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Just for a Moment

I read a the manga Koukou Debut (High School Debut) the other day. Its the sort of love story that makes you feel so many different emotions all at once. The kind of love story you wish would never end. And then I started thinking of this feeling I got while reading this story, or with any story whether its a movie or novel. And I wrote a poem, that hopefully explains what I’m talking about.

You know that feeling when you are incandescently happy? When he speaks your name and you can barely keep yourself from floating off the ground? You can sometimes catch a glimpse of that feeling, from a movie, song or story. Tales of hopeless romantics that are “destined” to meet, and for some reason make your heart flutter and agonize how you wish you were them. Just for a moment. Just to remember what it was like. You beam with delight when the girl finally gets the right guy. No harm can be done now, because she has him. Your heart leaps and you cannot help but feel that joy, that flutter and blush. The excitement of wanting that consumes you. You want to experience this cloud nine feeling. You want your thoughts to be consumed by him, and him alone. You want to experience the love that can only happen in a story.Just for a moment. Just to remember what it was like.

Sorry my sleeping pattern is screwed beyond mending. I hope I can get back on a regular sleeping schedule instead of being this vampire like thing that sleeps during the day.

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