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Brand name

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”- Paul McCartney

I was looking for some water color paint brushes and then I found these. KIMBERLY brand name water color pencils. I’m such a loser, that I got really excited and bought them. It was my dad’s birthday and I painted him a picture of his Jeep. Thats why I needed some more brushes but then I found the pencils. I thought he would put the picture in his garage. Mom bought a frame, of course instead of being in the garage its now in our living room. (sigh so embarrassing.) I painted it for him because he really loves his jeep. He calls it Midnight/Old Betsy (strange right? eh) I told him that Midnight sounds like a name for a male horse and Old Betsy sounds like a cow name. So I told dad that I it makes his jeep sound like a transvestite. But whatever. Which made me think. Why do men give their boats,cars, motorcycles, instruments (in my dads case his jeep and Bar-B-Q) names? I mean I don’t name anything…. well I did name my stuffed animals. -_- So maybe this is a mans version of a stuffed animal. (I am so weird) Well anyway because of Hurricane Ike dad has to work in Houston. He is working on getting peoples lights back on. He stays at his brothers house in Sugar Land because its too long of a drive from home to Houston. He would be too tired to do that. My poor hard working dad.

School starts again Monday for me. So hopefully things will be getting back to normal. The Mall still hasn’t reopened.Ok well I along with my cool water color pencils I also got Sims life stories. I love Sims. I have always wanted Life stories since it came out, and I finally got it. YAY! Because I was busy evacuating on my birthday I couldn’t really celebrate turning 19. So I went out to eat with my mom and sisters. And then we went to Best Buy where mom and Mija bought me KODOCHA season 2! Kodocha is my favorite manga and they made an anime of it. I love it! On the way home from Best Buy it was so dark. Street lights and traffic lights still don’t work in some parts. Well I’m gonna gonna watch Kodocha now.

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  1. gozen Said:

    on September 23, 2008 at 6:04 am

    how does it feel to be back at school~?

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