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I had my first torn decision between my tumblr blog and my main blog.

I didn’t think I would have to choose between them because I have always known which blog I would use to update depending on the event. I would update my tumblr with small tidbits and my main blog with the larger events that can make me go on forever. So I had a little dilemma, which I’m sure to you might not seem like that much of a dilemma. But I am insane so naturally this makes sense to me. But because I felt this way, I solved my own dilemma without really doing anything but updating my blog. Well as you can see I chose my main blog. Meaning this involved something more than a quick description and a photo.

Mija bought me a NDS game to call my very own. Until now I have been playing whatever games Kat had. Which reminds me I missed a BrainAge today. Damn And I was doing so well too. I was keeping up with it and because I got so distracted by my new toy I forgot about it. -_- My new game is a classic. Are you familiar with Bust-A-Move? AKA Puzzle Bobble. Well the one I played growing up was Bust-A-Move ‘99 on Nintendo 64.

But now I have the chance to play Space Bust-A-Move on NDS. I am extremely happy that this is my first DS game. Because not only is it challenging but once you do manage to beat it you can still play it over and over again. I love this game. So anyway, mom decided she wanted to use keep Kat’s original Ds, so we found the arcade game classic combo pack for DS. Her favorite game is none other than PAC-MAN. Who doesn’t like PAC-MAN? I mean its amazing. lol So she was playing that while I was playing BAM and Mija was playing this game called Theresia. Which is this scary game that should entertain Mija for quite some time. All three of us were being nerds and playing with a hand held gaming device. Good times.

Besides being a nerd and playing video games and instead of studying I went to see The Princess and The Frog. Oh it was so adorable and funny. The animation was so pretty and the songs were so catchy and cute. It was just a movie worth watching. I’m glad Disney can still make the animations that made the name Disney famous in the first place. I can’t wait until this movie comes out on DVD. The theater was filled with children and laughter. I noticed that its been awhile since I’ve seen a children’s movie at the theaters. And I’m not really a kid person but hearing the kids laugh just made me laugh even more. I guess kids have the ability to be somewhat cute. Minus the crying babies. Who brings a baby to the theater? If its the type of baby that sleeps a lot then ok. But if its the toddler kind that cries every few seconds then do not bring him/her to a movie theater. There were a few crying babies at the theater. Annoying little things.  Ok well its 5:33 am and I just wanted to update about my new DS game because I was so excited. But later today I must spend my time studying for my math final because I didn’t study at all on Saturday. *Bust-A-Move*

Ok  good night/morning. Hopefully I can study for this stupid math final and I hope I pass math class. I can’t afford to fail this class. Please please let me pass this class. >_<

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