boyfriend was the Cheshire cat. I wanted my date to dress up as the white rabbit, but he had other ideas.  XD  Anyway, so that was on the 26th, for actual Halloween we just watched movies and ate a bunch of junk food. Oh, and played a bit of SlenderMan, I’m terrible at it.

So now on to the costume! I didn’t finish a few of the accessories, but I worked really hard on the skirt and I’m beyond proud of it. Seeing as I didn’t get to wear it out this year, I plan on doing so next year. I plan on actually putting the ears on the hat and getting rabbit feet to put over my shoes.  Seeing other recreations of the outfit was helpful latebutluckyhalloweenwhen making mine. I plan on finding/making a yellow vest, and then again adding the ears to the hat. I ran out of time and wanted to actually find a stuffed animal that I could deconstruct and use it’s ears rather than make mine out of felt, and also add the feet to my bow in the back. I made my tail out of yarn and didn’t have time to make the rabbit feet that dangle down. Along with possibly making the necklace that Alice wears in the game. Besides those things, I’m pretty proud with out the outfit itself came out. The jacket was a bit snug, but I didn’t have a pattern and I’ve never made anything like this before so I’m still proud. All things considered it came out great with the limited time I had. This was also the first time I made a circle skirt and I plan on making more because this one came out just great.

I was bummed I couldn’t wear this out, but at work I did get to wear a costume. I wanted to wear this one, but it rained so bad that day and I work at a restaurant and I didn’t want to ruin the outfit I worked so hard to make. So I wore the Red Riding Hood costume I made three years ago.  I didn’t really work very hard on that one so I didn’t mind if it got ruined. Which the rain made my skirt bleed through the apron and it stained it pink a bit. One of my co workers dressed up as a wolf, so I thought it was pretty funny. My manager took a picture of us posing, so I’m hoping I can get a copy of it on Monday.

I had a lot of fun making this Alice costume, so I wouldn’t mind wearing it next year, but if I find something else I want to recreate, then I plan on starting a lot sooner. XD So, what did you do for Halloween? Or if you don’t celebrate, what are some of your favorite scary movies?

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Down the Rabbit Hole

So I’ve been inspired to make my Halloween costume this year. But I only have a week in order to get it done, and I’m starting to think it can’t be done. >.< But I’m excited and want to attempt it.

So I’m going to the Renaissance festival this year, and the theme for that weekend is Hallows Eve. So  I’ve decided on drawing inspiration from video games and the game I’ve chosen is Alice: Madness Returns.  I mean look how adorable it is? She has several different outfits, and each offers some special ability in game. But this one in particular stuck out to me, now the original blue one might be easier to recreate with my sewing skills, but like I said this one stuck out to me. I figured I could recreate it…I mean I’m hoping I can recreate it. The only issue I’m worried about is the jacket, I’m hoping I can find a blazer at a thrift store and just adjust it to fit me. I can make the skirt, but I don’t want to underestimate it either. Here’s hoping I can find things all under a reasonable price. The top hat might be the most pricey, unless I try to make my own. But I don’t want to overwhelm myself with things I have to make. I just have to keep in mind that not everything has to be exact, as long as it’s recognizable then we are good. But then again, not every person has played the game, so they might not recognize for that reason. As long as I’m happy with it that’s all that matters. I’m pretty excited about it and have been planning it out the last couple of days. It’s last minute, but I think I can pull something together. XD

So what are your plans for Halloween? Do you still dress up, or is that something you’ve lost interest in? If not, let me know what you’re going as. I’d love to know/see pictures. 🙂

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Gaming Fun

So on Monday, the weirdos and I went to another Gaymer’s Handheld meeting. It was so much fun, got my ass kicked in a few Pokemon battles but at least I had fun losing.

Half of the restaurant was taken over by nerds with board games and handheld gaming devices. It was amazing. Not only were the friends that I made last time there but I befriended a few new ones and even invited another friend to join in on the fun. Here we are playing a game of Mario Kart. I never made it past 5th place, damn turtle shells. Of course my alter ego, Randall, made it to first place after I handed over his ds. But seeing as he is part of me I technically won. Go me!  I gained a few new miis, which is always exciting, however I was stuck in a poison room, in the find mii game, and lost the chance to use any of them to move onward because none of them were the right color. But I did gain puzzle pieces so I should keep that in mind. That is important.

