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I was/am an Idiot

I have been keeping a journal for as long as I can remember. However, before I started keeping a blog I managed to completely fill 3 journals. And for some odd reason after discussing this issue with my younger sister Kat; I have recently pulled these journals out. I have discovered that my younger self was an idiot.

These completed journals are from ages 14 to 18 I believe. Because when I turned 19 I started keeping my blog and I didn’t write in a journal as much. Updating my blog was much more entertaining for me. Of course blogs are journals that you can share with friends. Whereas a written journal isn’t available for the eyes of others. I mean I have the ability to keep the entries I would like private but what fun would that be? And when I feel like writing stuff I don’t want others to know thats when I can return to old fashion journal writing. The reason I only have three completely filled journals is because I couldn’t concentrate on writing in one journal. I was always getting new ones and I would immediately start writing in them forgetting the journal I had already began writing in. So I have tons of journals not even half filled. (Thats pretty sad) So when I turned 14 I was able to actually keep writing in a journal until it was completely filled. Of course as I reread words from my younger years I couldn’t help but mock myself. They are filled with ridiculous arguments with the friends I no longer see nor talk to. It was weird to reread pages I haven’t seen in awhile. Even though these entries were written years ago, I can read them and remember the events that took place like it was yesterday. Weird right? Well anyway, whats the point in reading about the past? You are supposed to look to the future right?

Anyway I spent money this past week. I had text book money still and I received late late graduation money. So I couldn’t resist. I bought a Keroppi wallet and clothes. I love Keroppi and he is being replaced by another fucking frog. They don’t look that much different from each other. But for some odd reason I only love Keroppi. Buying clothes is weird for me I don’t always like trying on clothes. But there are times when I actually enjoy buying new clothes and of course layer. >_< My first week with Mija went smoothly. We didn’t fight so that was good, I’m going back with her for the second week hopefully this one goes just as smoothly. The only thing is I hate that she works so late. By the time she gets home she is so tired that she goes to sleep early sometimes. Pffft And I’m not helping by distracting her. Well besides taking me to the Galleria three times last week she also took me to Domy Books. Oh it was a wonderful store (expensive) but amazing. I’m glad she took me there. I planned to spend the last of my money on a Munny for Hyun but I decided to buy the wallet. Sorry Hyun. >_<

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