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I Feel Old

So September 11th was my 21st Birthday. And everyone kept asking,” which bar are going to?” My reply was, “oh I’m just going home to celebrate with my family.”

It seemed as if they were disappointed by my answer. As if I wasn’t celebrating correctly. -.- Its not like I’m never going to drink, I just don’t care that now I can legally drink alcohol. Its just not that big a deal to me. Sorry if that is odd.

Like every year, I always have a great birthday. Ok besides the time I had to evacuate and the other time terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center. This year I got a netbook for my birthday, its a 10” Toshiba and its is the perfect size to carry around campus. Also, its nice to take to Barnes & Noble on my way home from school. So I am really happy with it. Plus its so freaking cute oh and the battery life on it is wonderful. It doesn’t have a ton of memory but that is why I’m glad I  have a seagate hard drive. I got mail today from Missy. She sent me a card and a Belle charm oh and the notebook of course. I love and miss you Missy!!!!!!! Thanks again. Her anniversary was the 12th so Happy Anniversary Missy. I hope I get to see you next weekend.

So last Friday, Mija and Jody took me to Aka for a Birthday dinner. We ate the same thing we ate last time. But Jody ordered stuff that he wanted as well. Like seaweed salad.(pic above) But yeah dinner was great. Eating is getting easier, but I still can’t bite into my food. I have to use a fork and cut whatever I’m eating into small pieces. I miss eating candy. I’ve been craving peanut m&ms so bad. On campus there are vending machines practically everywhere I look. And the m&ms are calling to me. I kid you not. But I can’t eat peanuts or any type of hard candy or chewy. I don’t want to risk breaking my braces, so I fight the urge to eat the candy. I do however eat chips but I am extra careful. They taste different though not as good as they used to be.-.-

On my actual Birthday I went home, and mom made enchiladas for dinner. So good. Kat also made me a birthday cake and mini cheesecakes. I love cheesecake. <3 Thanks again Kat. Speaking of the odd ball, she got four teeth pulled today. I hope she is feeling ok.  I will see her tomorrow after class, we are going home to celebrate dads birthday. But I have an exam tomorrow so I should get back to studying. -.- I hate studying. It just makes me sleepy, and bored. And when I’m bored I crave food…junk food. sigh. Ok back to being bored. Hopefully I actually remember the stuff I’m studying. -.-

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