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Late October Stuff

So for Halloween weekend we went to Oni-Con. And we got to see and interview the J-rock band GAKIDO. The concert was awesome, I was in front and got hit a lot by the bass player Rito. GAKIDO was really nice and funny during the interview. Even their manager was nice, he gave us water. :3 Shutaro is my favorite member and he was so freaking hilarious. The entire band was really energetic on stage the live was exciting and the band kept the fans pumped up I had a lot of fun. And for Halloween we just spent the night at home and watched The Walking Dead. Its a good show, of course I hate Rick’s wife. How can she just start sleeping with her husbands best friend? I mean you are in the middle of an apocalypse shouldn’t she just be concentrating on surviving? And oh yeah mourning your supposedly dead husband?! I know its to add dramatic effect, I just really hope someone tells him that his wife slept with his best friend. Just saying.

What Mija and I wore for Halloween.

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