Ginger also gave my sisters and I awesome bracelets for Christmas. She is just so freaking amazing. They are similar to this and another amazing thing about it is that she made them in our favorite colors  by chance. She knows us! 😀 Do you know how hard it is to find like minded people? After you are lucky enough to find said people it’s always nice when you actually become friends with them. That’s how it was when we all met Ginger. And now we are meeting awesome gaming people thanks to these hangouts. I should take more pictures, but I always tend to forget when I’m having fun. I look forward to hanging out with everyone again. 🙂 So Thursday is my mom’s birthday. My sister’s and I are still trying to figure out what to get her. Sadly I won’t be able to see her until Sunday, if her and my dad come back from their weekend away. I’m hoping to see them both because classes start next Monday and that means I’ll be back in Houston. I’m a bit sad about this, but then I’m also a bit glad. All I’ve been doing is eating and sleeping. I’m getting tired of being lazy and I need some type of schedule to follow. -.-Bring on the stress of studying, reading and writing.

Ok. It’s later than I thought it was. Damn SVU for distracting me. >.< I’m going to lay down, knit for a bit and then get some sleep. Night.

Thanks for reading.

Christmas Aftermath

Another Christmas has come and gone and no matter how old I get, I still anticipate the opening of gifts. I see no point in waiting until midnight, seeing as no one in my family expects an actual visit from Santa.

 I can’t remember the exact age I stopped believing in Santa. It had to be around 4th or 5th grade, my younger sister and I would wait up until around 5 in the morning because that was the earliest my parents would allow us to open gifts. My older sister stayed up to assist with the wrapping and the consuming of Santa’s cookies. She was also there to make sure we were in our rooms and “sleeping”.  I always tried to actually sleep on Christmas eve so Christmas would hurry up and arrive. But try as I might, that never happened. Now we open presents pretty early, it took a bit of persuading but my mom finally caved. What? Just because I am 23 doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the holiday and act a bit childish. We waited until after dinner to open gifts on Monday. The Weirdos were in New Orleans for the holiday so they opened gifts on Friday and we got to open our gifts from them. Our parents were given a record player. We went to different record stores to find them both albums. My favorite record store in Houston is Allrecords the owner Fred is just wonderful. He knows practically everything about music so he is always helpful. His store is down the street from Mija’s office so Kat and I went to visit her and made a trip to his store last week. If you haven’t got the time be careful because Fred the music man will talk your ear off. Anyway, back to the gift opening. I have basically everything I could ever want/need. So when my mom asked me what I wanted this year I just said whatever is fine. I was totally surprised to receive the gifts I did. My parents bought both Kat and me a new laptop. Windows 8 is completely different from Windows 7 and Vista. It will take some getting used to but I love it.  Now if only they made cool cases for it like they did for macs. -.-  Along with the new pc, I got a few ds games, I already finished playing Resident Evil Revelations. The damn zombies would fall from the ceilings and scare the heck out of me. But still the game was pretty fun to play, of course I nick named a bunch of the zombies after genitalia. i.e. penis tongue and vagina cockroach. Lovely images no? XD

She & Him- Christmas Day- I don’t like too many holiday songs after being in choir for four years. So I thought I’d share one that isn’t a classic. [audio:]

It’s weird updating my blog on another laptop. I spent most of the day logging in to all of my social networks, and let me tell you remembering certain passwords was tricky. I usually add my age to the end of a special word and use that as a password. The dumb thing about this is the fact that I do age. So that number changes. -.- So I sat there typing that word and ages 18 to 23 hoping it was one of them. I’m an idiot. It was brilliant at the time, now I it just leaves me feeling frustrating. I managed to figure out all of my passwords minus my Skype one. So I had to update that one with a new password…I already can’t remember what I used. -.- So bad. The best thing about this new laptop is no more alien sounds! My past two laptops both made alien noises whenever I used Skype. So I’m excited to know that those sounds are gone. Now I may Skype in peace.  Christmas was fantastic, dinner was great and spending time with my family has been so much fun. I’ve done nothing but sleep late oh and read…for fun! I had to read so much over the semester that now I can actually read for fun and not worry about a quiz. So nice. Oh and I just found out my grades for the semester…not all good news. Two B’s and D…plus. :/ I knew passing that class would be impossible. Good thing is my GPA is still in good standing. I’m upset that I didn’t pass this stupid class. The most annoying part is, is that I just needed about 5 more points for a 73. That would mean passing. This Spring I need to really study more. There is always one class that I let fall on the back burner. I can’t allow that to happen anymore.

Classes for the Spring:

  • Literary Studies- Mon. 4-5:30
  • Cr. Writing…the one I somehow managed to skip-Tues and Thurs. 11:30-1:00
  • Contemporary Novel – Tues and Thurs. 2:30-4:00
  • Gulf Coast …not a class but I’m interning again, this time on Wed. 1:00-3:00

And that is my schedule, Monday’s I can sleep in and I don’t have a class on Wednesday’s aside from interning so that leaves plenty of room for reading/writing and studying. I need to hurry up and graduate already. :/ pffft Anyway, I hope your holiday was splendid and may your new year be just as awesome.

Thanks for reading.

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