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Him and Them

The semester has been done for a couple of weeks now. It was rather stressful, but this isn’t one of those entries where I focus on how tough it was or even complain about the areas I fell short on. I’m just glad it’s over and now I can prepare for the next/hopefully last one. Now on to the reason behind this post!

This past weekend I was finally able to introduce the boyfriend to my parents. We celebrated Kat’s birthday, which today she is officially 22 years old! He was nervous, and I was too but after already trying 2 previous times before, I just wanted this meeting to happen. We were early, around 11:30-ish, so I took him to Hastings, a smaller version of Barnes&Noble. It was weird showing him Lake Jackson, but also wonderful at the same time. When it was time to drive to my parent’s house I started getting more nervous. My mom was at the store when we showed up but my dad greeted us at the door, he opened the door before we even knocked so  I could tell he was excited. I was worried that the bf would be too shy, but he did great. I always have fun with my family, so I knew he would too. My dad made fajitas, so yummy. It was everything I hoped it would be, I’ve imagined moments like this where I get to include the bf in family gatherings and I can’t wait to include him in more. He spent most of the time talking to my dad, I’ve also discovered that he’s not really an out door person. But in his defense, it was hot outside. The funniest moment was when dad tried to dance with Nina and me. Then Nina tells my bf to try, and he goes up to my dad to dance with him. What she actually meant was for him to dance with me. It was the most adorable thing ever, my dad even put his arms up to dance with him too. Such a perfect reaction.

The only picture I took was this creepy stalker one of the bf at Hastings. I didn’t take any at my parent’s house, I wish I had but I was too busy helping out my dad with cooking and enjoying the day. We spent about 6 hours at my parent’s but had to leave before it got dark, I’m still getting comfortable with driving on 288, otherwise we would have stayed longer. The boyfriend and I came back to my place where we played games and then he turned to me and asked if we could make a card for his grandmother. Every time we make cards together I never take a picture of the finished product. -.- I seem to always forget. It’s cute, because every time he has to sign a card he looks for scratch paper so he can practice his handwriting. Here is his practice sheet for signing Kat’s birthday card. XD He says his writing is terrible, but he exaggerates.


He needed to think about what he wanted to say on the card for his grandma, and then asked for my advice on decorating it. He’s also pretty impressed with heat embossing, but won’t ever attempt it himself.  When it came to signing his name, I suggested he sign his name in Russian, I’m always suggesting he sign in Russian. XD And then I went on saying how I much I enjoy getting notes and cards and then he left me a message in Russian. Of course he wouldn’t tell me what it said, so I had to translate it. He did help me because I had trouble reading certain letters. I’m still struggling with Spanish, Russian is so complex so I can’t imagine ever learning it.

Translation: Kim, she can aim high and is not afraid to reach them.
Or Kim, who knows to set high goals.

 Just some sweet words of encouragement and inspiration, he’s such a cutie. :3 My name in Russian is Ким, the first and last letters look the same, but his handwriting, like mine, is a combination of both cursive and print. Which didn’t exactly help me when it came to translating, but I’m slowly learning the names of the Russian alphabet. I’m hoping he’ll continue leaving me little messages.

That’s all for now…until next time.

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